Rani on the Cover of OK! India

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Rani Mukerji who is all set to scorch the silver screens soon with her movie Aiyya, graces the Cover of OK! India this month.

Talkign about her marriage, "My marriage has been written about so much, it has become a joke," claims Rani.

She is looking gorgeous, isn't she?


I think she is looking quite good here...she was never a poser, a model....so I don't expect much from her on a magazine cover...she is a talented actresses a performer.

yeehhaaaa I am so excited that ill get to see my fav actress show these young ones what it means to be commercial and still act deep!

....And Rani's back! Looking forward to Aiyya!

I love Rani but nothing's working for me here. Not the dress, not the hair. This is what they picked out of so much that they can do with her?

Nice, but would have liked the straps of the bodice to be a bit lower and the cups a bit smaller. Would have looked much better.

The top part of the dress looks weird.

looking good!

Ya!! She is looking gorgeous

Rani looks radiant want to see more of her.


Beautiful Rani :)

WOW!!! She looks amazing! Rani is irreplaceable!

You welcome PizzaPasta!

Out of the World .. Love U RANI didi

Chehra hai yaa Chand khila hai,..... Rani THE REAL Queen of Indian Cinema Worldwide :)

@MakeupCritic and @Gohar many thanks for the link:-)Lovely shoot and wish some other photo would've been selected for the cover. Rani looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous in each of these pics.Shame Pinkvilla doesn't allow scans:-(

She is one of the most beautiful woman I've ever ever seen. Oh and I LOVE this dress, very cute, very stylish. I love all the photos, her eyes are so dreamy, love the hazel green color.

Her face looks Gorgeous and she has got that spark on her face
P.S. hideous dress

Beautiful face.

Beautiful face.

lovely babe...super hot

The dress is so gaudy,like a 80s prom queen dress,also she looks ashen here!BTW Rani's smile is gorgeous and heartfelt and her eyes are just twinkling & unpretentiously lovely. Overall her pretty face and nice background makes up for the dress. @MakeupCritic can u plz post the other pics,am dying to see Rani again:-)

This is nothing, you need to see the other photos, they are AMAZING.

That dress is hideous, her smile is the only saving grace for this cover!

Breathtaking :D

Woow absolutely gorgeous

Hate the dress, love the lady.


love u.....

is she sitting or standing? kinda awkward body pose

epitome of grace

Rani-----------------you are rocking this cover.


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