Priyanka Chopra Singing

Well we all know Priyanka loves to sing.But shes really good at it to.I was reading somewhere she actually did playback singing for her first film,which was a Tamil movie called Thamizhan.Also I found random videos on youtube of her singing,and shes actually very good,just felt like sharing
Im a fan so I think shes fabulous,what about u guys??

She sang great here,The best but user won't allow embed :((
but shes fab,heres the link

well all I can say,wow PC Rocks,lol
n b4 anyone asks,the pic on here is from her Tamil movie Thamizhan

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Credits: Youtube

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acting or sucking this transvestite sucks

i have recently saw her video on youtube where she was singing in a stage show in holland........
it was completely awesome.....

she has a god gifted voice..n wht happened to her extra large lips in d 1st pic.??

PC's a gd singer, she shud sing in some of her movies.

why would a 28 year old need botox? lol! she hasnt done botox

actressed star wifes above 30 need it andhave done it

well she's most definitely had SOMETHING done to her lips ... look at them in the last vid and look at them in the first pic. Something is very very wrong.

Its not possible to have an 'upper lip' job as somebody suggested, rofl. Its either both or none.

For God's sake. She was 17 or 18 when we saw her first. And now she is turning 29. She wouldn't obviously look the same. A woman's body features(etc etc) changes 10 times more than a man ok. Use your brains seriously!

The picture of Priyanka at the top is the scariest picture of her I have ever seen. Botox? Photoshop? She looks so artificial there, almost looks "madeup"

She's multi talented! No doubt!

She was so beautiful here! Please grow your hair and get a better stylist and makeup artist!!!!!!

Gorgeous gal

good going gal............ she is really under rated...........

she is multi talented...........

must say she has a good voice.......

She sounds like Alisha when she sings Tinka Tinka, they should've used her voice for Right Here Right Now.

Nice pic, but must be old. She was a very pretty girl, but today to much op`s,
too much botox. It´s a pity.

Priyanka can sing pretty good she should sing for her self sometimes she is good at it!

Genie In A Bottle Was FABULOUS
She has a great voice

I can't believe Im saying this but she use to be so beautiful
what happened??
She even seems humble
Gosh,fame really changes a person
I liked her singing Genie In A Bottle,she was pretty good

i love her voice!!!

She's a pretty good singer!!! :), i agree with kitty she should sing at times like ab did with shava shava

beautiful, intelligent, fun, and talented

She looks beautiful in the Tinka Tinka video. I remember when I first heard Tinka Tinka, I did actually think it was Priyanka singing it!!

Beautiful singing, she's actually managing to hit the notes. I'm impressed.

Not bad... not superb either. She has a nice voice and it would be a treat to her fans if she did a few tracks here and there like Amitabh does from time to time.

She does have nice voice. Priyanka looks so different in this pic. Is it the make, hair????????

She was beautiful before her nose job n upper lip job too!

She HAD a pretty NOSE BEFORE!

She used to look sooo soooo beautiful back in those days, before her nose job, now she's rather stylish then beautiful looking. I wouldn't call her a great singer, but she's quite good.

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