Is rekha married whats with the sindoor?

Rekha seen @ Bharat Shah's son's wedding

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Nothing new about it..she did it earlier too..
Let me share funny one,Aishwarya went to a film premiere direct from devdas shoot( she was still going on with salman),and Kiron Kher bumped to her at the premiere and asked yeh Kya...shaadi ho gayi..the thing was she forgot to remove her sindhoor

Rekha is a mysterious kinda lady?

app donoh ki jody bhut achi lag rahi hai!!! xxx

app donoh ki jody bhut achi lag rahi hai!!! xxx

she loves to be in the limelight and what better way than sindoor

Is Rehka married?

I think she has made Amitabh her husband in her imagination and she wears sindoor in his name. LOL! She thinks she is married to him. The only other option is that she is married to the lady that looks like a man that is always with her. I don't know her name.

i don't think she's married farzana. but i bet jaya wishes she has.

noway, lesbian! r u serious?

Ekta Kapoor also wears sindhoor, but she isn't married either. So no idea why your making a big deal about it.

OMG!!!! i think she finally married farzana (on her left).....lesbian??

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