Parveen Babi: The Philosopher

Most people here on PV are more or less aware of the life story of the beautiful Parveen Babi and her sad descent into the world of mental illness and the sadder demise. What picture does your mind conjure up when you think of her? The luminous beauty who provided a high glamour quotient in many Amitabh movies? The bikini clad babe who is frolicking in the water? Or how she died alone in an apartment discovered two days later because milk and news papers piled up at her door step?
Yes she made outrageous allegations against not just Amitabh Bachchan, but also Prince Charles and Bill Clinton. She was growing increasingly paranoid after she came back from the US, overweight and unrecognizable. Whatever the public perception of Babi was during her later years, there was an educated and intelligent person behind all that madness. In 1997 she wrote an article titled 'The Age of Philosophy: A Critique of Pure Reason' published in Times of India . On the wake of her death, TOI published this article again. My dad, who is a philosopher himself, and a possible Parveen fan during his youth, forwarded me the article. He was impressed by her reasoning and I remember we had a good talk about Babi. Check it out yourself,

The Age of Philosophy: A Critique of Pure Reason
By Parveen Babi

Our contemporary society erroneously defines a philosopher as any individual who conducts a logical analysis of existing and apparent reality. This perhaps is proof that contemporary society no longer produces true philosophers. Rationalist philosophers from Aristotle to Bertrand Russell have given philosophy methods of conducting syllogistic inferences and logical analysis and down the ages, these techniques have become so synonymous with philosophy, and the practice of true philosophic explorations so rare, that today, the practice of logical analysis has erroneously been taken to mean the practice of philosophy.

Philosophy is man's search for aspects of his existence hitherto unknown to him, regarding which his curiosity is naturally aroused, and his answers to this search, holding true universally. A philosopher is one who with his thought and intuition changes the course of mankind and takes human consciousness one step forward. A philosopher is thus an individual with a curiosity about certain aspects of human existence. He possesses a certain extraordinary and irrepressible original substance which compels him to become curious, to search, and to make a statement about his search and its answer.

My above statements give rise to another question: Is it necessary for philosophy always to be based on pure reason? I would like to ask another question in reply to the above: What if the philosophy of pure reason is discovered to be lacking? Should the modern world, even then, continue to follow the philosophy of reason? If the philosophy of reason was true and perfect unto itself, then it would have led the human race to perfection. But today, after centuries of following the philosophy of reason, corruption and moral decay are rampant in society. The proof of the validity of a civilisation's philosophical system comes from its effect on that civilisation. And our modern civilisation's philosophy of reason has only created chaos and corruption.

Reason, evidently, seems to be able to conduct perfect calculations by itself, but these seemingly perfect calculations are perfect merely in their deductive capacity. Deductive logic, though capable of conducting perfect deductive calculations, lacks wisdom and the universal positive values required to reflect on the ultimate aspects of human existence.

Pure logic in philosophy has yet to come up with a technique of inference which is faultless. Pure mathematical and scientific logic, while possessing the capacity for deductive and analytical calculations, has led man to his destruction by inventing scientific and technological phenomena which give him the capacity to destroy himself. And since science deals in pure reason and scientists conduct their enquiries and inventions without the involvement of universal positives their actions have invariably been conducted in the negative direction of giving a few individuals the supreme power: the means of destroying the human race.

In fact, after a few inceptional enquiries, most of the significant scientific endea-vours of the 20th century have been conducted with a destructive motive. The division of the atom was conducted in order to create the apparatus of the atomic bomb. Even the invention of computer technology has been conducted with the motive of creating a supreme deductive intelligence to be used for warfare, political power and control.

It is time that we adopted what the greatest philosophers of mankind Jesus Christ, Mohammad and Buddha taught the highest order of reason combined with belief — belief in the positive, the truth, a higher reality, which helped them attain perfection, and which helped them lead humanity towards the attainment of perfection. It is not necessary to limit philosophy to reason and separate it from spiritual philosophy. Belief is the capacity, nurtured in human individuals, to recognise and acknowledge the ultimate truth — God. Belief was first inculcated in human beings by God providing evidence to them of his self and his positives. However, the majority of humanity is not capable of (true) belief. If they were capable of (true) belief, then they would not be able to subscribe to the gross corruption of human society.

Because belief — the capacity for the positive — is also the incapacity to subscribe to the negative, corruption. Belief is generated only out of the reasonably refined, evolved substance. When the individual's substance becomes reasonably refined, then it generates both belief and healthy reason. Healthy reason is reason which is reined in by belief, which is supported by belief, which is combined with belief, and which is incapable of negative. I also believe that the function of human philosophy today ought to be to solve the existentialistic problems of man, instead of getting self-involved, and intensely microscopic about abstractions or epistemological and syllogistic explorations about the perception of reality.

The purpose of man's thought — his philosophy — according to me is to help him attain fulfilment in his worldly existence and lead him to perfection of the self and the species. And, of course, the ultimate function of man's thought is to lead him to God perfection and to help himself realise Godhood."

What do you guys think of her article on Philosophy?

Credits: The Times of India

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i love parveen babi

Amitabh screwed this lady....during shootings he promised her to leave the fdat short jaya...But he was a puss and kept having a short affair with her. She even was given a nice slap on the face by Amitabh Bachchan on the sets. She had mental issues...but most of het so called mental acts had nthing to do with a mentally ill woman. She was extremely scared of Amitabh Bhachchan...he was powerfull and proved to be hot tempered when she got a nice slap on her face. The story goes that she was sitting in her make up room preparing herself for a shoot. Her make-up artist was there with her. She suddenly realised that this is not the life she wanted to lead. She wanted to be free and live like a any other woman. SHe realised how she was used by the producers, actors and directors of those days. She realised she was doing wrong and should stop believing the nice words of married man like Mahesh Bhatt and Amitabh Bhachchan....She was so sad in those days that she suddenly stood up and left her make-up room. She left the studio crying running and creaming...She looked like a metal woman.... And Amitabh had found a good excuse for the allegations Parveen made against him. In those days the disease schizophrenia was new and with everything she did she was labeled mental. That day she left the make up room and never returned to the screen. She left for America. No one knows were she lived in America and what exactly she did there for almost 10 years. One thing was sure...when she returned no on recognised her! She gained weight...Compare this to the weight gain of Aishwarya...but Parveens case was more shocking...Parveen was gone for almost 10 years and then turned back. Aishwarya we know was preggers and hasnt been gone for 10 long years. The woman was weak and needed help. I feel sorry for her...everyone turned their back on her. She was dead for 3 days and not one soul knew or cared about this. Parveen RIP

She is referring to spirituality, what every human being knowingly or unknowingly wants to attain - self realization. Seems like a well educated lady with lot of depth in her thoughts, movies may well have been her nemesis.

I think she was a complicated and lost soul searching .......a little off the chain in private!

Beauty and brains. Too bad she made such bad choices in life. I mean Mahesh Bhatt eww. What did she ever see in him. Very sad and tragic.

Just do not have the patience to read the entire article on philosophy. Parveen was exploited badly by the men in the film industry.Her affairs with Kabir Bedi & a big Indian superstar contributed to the mess. Look at Mahesh Bhatt who even today lives like a parasite making movies on her....Arth , Phir teri kahani yaad aayi & the more recent Woh Lamhe!

She was a pure and honest soul
god bless her


Kitty ---you meant having fling with Amitab B, in his old age.

Another woman, Sr B. exploited. Sad, sad, sad.
I think he had an affair with her too, screwed up too many women for his own pleasure.

Very interesting, now that's a side of Parveen Babi that is little known. I can't help but wonder, if she were alive today, would she be blogging? Maybe... and maybe she would be giving Amitabh Bachchan some competition! His blogs are quite philosophical at times.

they killed her

I think she was lost and trying hard to find a way to be content.

A fan of your posts here. :)

I ama sucker for knowing more about Parveen Babi. She does have some grasp on my imagination: Haven't figured out why. Her article identifies a decent problem with rationalist thinking in that it doesn't deal with belief but it can hardly be called philosophical.

Interesting to know that a Bollywood star wrote philosophy articles, this is quite unusual...thanks for posting this on PV, Mila.
I think she is trying to convey the following: for the practical purposes of our daily lives it is preferable to follow either the learnings of Jesus Christ, Mohammad and Buddha instead of study Western speculative philosophy, the latter proving to be ineffectual in 'solving the existentialistic problems of man'. I can't say I agree or not, rather I think we need both in certain measures, but that depends on what we are or want from life in general. Some people may not need either in order to be happy...

I'm really sorry that this actress passed away so young...

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Thank you for sharing. It is deep. Only intelligent people will understand that.

Yawn and boring

She was very beautiful and very intelligent. Poor thing suffered so much. I miss her.

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