Rajesh Khanna's live-in partner Anita Adwani demands a share of his property

Rajesh Khanna may have left the world and all wordly connections but like they say, life goes on for everyone he left behind and all the worldly emotions of love, hate, and greed continue to live on...

During his last years, Rajesh Khanna had grown quite close to one friend, Anita Adwani. Apparently, they had known each other since childhood and they rekindled their friendship a few years back. Anita had confessed to their relationship and the two were often seen together at his mansion, Aashirwad.

As per Mid-Day, a source close to the family mentioned that Aashirwad would be turned into a museum according to the late superstar's last wish. However, Anita sent the Khannas a legal notice to safeguard her possible eviction from Aashirwad. Expecting some dirty mudslingings ahead...

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Credits: midday

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why do these women always want a free lunch? If some man comes and claims that he was the live in partner of some actress(like parveen babi or some other who died alone) would people allow him to stay in the house or write the house to his name? If she was indeed RK's live in partner, how come nobody heard or knew of it and why it is so difficult to prove it? And what is the criteria for proving live in partnership? If she was seen often at his house, does that make her a live in partner? If say he had a male friend who was seen often at his house, would that guy also be considered a live in partner?

If anitas claims of being a live in partner was actually true, there would be a thousand people who would have confirmed that with the news media( the servants or visiting nurses or drivers or watchmen). The very fact that she is not able to find anyone to corroborate her claims shows that she is lying and she just wants free money and that she will stoop to any level to get it.

I feel satisfeid after reading that one.

Always the best content from these pordiiguos writers.

Oh please, do use your common sense guys... Dimple Devi is no martyr, she has truly been unfair on Rajesh.

A few corrections here:
1. Dimple had been from a rich family, back then. she had "not needed" child support. So please do not jump into conclusions and turn her into a martyr. She did not divorce because she herself did not want to get married again. A journalist from those times, actually asked her, and she had said this. While she entertained Sunny as a stud, she betrayed Rajesh Khanna during his bad times, Journalists openly state, back then, that Dimple "could not take Rajesh's failure". Of course, when bad days come a husband would be a bit bemused. What did she think? marriage is only roses?

2. Anita Advani is classy, from a rich family. She does not need Rajesh Khanna's money. She truly loved him, and stayed by him during his bad years. She is modern enough to realize that marriage is on paper, while love is in the heart.

3. Rajesh did not do any tamasaha. While all types of rumors float around, as is common in Bollywood, Rajesh had stayed committed to Dimple, been lavish and caring enough for her while married. When Dimple refused divorce, he did not take it to court, as he is from an orthodox family, He had to give up Tina Munim, whom he truly loved. Yet after that he kept waiting for Dimple, and also never spoke against her.

4. Dimple herself has not returned for any property or money. She probably had been worried how disgusting society would find her if she did not even return to Rajesh Khanna's bedside in his last few days. The negative publicity. These are all rich people here, only publicity drives them nuts, not wealth.

the first fault lies with RK itself. Had he to be a responsible husband all this tamasha would not be created. I am sure Dimple would not have walked our of the marriage or got back to films and apparently had an affair with sunny. We know for a fact the rajesh khanna did not have any business sense he had more chamchas and the only option for dimple was to come back to films. One has to credit her for raising two lovely daughters single handedly and also start a business of candlemaking.
sometimes things are just a hand of god or destiny. Lets face it while rajesh was alive he lived life king size had many women around him behaved irresponsibily and in his death created a bigger mess. I am sure he must have done it with a reason. Only god knows what kind of a person anita is but one thing is apparent that the family was back with him knowing that he had only a few months to live and all that concern for him from dimples side remains a big question mark. But lets face it folks by right she and the kids are legal heirs. Also by right anita is entitled to a fair sum of money. Its not going to be easy when rajes said pack up it was only for his journey upward. I am sure he must be holding the clapper board in his hand with god sitting on the directors high stool and saying whatever scene 15 take 2 clap goes the board

Now the real show starts !! Anita is to be blamed more or Akshay(since he was the one who didnt allow her to attend the funeral rites) ?? and add Dimple to the list.. she came to do her ''duties'' after he became sick... that bandra bungalow is worth 200 crores !! Rajesh Khanna also has many flats and plots in and around mumbai, and god knows how much bank balance !! and i dont understand why he didnt make any will ! i dont believe this museum crap spread by the family itself to gain time.... sab paise ka tamasha hai !!

I have read all the replies here and some people are biased about one thing or the other, let us not be carried away by sentiments and emotions. A man like Kaka should not be ruled out in this little tamasha, one thing is certain. Dimple refused to divorce him because he refused to give her child support after she left him. If am correct he was said to have been an unrepentant womaniser and alcoholic. When Dimple could not take it any more she walked out. I bet he tried to punish her by with holding financial support for his children, it was just a way to force her to come back to him, to remain his wife and continue putting up with his infidelities and abuse. Most of us I believe know that a man dosed in alcohol might not be physically abusive but verbally abusive. We all celebrate Kaka the movie star but do we know Kaka the person ,no. He must have been one mean man. The lady in question who lived with him for 10 years must have had some thing special with him, he must have had a soft spot for or he just let her stay because he could not shake her off, somewhere in her heart she must have loved him. It was not fair how she was not allowed to pay her last respect with the rest of his family, his daughters and son-in-laws are now out in full force to potect his wealth.

They are his family yes but his daughters got married, left home, went on to build there own families,Dimple carried on with her film career, got involved with Sunny who was providing her both emotional and financial support. We are not taking into consideration that Kaka was human, a man at that, with needs he is entitled to both emotional and physical comfort which this woman provided for ten years.

Let us all be fair, this woman did not force her self on kaka, he invited her into his life. Yes he did not leave any thing for her in his will, if his house is going to be turned to a meseum that means apparently he did not leave any thing to any one, Dimple and his daughters even. He is one helluva personality, if Akshay and his other son-in-law are men with God in their hearts they should please find a way to compensante this woman with some thing, I read some where that the law in India says if a woman co habits with a man for as long as 5 years she is entitled to some of his possesions.

Please for those of you here calling this woman a witch please don't be so judgemental. At least she deserves our sympathy.

we cant say that dimple kapadia is greedy...as she could have divorce mr khanna and take a large sum from alimony.........and concerning khanna's property only her two daughters have right on it.....and this lady(advani) should know that she was not married legally with him.....she was living for him and she must have at the same time enjoyzzz loadd of money of rajesh khanna.....


Don't the daughters deserve the fathers property? It is their legal birthright!

All those supporting this greedy fame hog who demands payment for her time and support to the man and can't wait for the dead man's ashes to cool I hope your fathers humiliate you too in public and tons of women from brothels line up outside your homes and demand a room in your house because your father shared a room with each one of them!

These girls don't have a bully brother to kick her out thank god they have someone like Akshay for support! Feel sorry for the daughters being humiliated post suffering the loss of a parent. Their parents were separated RK was still their father he remains so even in death! May god give them strength to bear the loss and public shame and embarrassment

hey gold digger Anita Advani stop eying Ashirwad
it was RK who already set you up with a boutique
you already got your fair share !!!

yes of course anita has the right. Where was dimple after seperation enjoying her life. It was that anita
who at that lonliness offered support shared everything with rk. A true sacrifice may be what reason it was. Yes she has the right when she was with rk where were all
dimple akshay twinkle not to throw out anita know at funeral its famaly matter ???..... very shame

'Rajesh Khanna's property is worth 200 crores as per reports.'

Damn! that's enough to stir up major drama. Even Akshay's earnings pale in comparison.
Lol, The museum idea was all hogwash,i'm sure, just to buy time while they get lawyer-ed up .
Rajesh Khanna will have the last laugh from beyond the grave watching people squabble over his money.

Sat, 2012-07-21 08:19 — Anonymous
living as common wife, she has ever right. You cant brush her under the carpet. Shame on the family doing so.
Sat, 2012-07-21 11:07 — Anonymous
She was living with him for 10 years in that house, she has some rights too. She may have spent more time with him than the other namesake estranged family members who are all eying his property.


i agree with you both people can t bash her just because she was n t her wife but she was living with him for the
last 10 years so obviously she has got the right to say all these things

dimple return to rajesh only after she realised that he was sick, dimple is the greeddy one, they should give anita something because she was there for rajesh,. dimple should be booted out.

Rajesh Khanna handed out one last round of another entertaining show, as he moved on to another world. RIP.

Maybe it was deliberate, and he didn't really care for anyone deeply enough to write a proper will.
If there's no will, everyone is entitled to stake a claim for their piece of his property, including his live in partner if she has indeed spent the last 10 years with him.
Dimple and her kids deserve their share too, after all she spent 10 years of her life taking care of his home and raising 2 kids with him.
The only one who comes across as nasty in all this is Akshay - for trying to make such a big show/tamasha of his death/funeral (maybe Rajesh wanted it?)..and the worst was (if true), pushing this lady (Anita Advani) out of the funeral rites. Where was the family for the last 10 yrs, when Rajesh was living with this woman?
Really classy of you Akshay to show your manliness in this manner.

Pinkvilla publish this!

For all those people who pity this woman, she has also accused Rajesh Khanna of domestic violence in the same notice.

She was living with him for 10 years in that house, she has some rights too. She may have spent more time with him than the other namesake estranged family members who are all eying his property.

This woman is surely a witch but look at kaka's own family.he spent his whole life in lonliness making him addicted to alcohol such that his lever got damaged badly.when they came to know abt his fatal illness,they came not to rescue him but with insecurity of loosing his rich legacy.shame on akshay,twinkle n whole family for letting their own lovedone alone to some stranger for 8 years and now doing his last rituals.may his sole rest in peace!! Love you kaka ji


^True that!

This is ridiculous! Well clearly she was in just for money. I don't think any law allows her to own property. All publicity act gosh!

This is so greedy, shameless woman, he wasn't even death and she sent already a notice ... don't give her anything

living as common wife, she has ever right. You cant brush her under the carpet. Shame on the family doing so.

Rajesh Khanna's property is worth 200 crores as per reports.
It is obvious there will be a huge clamor to get a share of his pie.
Dimple is a shrewd woman she never divorced him, even though
he cheated on her with several women. She
chose to be seperated but never divorced him
as he was not providing adequate financial
support for their daughters.
He asked her to give divorce several times to be able to marry Tina Munim who was having a torrid affair with him in the 80s. They also lived-in for five years. But Dimple was firm - no financial support, no divorce.
Rajesh could never re-marry because of this albatross around his neck.

Ultimately Dimple is the real winner among all his women.
Though she was also the most wronged as she bore his
legitimate children. She has all the rights to his 200 crores property now as they did not divorce.
She looking after him in his last days is gracious but could also be to ensure that he does not give away his property to other lovers in his colorful past.

greedy old hag!!!!!! she says she was his friend ( "good friend" i mean) and now,she is upto this!

Anita has lived with Rajesh Khanna in the latest years, it's sad she was alienated from the funeral rites. As for the property Rajesh has 2 heirs, his daughters. Everything should pass to them and they're entitled to do what they want with it.

The woman is disgusting! Showing her true colours only days after his death! Give her nothing! Greedy mistress.

already these kind of reports....its so sad to hear about such things.

Rajesh and Dimple were husband and wife
His property belongs to his wife and daughters Twinkle and Rinkie and their family

Why is she raising this issue now when the man is no more?Where was she for so many years?All for publicity but what will she do with all this publicity now???

live-in partner, gimme a break, she is not legally married to Rajesh khanna. where does the question arise of this other woman claiming share from his property. How bad these celebrities are? Can go to any extent for two minutes of fame and money. So cheap and disgusting....at least from whatever little knowledge that i have, only wife will acquire all the property....

his wife can this shut this lady up, wife over any mistress or girlfriend anyday, they have full legal rights.

Good Lord! How many women did RK have with him during his last years! He has put Charlie Sheen to Shame!!

I don't understand why a woman just because she's not a man's wife should have no right?! She spent several years with him in his house as his companion and possibly looked after him too. A live in partner has the same rights as a wife. The wife was an absentee here. Her wanting a share of the property in not necessarily wrong. Maybe Rajesh Khanna promised to look after her, who konws? Even if he didn't maybe she has nowhere to go. Even if she does have somewhere to go, I see no reason why she should not have a right in the property. People should really think twice before slinging mud on someone they don't know.

Just give the woman what she was suppose to get and let her go live her life. For sleeping with him, I think she deserves something too.

It is actually a matter of concern for her if they were cohabiting. But that's a part of life, the estranged wife trumps girlfriend any day.

ri, 2012-07-20 12:26 — Anonymous

Geezzz how many women where living in that house ??????heard anju was with him when he took his last breath.

haha stupid anita doesn't know that only legal wife is the one who WILL get the property.btch showing her true colors

mistress can't replace wife's rights. hope rajesh had written some will. if he doesn't allot anything to fking anita.. she won't get a dime.

Actually according to Indian Law, if they have been in a live-in relationship for more than 5years, they are entitled to same rights as a wife

Please let the man's soul rest in peace, tacky woman!!!

how dare she?
the man just died.....

How many live in relation ships did he had? he made a mess of many people's lives...

Anita has been living with Rajesh Khanna in that house for the last 10 years. She deserves her rightful share, but it was upto Rajesh Khanna to see to it that she got her share. I guess he conveniently neglected to do his duty. Yet another reason why women should be careful whom they put their trust into, especially when the man is still legally married to someone else.

Apparently Akshay Kumar pushed her out of the funeral procession, saying it was for 'family only'.

sorry... dimple has not lived with R.khanna, for about 25 years. public show, for property.

they all abandonded him when he was hale and hearty. They hovered around him when he fell ill competing to take care of him. This is what a 100 crore property does to a man. SAD.


Sorry but this Adwani has of course made all the wrong calculations. Had read out different sources which states all together that Dimple and Rajesh never got divorced but separated. Which means that Adwani,at the eyes of the law couldn't ask about her share,but only Rajesh's wife and family can inherit his property.

She should have known this at the time she started "dating" and then "living in" with him.

I really hope that this thing will be sorted it out asap. Vultures like her are common in most families w/ this kind of background situations.

did he not have a will?
in any case i dont think dimple will resort to the indignity of fighting her the property and engaging in catfights with these women. after all, twinkle and her hubby can buy her 10 such houses with akshays one movie salary.
ps. btw those of you saying the mistress has no rights - i don't know about india but in many other countries if you have lived with a woman regularly for a certain amount of time, she may be a "common law wife" and be entitled to some benefits

Her dress is suuuuuppperrrrrrrrr tight. Can she breathe.

Lesson to be learnt by Dharam paa ji, Amitabh Bachchan, Aditya Chopra, etc etc.... to have a detailed will, so that Dharamendra doesn't need Hema and his first wife fighting, Amitabh doesn't have Rekha and Jaya arguing or Aditya Chopra have his first wife and Rani fighting over property after them.

gold digger. meowwww.

Great!!!!! the low life creatures and parasites has already started crawling out of the manure!!!!!! it has not even been 48 hours since the gentleman has left this world. Shame on the woman.

Is it just me or does she resemble Tina Munim, now Tina Ambani A LOT?!

was this women like a mistress

i thought he dumped this women for dimple? ...... so he was still going out with this women?

They never got back together as the perfect husband and wife ! This museum news is spread by the family itself ! And it has been done to just avoid the media scrutiny ! I am damn sure they will fight for this house in the future !

A bungalow that too in Bandra !!!! A museum??? And the family thinks we are fools !! We very well know why the estranged Dimple came to do all that ''seva'' only when his health started deteriorating !! And now the gf is also in the picture !! RIP Rajesh Khanna !!

Wait......didnt Akshay Kumar buy Ashirwaad to help Rajesh Khanna clear out his debt.

What? I thought Dimple and Rajesh got back together? May be i missed something... this is strange news...

Rajesh Khanna knew he ill was several years, he should have written a detailed will sorting out his property among his loved ones, so that the family and his lovers/ ex-wives don't have to resort to this indignity.

Geezzz how many women where living in that house ??????heard anju was with him when he took his last breath.

haha stupid anita doesn't know that only legal wife is the one who WILL get the property.btch showing her true colors

mistress can't replace wife's rights. hope rajesh had written some will. if he doesn't allot anything to fking anita.. she won't get a dime.


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