Priyanka chopra'a fake accent at TIFF 2009

Check out Priyanka chopra's American accent at TIFF 2009.

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Credits: youtube

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u dont get an accent after living in a country for couple of years..!!! fake accent or not...she acts like she was born and raised here....thats what irritates me the most...

They all fake an accent.

Fake or real, good or bad - how did this become such a major national topic of conversation????

As a language trainer it's interesting to me - professionally.

As a hybrid person - coming from one culture and living in another - the ability to do this is interesting again personally, socially.

But I can't imagine using this event as a cudgel to BEAT the woman with - as if she took something from someone else by doing this??

For real??? How did she hurt you by choosing or rendering several different accents?

Let's say she did a bad job of it (don't know, haven't bothered to listen). STILL - how does it hurt anyone else???

Mild curiosity as reaction - understandable.

Reactions of intense scrutiny, defensive posturing, feeling effronted? - Get real!

fake is not her.

it asin, ash and kareena

If she is said to have faked the accent then I would say she did an excellent job at it while talking to the international media.. she sounds quite genuine and like some1 who is used to talking in this accent, so i dont know what the fuss is about.. you want to hear fake sounding 'fake' then we need to watch aish's pink panther interviews..

I am an ABCD, Her accent is A-OK. Madhuri has a terrible accent and so does Ash. The sad part about Mads is she drops her accent amidst a conversation and picks it up.

she did not have to do this, keeping your own accent always helps it proves honesty ,her own mumbai english accent is not bad anyway,she sounds from san fransisco

yikes she shouldnt have done this

Anonymous on Wed, 2009-09-30 20:50: this is a racial slur and any Pri or Frieda or Aish fans will not stand for this!! sad.

Anonymous on Wed, 2009-09-30 20:50: look, not an Aish fan.. but it's WRONG to diss an entire race or nation to diss a star. this is just like a Freida bash. sad. very sad. south/north/east/west-- all are desis!!

on the face of who lack knowledge about PC

she lived in US for many years, she was studying in some school.

its FAKE for MRS ABHI - southindian b@@@##ch

It's a perfectly fine neutral accent! Indians are just jealous of other Indians who don't sport a thick stupid accent like them!

there was a recent interview with her with an indian and she referred to TWITTER. she said TWITTER in a total indian accent and then very quickly went back and said it with an american twang. that was hilarious. she is such a wannabe

honeys..take it from a new yorker. This IS a good american accent. she used to live and study in the US when she was a teenager, and she picked it up nicely :)
and if i had a choice, i would definitely speak using the american accent and not the indian accent. Give her a break, she doesnt deserve all this 'fake' nonsense. she is the genuine deal :)

people making a big deal out of sad lol.

Oh please!!I live in Boston and her accent isn't fake.Its the closest to a natural Manhattan accent..Fake=Aishwarya rai Bachchan's accent

she sounds good.. accent fake or real.. she sound VERY good..

I recently heard her speaking to Namaste America. she is full of it. The accent is so bad, ( mixture of punjabi/Kerala)She is total fake.

I can understand why she did that ..... she definitely wouldn't like to be mocked at while giving an interview ..... People laugh on Indian accent and plus she is in Toronto for the premiere ..... She is excited for her movie ... no one would like to get it all washed by people mocking at her Indian accent !! Leave her alone people



Hahah .. She does have an accent when she speaks English in movies but ... How did she pull this off.. LOL she was quite good at it.

hhehehe she studied here long time ago(many centuries ago lol) for sometime but that doesn't explain her accent. it is not easy to speak in accent unless you're born and brought up here. and also it is doubly hard for Indian to get the accent right if they are not born and brgt up here. if she lived here for 10 yrs, and her mom/dad also lived here with her then i can understand. She is big FAKE....from her lips, to her accent.

Seriously, it's the sign of an effective communicator for the accent to naturally shift to match the environment. With PC, I honestly don't think it's a conscious thing. A journalist once asked her about her sometimes American accent, and PC giggled and said, "Yeah, it comes and goes." So, whatever. Anywya, she was in the US during her most formative years, and has a lot of family there, so her accent and a lot of her lingo is understandably pretty American.

LOL! but when she talks to the indian media she has it as well tooo...but now she accents it more.. whats wrong about that? I mean people will understand her now better than rather talking in a hindi accent. Common, support her, she can speak interantional

i dont think its a fake accent if her accent is fake then so is mine.. becuase i live in the US and thats how i sound...she grew up here so of course she wont sound like a indian fob.. she probably never uses her accent in hindi movies becuase you people would mock her for not knowing how to speak hindi like you do to katrina...

i dont think its a fake accent if her accent is fake then so is mine.. becuase i live in the US and thats how i sound...she grew up here so of course she wont sound like a indian fob.. she probably never uses her accent in hindi movies becuase you people would mock her for not knowing how to speak hindi like you do to katrina...

whats wrong with that? while talking to the international media, why not use it if u have it?

lol... i dont think that's her fault
tht she spoken in that accent
coz she speak in englsih, so it change the tone in her voice
its different when you speak in different language

"She went to school in the US." i see this posted again and again. guys, she was here just for a few yrs(3 or4, she said in her tmbm interview). its not that she lived in US for like 10 yrs to develop an accent, which btw she suddenly lost when she went back to india and it reappears from time to time.
IMO, its just a confidence thing, and everybody sees the indian accent being made fun of in comedy shows and all, thats why i guess her and ash get nervous and try to mask their accents.

ill say its quite strong but sshe does hav an accent wen she speak english oin movies and stuff

i noticed it as well when she addresses the audience before the premiere.

she was looking horrible. very faky and trying hard.

That's not a fake accent, that's how she sounds. She went to school in the US. She doesn't sound totally American though, she still has a foreign accent.

that shows how talented she is...shes a very smart cookie....

she sound good

what a fake!

i don't think she's faking actually. u can tell when indians with heavy indian accents try to fake their's quite funny but priyanka sounds alright...obviously she wouldn't have a full american accent as she doesnt live there but she does sound good (eventhough she wears the most horrible and tackiest clothes ever!) oh and people should stop draging ash into every topic...this topic has nothing to do with her so why bring her up unnecessarily.

oh wow.. her accent sounds so real-- if she faked it, she did a good job!!!

that being said, she should have used her real Indian accent.
funny how the Indian media will target her but not the other big stars on this.

Also, this is her gemini accent in the film (she plays an American born NRI as a gemini)-- so she did state she had to learn accents-- hence she may have been demonstrating the accent. know gemini friends and they are a whiz in creating new accents.

whats the big deal, Aishwarya Rai does it all the time!

Phony Priyanka was only in the us for 2yrs or so and at the age she went her indian accent was already set (pukka)so stop excusing her she only visited the west for a short while and did not live there for any accent change.

that's cos she delebrately sounded like that to make her accent 'American'
hahha she is educated,why blame Kangana or deepika for their indian accent?

her voice sound weird. not the accent

She sounds so funny, what a fake accent.

omgg i noticed that to when i watched her interview i thought it was just me!!!
bahaha what a faker shes not proud of her accent.

she sounds REALLY good!

ok if i thot ashwarya was bad, this is something else

lol how comical

she sounds good to me...i mean it doesn't sound fake.

yeh she is amercanising her accent...she is better than aish as she was in US for some years.....but to me, who is canadian, i can still hear the indian accent

Don't drag Ash into the mess that Priyanka makes of her accent. LMAO. Aishwarya never had a heavy accent like this.

When BW stars are abroard they have to speak clear English to be understood. I don't see why it upsets people and why they (Priyanka, Aishwarya, Freida, Mallika, Anil, etc.) are called fake. It is a reality of live that you adapt to where you are when speaking even white actors with heavy accents do it - Nicole Kidman (Australian), Hugh Jackman, Vincent Cassell (french) etc.

WOW, she sounds so good!:)

she sounds good to me! oh please, aishwarya is the queen of fake accents!!!!!!! priyanka went to school in the US

I think this accent thing is fairly harmless, it makes sense to do that so she's taken more seriously by the international media. it's just the expedient quality of human nature, nothing more. this shouldn't be made a big deal out of.

ha!! even when she speaks eng in india she speaks it with an indian accent cos wenever i heard her tlk i used to always think considering she spent some yr in usa n then did pageant i thought shed hv a better accent - guess she changes it with where she is for the ppls intelligence?!

omg that is fake to the extreme. WOW!

priyanka went to high school in the US whereas Aishwarya was born and bred in India.

this is not fake. hear her other interviews in english. she sounds the same. she was miss world. she knew great english from the start.

Why do Indian celebrities put on fake accents when they go out of India?

LMAO. And everyone criticizes Aishwarya but Ash doesn't go to this extreme.

Oh god!! How fake! Be proud of where u come from yaar! Nd dnt be ashamed with ur accent. I must say she did pull it off quite good.

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