L'Oreal Lightens Up Freida Pinto

L’Oreal did it again. First they lightened up Beyonce and now Freida pinto for there new ad campaign. This is the first photo released from Freida’s ad campaign for L'oreal Colors. Do you think L’Oreal needs to stop whitewashing its stars?

Credits: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialBollywood#!/photo.php?fbid=179849095424698&set=a.179849082091366.489

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Funny how gwenyth palthrow who has been living in england for years never picked up a british accent a freida pinto got one by only visiting it , she really should stop faking it

gwenyth palthrow , who lives in england with her husband from coldplay , has been living there awhile and has never picked up a brithish accent , so how did freida pinto get a british accent ? she is such a faker

she got nominated for a razzie award for planet of the apes

this was before she appeared in Cannes and went white for l'oreal


this from Taal....so the lights must have been good!!!! she is still brown there.

Sun, 2011-09-25 08:51 — Anonymous

No, Aishwarya has fair skin. That picture is too grainy and was taken when the light was practically dim.

aishwarya has brown skin off stage ...just check this out!
she is o the set of Guzaarish...the term 'fair' is used for white women not indians


Freida pinto looks like the typical indian girl wearing makeup and photoshopped. She is not even famous in north america. More people find Natalie portman and Angelina Jolie to be beautiful and they have never even heard of pinto , even after watching slumdog and the apes movie.

Honestly , Pinto is overrated. She lacks talent and looks and i dont see the hype over her. she is not even famous in north america and europe. She became famous over a small role which had five lines and answering a stupid cellphone , and for what , she getting endorsemnts for Loreal? thats so stupid

Olive skin tone ? Freida is not olive skin tone , she has a normal brown shade and she's average in looks

I am more rivetted by the beautiful eyes and the subtle array of colors bordering them. Nice work.

I say she actually looks good fair.







You guys are too dramatic. Freida's skin naturally comes out white like this in several different photos. Her skin tone appears different in different light. Her skin tone obviously became lighter after they enhanced the colors (for the eyeshadow). If they lowered the lighting, her natural skin color would have showed, but then the eyeshadow wouldn't be as visible. You have to realize that the picture is about the makeup, NOT THE MODEL. She's just molded to enhance the product.

Yes, they lightened her up but those symmetrical features are her own.

Frankly speaking I don't see much difference between Aishwarya's real color skin and her white skin in L'oreal, she's lucky to have a light skin and blue-green eyes otherwise she would use tons of white fundation just like many dusky actresses does now a days, also she would promote fairness cream like Sonakshi (???) and Sonam!

Agreed with sareelove and Kitty - They lightened her just to make the colors of her eye shadow to stand out! It's too obvious that but yes if they wanted a white girl who would easily make stand out these bright light colors why they didn't pick a brunette girl???

I think they lightened her skin to showcase the colours of the eyeshadow, especially the peach and yellow shades that may have gotten lost on darker skin. But like sareelove said, if they wanted a white model, they should have just used a white model.

Being weatish/light cinnamon/chestnut skinned color doesn't means u r brown! get yur facts right indians haters!

Well well, this could have been worst guys! She's not looking like a white girl but I'm hating this L'Oreal habbit to white all these dusky girls, Sonam looked super white, she was the worst case! Aishwarya well the problem here is her body being photoshopped but if they make her look like a snow I seriously don't care, she's already fair so NO BIG DEAL!

I am from Turky and for us Aishwarya is fair. You can't compare her skin tone with Freida's!
I don't know what's up with Indian's colors standers but call Aishwarya brown is like call Freida as WHITE!

The sun effect and the lights of the sets has to do with this too, it's not only photoshop guys! Besides they were clever they had to make her skin tone looks fair so the colors of her shadow could STAND OUT! Daaa.
But I hope they won't white wash her anymore, she doesn't looks white here just lighted up!

In Aishwarya's case they make her look slim and the last photo was... T.T her features was still the same but at the same time it wasn't her! she looked like a doll, they ruined her nose but she looked pretty lol.
And as for the skin color issue, she's fair skinned color just a bit weatish or light cinnamon (wich makes her look like a exotic Indian and I love it). That's why her color skin use to look different, sometimes very fair, sometimes yellow, sometimes white, sometimes cinnamon! It's annoying but theres no doubt that her skin color is LIGHT.

No comparisions with Freida, Sonam, Deepika, Bipasha and Rani's color skin, don't u think that the difference of shade is obvious and huge? Come on! I have watched her first movies, baby pics and candid ones and she has all the colors I just mentioned but mainly she looks fair. FACT and I'm not Indian!

In the case of Aishwarya it's fine becoz the woman is already naturally fair but when it comes to Beyonce, Sonam and Freida is inacceptable!

Beyonce, Julia Roberts, Sonam, Aish and now Freida??? LOL, yes plz somebody ban L'Oreal no need to photoshop these beautiful girls!!!

What happened to those people? Who goes go go ga ga over Frieda that she is represanting dark skin of India not like Ash?? Actually, Ash is not close to dark like Frida eventhough they photoshoped Ash to white person. So, Frieda came to the boat finally and she is actually looking good. I don't understand why people go crazy over this no talent average looking girl. I hope my comment will post cuz pinkvilla if write anything against Frieda or Kareena it doesn't post.

frieda looks gorgeous. she has a beautiful olive skin tone.she is much better than ash

they did it for ash tooo. frieda looks gorgeous.

It isn't too much so I'm not complaining and I'm loving the colours on her eyes.

this is not the first time l'oreal has done this - they do it to ash (make her slimmer as well), sonam, beyonce. it's absolutely unnecessary - these are naturally beautiful people and deserve to be respected regardless of skin colour or race it should stop, if they want fairer models, just hire them. don't waste time "lightening" people up. -- l'oreal uk ads have banned retouched photos which is good but photoshop will still happen though regardless.

they even whitewash sonam... who is actually very dark... & they photoshop Aish as well to reduce her size... its ok i guess !!!

i agree if they love white faces why do they pay millions to dark girls and photoshop them to look whiter...honestly L'Oreal should be banned now...they are too much...seriously.

she's has zero talent and hollywood will soon find another indian girl , hopefully someone who can act and represent india well

common guys DO NOT make this into an issue!!! its the lighting of the set, they did not lighten her, Our beautiful indian skin tone can look many different shades under different lighting, agree with me;)? As for beyonce, yes she is an african american so her skin is obviously darker than freida's which makes more sense that she was lightened, as for FREIDA, make us indians proud!! she represents us all beautiful indian chamilions!!

Look closer to home.

Our beloved stars all fall over themselves to promote bleaching creams.
Our marriage adverts show preferences for "wheatish" and "fair" skin.
Our magazines ALWAYS whiten the celebrities to make them look un-Indian.

Indian society has a sad problem coming to terms with brown people in its midst. Deal with this first.

Freida doesn't look white. She's got olive skin

because obviously darker peachy coloured girls like Freida look better lightened than getting an actual white girl who would look like a ghost under the right lighting.

you forgot they whitened ASH as well

The French are notoriously racist. How many people of color do you see at Cannes? Why do you think they worship their fellow blue eyed Aishwarya. They used to hip, Josephine Baker etc. but now? I have to say her lips look fab though.

ok they have lightened it a bit,but still she isn't like a white girl,so no harm done.by the way she surely agreed to this as they always sign a contract where everything is explained.

what about aishwarya....she has been whitened ...just see brown aish in her early movies and her baby pics

Freida is whitewashed in every magazine cover where she is like i love my brown skin, indians are racist. Figure.

If they wanted a white girl why didn't they just hire one instead of shamelessly whitewashing Beyonce and Freida?

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