Full Video :Salman Khan on Koffee with Karan

The most awaited chat show - Koffee with Karan is back after a long haul. The show kick-started with Bollywood's most loved hero, Salman Khan. It was Salman's first time on the show and after watching the episode we wonder why he ran away from being on it all these years! We're glad Salman wasn't accompanied by anyone else because the magnanimous star he is, even a one hour long episode seemed too less for him!

Salman was his rockstar self on the show and left with some real witty comments that kept us asking for more. We love the fact that he was entirely himself on the show. Who else would sleep on Karan's couch without giving a second thought?! Yes, Salman did exactly that and had us in splits! Even though he claims to be a virgin and says that he loves "sleeping alone", we really have our doubts! Salman spoke openly about whatever he was asked about without a sense of discomfort apart from of course the times Karan Johar made those sexual connotations leaving Sallu speechless.

When Shah Rukh's topic came up, Salman admitted to not being in great terms with him but he also said that he has a lot of respect for him and hates it when anyone bitches about SRK to him. While he thinks he himself is below average when it comes to acting, he loves the way Akshay Kumar has grown as an actor. When asked which actress he thinks is stunning, he readily said Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. We love the fact that he was brutally honest about everything!

There were also a few stark revelations the actor made! For instance the times he kept suggesting the relationship Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor share. Going by the rumours of them being together at one point of time, seeing him be so comfortable about the idea of Ran-Kat was really surprising!

All in all, this was a great start to the show and we could not have imagined a better person to start the show with! Love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him - that's Salman Khan for you!

Did you watch this episode? What are your thoughts?

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I love u Salman u r a sweetheart ;)

I love you

come on when salman said he was a virgin he was just being sarcastic ...he being a gentlemen will never choose to air his personal equations with his ex or anyone in public

i love salman hes a true rockstar

you know what i noticed? that karan knows that the one salman likes IS priyanka Chopra, why? look at somewhere in the beginning when he asks him "there are so many pretty girls in the movie industry, do you like any of them"?(salmans expression like yaa you know!) and it's like salman didn't want for it to come out yet because like he said "when you first start dating someone you're just friends and god forbid if it doesn't materialize i wouldn't want for her to be you know she was with salman before or after..." so salman complimented deepika and said she is very hardworkingand and stuff...you can see on karans face that you know it's not who both of them are talking about but ofcourse agreed (wich is true btw she's amazing!)wich is why he kept asking him further "but is there no one who has taken your fancy that you'd like to pursue as a leading man"?...ofcourse salman with a smile said no no no ..euh no...and throughout the entire show both of them gave hints like someone here also stated...especially when karan said about the "marry" "just friends" part ""with both""? and he nicely removed her name.BUTTT ofcourse all i can say is time will tell but i really like to see deepika and priyanka's episode! something tells me that there is something and this will get clear very soon.but if not then not.soooo what do you guys think? overthinking?

Holy Haterade. PC will probably bring home an Oscar one day. Talent is talent...She will conquer Hollywood. North America needs an Indian representative of beauty and talent. SK is a typical capri, they are always great with the ladies. I am amazed at how Indian cinema and TV has grown. This is a good thing :) By the way PC can have anyone, and SK knows it. Best to stay away from the private affairs of others. They know the fame game. I am a PC fan.

Before PC i will bring Oscar. Mark my word :P

I want to see Deepika and Salman in a movie.

Salman was giving so many hints about priyanka Chopra! its soooo Obvious he likes her! his expressions and body language when talking about her gives it away! and when he nicely removed her name with the whole marry, just friends question just made it clear. have you all noticed how salman smacks his hand on the sofa everytime he talks about her (thats what you do when you mean something and are sure about it, everyone does that). i think they will make an AWESOME couple. priyanka herself said she wants to be with a gentleman, who is funny witty funny, who she respects and is also a very good friend, an achiever.....basically check check check!!! BTW remember when priyanka was on bigg boss and one of the contestant said that salman could ask her any question he wants and they will say if she's lying or not (THEY WERE GIVEN A TASK FROM PRIYANKA ANYWAYS...). and salman said aaaaaaaaaa there's a question in my mind that i've been wanting to ask her a long time now so now you must answer and she was like whaaaaaat? salman? are you in love with someone? and she was like yes and than they said that she was lying and salman was sooo happy to hear that and then priyanka said yes i lied i'm not in love with anyone right now! so she is single . ((you should check it out bigg boss october 27th)). AAAAAAAand THE SAME DAY KOFFEE WITH KARAN AIRED , BIGG BOSS AIRED TOO GUESS WICH SONG DID SALMAN MAKE AN ENTRY ON? JEENE KE HAIN CHAAR DIN!!! soooo i dont know but its just too much hintssssss i think maybe i'm wrong but that's just my opinion. and the rest of the show was awesome how he talked about everyone else too from SRK, to govinda to deepika to...... really amazing episode!!

Kareena herself said in an interview with rajeev masand that she would be a housewife if not an actress since she doesn't know anything else apart from acting..it's in her blood so what is wrong if salman is just reiterating the fact! it is true after all

He is really a great man . He Helped a porn star to become a superstar, he is helping sana Khan who is charged with abduction, he is launching a guy like Suraj Pancholi.

You are an effing loser!

Nobody's talkin' bout the fact he basically outed KJo in this interview!

not to forget Sanjay leela Bhansali as well

I think the whole world was already aware of kjo's sexuality!

Salman's expression when his father talks about making sure his children are not fearful of him was priceless :-)

I think salman's relationship with Katrina kaif was just like his relationship with Somy Ali. Somy was staying at his home,sharing his family's food and cheating on Salman with Gulshan Grover and even then salman did not kick her out from his home . Before Ranbir there was rumor about Katrina 's closeness with Akshay kumar and even then Salman was paying her bills. I am his fan I can't call him idiot so I should call him God on earth who only help wrong people and is surrounded by users and advantage takers.

i have always felt there is something between hrithik and katrina and salman came to confirm that lol ...in the leaked video from the sets they looked like too much in love ... i remember in just dance hrithik danced with katrina and he seemed head over heals in love with her ...made for each other

guys i don't think he meant hrithik is after katrina lol...he's got enough on his plate with sussane & barbara, his movies & health issues to chase after kat. i think he was referring to hrithik's comments on the guzaarish issue.
i don't think so , i mean guzaarish issue is not that big ...he mentioned hrithik between ranbir and katrina so there is something between HR ane KK ...i hope so ^^ they'll make beautiful babies

Don't tell me they made the video unavailable in the UK!!! I know the UK debut is on the 8th of December...That means we will be a week behind all the time. That's just stupid. I hope it's just a mistake

They took it down in the US too. My family in Canada saw it and thought it was funny. I am unsure why people read so much into everything. Entertainment is supposed to be fun :) I assure you it is not a mistake. There is a lot of spamming and hacking going on...and it not from US outsiders. Kinda strange but oh well. Made me rediscover Indian Cinema and TV. Don't you just love December. lol

WTF .. why the video is not availabe? It's saying the uploader has not made this video available to your country. i am mad right now........

So all along, Katrina was going out with both Salman and Ranbir till she left Salman 2 totally be with Ranbir? Katrina is indeed calculative and Ranbir has disrespected Salman for knowing well what is between this two and still didn't care.

Hope Ranbir career wont go down the drain. Salman has much much fans. They will hate him cause of this Ran-kat love. Just look at Abhishek, he got this hatred because of Aish and has affected his career . Hope it doesn't happen to Ranbir.

I don't think any of us salman's fans hate abhishek, he is actually a decent and nice enough person. It's a different matter with aishwarya coz she lied!!

Its still the Number one post! I guess Salman likes Priyanka Chopra and he wanted to make it clear to everyone. In the past there were rumours about them falling out. Last season Karan asked Priyanka Chopra about the issue and Priyanka showed her love for Salman and said she didn't know what the actual problem was and that she just left it like that. I guess Salman has watched that episode and just wants to let everybody know that he has no problems with Priyanka. I know Salman is close to Karishma Kapoor and found it funny how he called Kareena a housewife in a very dismissive way. With Priyanka it was different. The tone in his voice and how he would like her as a housewife himself. He commented how PC should be a singer if not an actress. Karan gave him the Aishwarya and Katrina question. Im happy he simply answered. Everyone knows that no matter what Aishwarya is much bigger and a better actress than Katrina. Nothing new about that. It was strange to me to be honest how he didn't add a surname to Katrina Kaif while he has made it pretty obvious she is dating Ranbir Kapoor. Maybe he thinks they won't last, interesting. I liked how he spoke about SRK, they were indeed best friends and he cherishes the moments they shared together. I didn't like how Karan Johar as a host tried to defend SRK at one point, but Salman as quick by calling him out on it. Deepika has grown a lot this year. It's nice when Salman appreciated her hard work. I didn't really like when Salman was biased towards the starkids Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Aditya Roy Kapoor. Even though Salman said himself that he was being biased. I wished he would go by talent and analyse them a bit more in detail. I also wished Karan had asked Salman about the recent romours abour him and the Romanian girl Iulia Vantur. I wished Karan had asked him about other actresses like Kangana Ranaut and about his upcoming projects, including Daisy Shah. It was interesting how Daisy was accused of kidnapping at one point. I guess Karan was a bit scared. Salman was very sly in the interview and let some info leak here and there. It was truly a wonderful episode.

guys i don't think he meant hrithik is after katrina lol...he's got enough on his plate with sussane & barbara, his movies & health issues to chase after kat. i think he was referring to hrithik's comments on the guzaarish issue.

Love his big mesmerizing eyes salman he is jst amazing person.

Ranbir is tooo tiny infront of Katrina. 4 me, they never match.

Loved Loved Loved the episode. The rapid fire round was just amazing! His comments on Rk-Kat were just spot on! LMAO
Btw I became so emotional when he was talking about his exes and said that, 'we were so close..so close' and then suddenly he stopped..I seriously don't know what to say.
Just wanna say that you are Amazing Salman! You got a new fan :D

Awww. I watched it again after your comment and it made me emotional too. Poor Salman. The way he stopped :(

Oh! I can already see Deepika - Salman shippers *wink*
Bring it on ;)

but I still dont understand the answer he gave for Hritik
what does it mean "You stay out of it " ?? Karan understood hence he didnt grill too

Salman was refering to the Guzaarish story. Salman said Guzaarish is a boring movie or something along those lines. Hrithik said something back about the kind of movies Salman is doing. Salman is friends with the director of the movie Guzaarish, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, and feels that he can comment like that. Salman has done Sanjay's first movies Khamooshi and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. So I assume that's why he told Hrithik to stay out of it. He couldn't care less about the Roshans

Maybe there is something between Hrithik & Kat?

I couldnt decipher his reaction. he seemed shocked/confused. was salman insinuating that something was up with HR and RanKat? Because that's kinda what it sounded like, but it seems soo improbable!?

Really.. it's improbable that a hot girl and a hot guy who spent a looong time in on location shoots in Spain etc and who did kissing scenes together felt sexual chemistry and had a little fun in the sun .. in between the sheets?

ranbir is a puppy, LOL....takes guts to tell that to a new star

LOL still #1 on PV. Waah Salman, waah!

Okay I may be a bit late in commenting but this was by far....THE BEST EPISODE IN KWK...Ever♥ Never been much of a fan of Salman,but loved his candour,honesty & sarcasm throughout the episode,& what you can actually see is that he's genuinely a great,big-hearted guy. Loved the Rapid Fire as well even though some of the questions were kinda stupid...& LOL at Karan's reaction to the gay encounter question! Although I highly doubt that Salman is a virgin,it was all in all a refreshingly honest,candid & fun interview. Coming to Salim Khan he seems like such a protective & considerate father,& I love the story about the thief(LOL)! Props to Karan for bringing in someone else than his "Usual Suspects" for opening the show & for the homely & comfortable looking interiors,but thumbs down for the lame "I'm back" Brodway-ish dance routine. It just sucks ass:-

Looks like an instant classic. Also liking the new like/dislike feature, makes it easier to detect trolls:)

What I felt that there was really something special for Aishwarya Rai and there is some special place in his mind for her till today. He is a nice ,honest,traditional guy.

He is so over aishwarya yaar, move on !!!!

Wow and Wow..Just him alone is Enough.The best ever unless he comes back again .His charisma is unique and humongous .Agree with someone who said Koffee with Salman.

Pc fans are getting so happy that Salman said he likes pc.lol
poor fellas dont know the meaning of Sarcasm.

Btw. Lerarn how to spell FELLOWS first. :P

Lol. Thats why kareena fans are more concerned than pc fans about he said regarding PC. And some of the comments below are clear proofs as half of the comments are attacking PC. :P JEALOUS LOOSERS.

Kareena a house wife, Pc a good house wife.

lmaoooo salluuuuu ur adorable!!

Karan: how are you with your exes' current boyfriends?
Salman: Sometimes I thank them
Karan: why? For taking them away from your life?
Salman: no, no. For taking such good care of them.
.........that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard

At the start os the episode when he came down the stairs, Karan wanted to welcome and greet him with a hug but he went straight for the couch. So down market!

No, Karan didn't want to hug. It is always pre planned that how the guest will enter & what kind of gesture they will show.

The thing that strikes the most is when he said he wants his old self back..

He is the worst creature ever created by God. He cheated on Sangeeta. Broke coke bottle on Somy Ali's head, Cheated and abused Aishwarya Rai,He slapped and exploited Katrina kaif and slept with almost every heroine of his movies. He is a animal,a criminal who should be locked in the jail or in a rehab. He is now looking like a old baboon.

Calm your t**s down!

I have so much respect for him after I watched this. I don't think he was planning on saying that "I m a virgin" but he ended up saying it cuz he didn't want to disgrace his ex-gfs. I really liked that he appreciates hard-working actors so much like SRK and Ranbir, and even the younger ones. He also mentioned that he is a below average actor, which takes a lot of guts to admit. I love that he was praising Deepika so much (considering she is Katrina's "competition" haha). Gosh, I always knew he was straight forward and honest but this just takes to another level. I love a honest man!

Lol. Some bimbo fans are getting jealous that he said some good things about PC than their star. Listen u despos Salman is a very straight forward person and whatever he says it very genuinely. Yes they had a fallout at some point but not anymore. Its just that u cant digest when someone praises PC. Get a life jealous creeps.

Awwwww cute Puppy and female puppy !!

Not a Salman fan ,but he was being very honest in here . He hasn't deliberately tried to play up to the masses or pretend to be all goody goody . He did take a few good natured jibes at Katrina & Ranbir . I think he did deeply care for Ash & he was not able to mentally accept the break up . Remember both fights with SRK were about her ...the Chalte Chalte fiasco & they say SRK made some comment about her which Salman did not like (or maybe misinterpreted) . That's why he was so against Vivek Oberoi , but not bothered about Ranbir . Why bother about an ex gals current man unless you still cared for the girl? He also seemed to have become bored of Katrina ( unlike Ash) . He has no issues with Hrithik who said in his (HR's ) recent interview in Hindustan Times that he had gone & personally bought stuff from the 'Being Human' shop & Salman immediately phoned him for a chat . It was more about HR not getting involved in the SLB / Salman issue. Also don't think HR would chase after Katrina ! What KJO should have asked ....Have u ever felt that any of your girl friends or female co stars have made use of u ? Will u ever be friendly with Vivek Oberoi again?

Salman is gaga over Deepika! The way he took her name, the timing. Woah! Highly interested.

I am am sure we will read some gossips about them if they are casted in SB's next :D

I think Salman is gay. Seems like he is making references to Karan knowing how that works! :)) LOL!!!

Loved his sense of humour, sarcasm and of course the frankness. He comes across as a very genuine guy, no i am so great yet humble kinds. No wonder he has such a fan following! Best episode of KWK.

Salman is a cheater who first cheated on sangeeta , than on ashwariya and was two timing ash and somi same time . Killing innocent people, women abusing alag se . Now katrina cheated him and gave him taste of his own medicine. And people are prasing him as if there is no tomo. If a murderer says I am a murderer he dosnt becomes good . You cant say oh look he is so honest , it takes guts to confess such crime . I say he is just shameless. Coz of him a poor Constable died. He was in such a poor condition that his family disowned him , he was reduced to mere bones and u guys support such a guy . Its shame . How celebs get spevial treatment even if they are criminals.

He was boring and Karan was like a blah...blah...girl

Kareena a house wife, Priyanka a good house wife

I never knew he wasn't gaga over Katrina. Ranbir, u can take the luggage now and give birth to expressionless children.

HAHAHA...then these children can play with John Abraham's expressionless kids!

By saying that"im a virgin"he was just giving respect to his ex gfs couse im sure they did nt just play luddo for years.lol and if you think that he loves priyanka and his comment was not sarcastic then you dont know anything about salman.he clearly does not like pc.
p.s he was so uncomfortable in speaking english.t is okay for him as a bollywood hero atleast he is nt a wannabee.

This guy is from a priveleged background, gone to best english medium schools, holidays with cousins in england since childhood, pretty sure hes very fluent in english....u make him out to be some ghaati...

He is the perfect guy for me in every sense, conservative n traditional yet practical. Feel extremely uncomfortable talking about intimacy related subjects and don't believe in the need for on screen kissing just as how i feel. If only I was a bit older and knew salman personally.

I have met him and let me tell you that on camera, he might be like that but off it he's a flirtatious old man who thinks every pretty girl should be a heroine!

I've met him too and was he friendly, funny and posed for pics without a grumble. Hater alert

I didn't say he was rude. he was nice...but flirty even though he had a gf at that time...though Kajol is the rudest star I have met

I've also met him and he is a thorough gentleman.

This post should be #1

I wish Salman could have come with Asin>

Salman always prices Deepika and Sonakshi, look his interviews and you will see, when it comes to beauty it is always Deepika, when it comes for newcommers it is always Sonakshi, i guess this two girls will be again in his next films

Shah Rukh was all over Priyanka and then moved on to Deepika!

Salman went to Priyankas rescue! Lol

Poor Katrina. She's basically come off as Salman's sloppy seconds in this interview. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahahah yeah man spot on..specially that part ' Salman lucky hai ya main ' DAMN THATS GONNA HURT KATRINA!!!!!

salman and pc looks cute togethr...... plz marry u both guys.... it would be amazing....

he is a virgin? He must be joking? Seriously?

It was said tongue in cheek..cant you see the glimmer in his eyes?


I wish for him to marry Huma Qureishi

i dislike him as an actor bcoz he can't act in spite of 25 years. i dislike him as a person bcoz he done so many inhuman things. now i dislike him more bcoz he bullied Ranbir just bcoz his gf dumped him for Ranbir.

Ranbir doesn't even let go single penny unless it is for publicity. At salman donates and lives a simple life. Haters Sanjay Lela bansali have admited recently that salman lives like a fakirs. Ranbir is a wannabe salman of Bollywood. He ride ricksaw and does some things salman style just for publicity and uses people to get ahead. How manys careers have ranbir helped with for you yo claim he is a better human being? Performances wise, go watch tere naam you will see the actor in salman. Despite of his mistakes he is much loved from the streets if Bollywood to the hearts of Indian all around the globe.

lol, who are you? You and Ranbir, together with his big mama katrina are small in the ocean of love that people have for salman

lol i know thats why salman kind of people still survive. by the way Ranbir is much better person than him in every way.

Ranbir is better than Salman...BWWWAAHHHHHH. What are u smoking.

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