Katrina Kaif Nose job photos

Many bollywood actresses and actors resort to plastic surgery to make themselves look better. Nothing wrong in it , its their personal choice. they are constantly in the eye of public, hence they feel insecure about their looks and go for these procedure.

Coming to katrina kaif, the first picture is of katrina kaif during her boom days. The next one is the latest one.

I think her nose job looks great on her and also is very subtle. I thought she looked good both times

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Credits: www.flickr.com

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Not just nose jobs.. there is very apparant cheek bone job too

What does boom days mean?????

Not only nose bt lips job also

make up can do wonders too,all actresses look different when they start but look better later coz makeup artists realise how to make them look better.katrina has diffiently done bottox i think. she looks swollen.


the pictures are both from different angles. nothing is different about her nose....but her lips might be another story

Kat u r my u r very hot n sexy i want to sleep with u

You are really so sweet sweetheart...
I'm your fan since "Teri Or"...
you just blast on black saree........
luv u alots

katrina didnt get any type of surgey, jus coz she luks abit different in the picz, dnt mean shes fake. Any of u's that said she did get it, u onli said it jus coz ur hatin on her. she is perfectly real. get a lyf u foolish wannabes.

obviously nose and lips job. i was watching a old movie of hers wen i realized how diiferent she looked, i mean did u see her new movies? nd songs of her upcoming mere brother ki dulhan? u can definatley see da huge impact of surgery. but i do admit she is beutiful. i am very sad that priyanka got surgeries! cuz she looked pretty b4 nd now to but she never needed a surgery of anything. i mean in da dostana to her last movie maybe it was 7 khoon maaf, she looked veryyyyy pretty and beutiful but then wen i saw her new adds she looks different nd not that beautiful like b4. to me PRIYANKA CHOPRA is the most prettiest and most beautifull girl in da world and very talented!

the pic on the left is PHOTOSHOPPED! while the pic on the right isnt... sheesh. are you that clueless??

She got a lip surgery done, to make em bigger.

definitely a nose job. but she is pretty before and after.....:D

ritzy....your extensive analysis of kaif's nose was spinning my head...lol.....gave up reading midway.Not being snarky but jus mad me laugh.

kat nose was very sexey

katrina nose + lips
ashwaria eye lift + lips
priyanka nose + lips
bipasha nose, skin, +lips ocasionally
(all under surgery announced)

Yes, I believe it because celebrities get all kinds of pressure and I NEVER thought that Katrina's nose looked natural since she began her Bollywood career. It also seems as if she got cheek implants, a chin implant, her lips were thinned and she got an eye lift. It seems to me she got the works!!!!! Some of these Bollywood beauties aren't so natural. I don't know why their fans don't want to believe it. Not all surgeries need to be as dramatic as say Micheal Jackson's was but there is definitely a difference between the old and new pics.

just cz its kat you guys are saying its good...
if it was a another actress you guys would have called her all sorts of things!


yeah i think she might have had a touch up. definetly

love katrina ur soooo beautiful fo me zarina is not look like u ok ur big fan q

katrina u is one who is beautiful heroin of bollwood u r nose of bollywood i very very love u i am a girl i am a big fan of u uface is fantastic

to me i like her in both pictures coz very very few people have perfect noses n i dont know why u guys makin gig fuss about her nose u should insted focus on rakhi sawant even the blind can see it .. n ya by the way the old picture of kat's nose reminds of kareena's .. whatever



Kaif, who grew up in England, said: "Be it a skin, hair or a jewellery product, I am very selective about the brands I endorse.

"I undertake extensive research on the company and try to ensure that the brand delivers on its promises made to the user of the product."


yuck!! anyways

yea she luk gud

she paid through her nose for this nose job. money well spent.

she went under the knief couple of months ago. she looks nice. it is a national pasttime in bollywood.

if you've watched boom you can clearly see the difference until now. she also got a lip job done to her upper lips.

Katrina's nose job was pretty good!!!!
I mean her nose wasn't very nice before and
now yea its better then her actual nose!!!

Just like everyone looks different in every photo their features also look different so it doesn't mean they got a nose job or whatever.

Definitely a good nose job!

her nose was crooked b4....definitely she lukz betta nw.

Ya'll think everyone has had a nose job. When ppl grow older their features change some for the better and some for the worse. Until atleast 12 I still had my baby nose and than later it developed into a really nice shaped nose, even now sometimes it looks smaller. Katrina NEVER had a big projecting nose, from her very first movie she's had an annoyingly skinny nose to a point I found her unattaractive in her first couple of movies but than I just got used to it. She still has that same nose as the first picture her nose has always been slightly tilted from the side but very skinny. The first picture is a different angle and the second picture could be photoshopped cause in second picture her nose looks bigger shape and shorter. Katrinas nose has never been short her most recent pics still show her old nose. It's about when she wear makeup on it to make it look straighter. To be very honest I think she has really nice features and PINKVILLA needs to stop. In pictures everyone features look different unless they're wearing made makeup to contour features and using professional cameras. The nicest features can look busted and different in pictures.

i really dont see a nose job here. her nose is still not small. i think she's tanner in the after pic plus the angles r totally different btw the two pics. but guys what about her lips? i thought she was getting them injected but they look quite plump in the before pics as well. grrrrr.... now i'm confused....

of course she isn't natural! and you guys make fun of the other actresses?????

she did something with her lips... but u cant compare these 2 pics, tis shot from a diff angle and she is wearing more makeup on her nose in the 2nd one.

She definitely had a big projecting nose before, but what makes her look different is her puffed up/frozen looking lips. I wish she wouldn't do that. That looks fake. Atleast her nose has been esthetically done. I don't mind if these people do a bit to enhance themselves as they are in the public eye, but don't over do it so you start looking fake. The lips look frozen.

her lip job is more obvious

Anonymous on Thu, 2009-08-27 13:38.
why don't you find something better for yourself than clicking on topics that don't 'interest' you!

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2009-08-27 06:47

I agree with you! she didnt have any nose job done.

OMG , u can hardly notice it. her and shruti hassan's are the top most amazing nose jobs. But on the other hand, i feel like the nose job and all matured katrina. no wonder she doesnt look like 25 yrs.

All of you guys (who are much interested in celebrities' surgeries), don't you have some other better work to do?? Let them do surgery of any part of their body with their money...You people are too pathetic who discuss abt such celebrity sergeries every other day...In US it's so common even ordinary looking people like you can undergo such knife work provided u should ve money!!
Better get some good posts else don't keep on chewing such old topics.

wow then I must say this surgery is the best

her nose is still the same, u cant compare between 2 pics... coz the other shes looking in another way while the first one shes surfacing the camera.

it s just the way she s smiling. no nose job or implants. come on it was years bak! she s become older so obviously she s lookin bit mature and the skin shows! she s lookin beautiful nw. come on look at ur old pics n present. cant u see a diff?

looks same to me

Her nose wasn't too bad before. It just wasn't as pointy I guess as it is now. I kind of guessed she got a nose job anyway since pretty much all of them do now!

yeah good find...very evident!! yeah a lot of things like her lips, cheeks...Why don't these people come out and admit it like in hollywood...because they are infact insulting people's intelligence by claming they are naturally so beautiful and have never gone under knife to enhance their beauty...and some gals believe that and live in denial!! it is true and a fact that everyone gets it done! they have like so much money...that they don't know how else to spend it!! No one is really 'beautiful'.

yup its clear

the nose job was really done greatly. she has also definitly had cheek implants (everyone did after aish did in the early 2000's), for sure 100% collagen in the lips.

nice nose job. i can see the cheek implants too.

i think she looks more 'western' after the nose job.. anywho i agree it was very subtle and well done. i didnt notice until now.

She has had a nose job, cheek implants and collagen in the lips.

So much for her being natural. LOL

Oh Shit... Nice observations Smitag !!
Idk why its such a taboo to not talk about it since everyone in the industry seems to have gone under the knife cuz like u said nothing wrong with it and it actually lets the public know that not all that they see on TV as stars is true! ... they've had help from the docs and are just as insecure about their looks as me and you would be

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