Riddhima Kapoor's Shaadi seen and unseen pictures

Her Sangeet and wedding
funny how kareena and karishma didn't go

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Credits: http://images.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=http://www.weddingsutra.com/community/images/rid11.jpg&img

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Seems like a long time ago. SRK and Gauri look very young

riddhima resembles kareena ..but riddhima is more demure..love them both. It happens in many families , not being invited to your relatives weddings simply cos u dont get along. It has happened wid me n i did the same.

It can mainly be due to jealousy n insecurities n also hurtful comments.We can only guess.

atleast kareena got to act...riddhima is not even aloud to. that sucks. she will regret it later she didnt eve ntry one movie for fun. no one gets an opportuinty like that in lifetime like she has...granddaughter and daughter of the greatest showmen in hindi films. see om shanti om...srk had to be reborn to get that opportunity.

who cares if babita is evil. let her be evil and older now. everyone has bad and good sides.

but neetu singh didnt invite kareena...that is mean too..all are mean and immature to eachother. first the bigger adults neetu and babita need to grow up!

karisma n kareena suck to the core

karisma didnt bother inviting neetu singh and her children... neetu still invited both karishma and her husband

Thats what they get, i didnt see Neetu singh going to karisma wedding why should they go

so what if they didnt go...do u go to all your cousins weddings?

I love this girl she is super duper nice...

i love the first pic, i wish brides in india could start wearing that to their main wedding....not that revealing.i just dont like the cultural pressure to wear all teh jewelries to the main wedding. besides,white dress originates from easter countires not europe as believed everyone....
wedding is an amazing ritual...i wished they could all reconcile their differences....easier said than done

thanks for taking time out and explaining

Riddhima is one gorgeous lady, all the best to her and her husband

OMG...Look at Neelam...she looks STUNNING!

You Guyz Are SICK.. LOL

That's right..babita is evil

they used to get along when they were kids but babita ruined evrything her gals do wht she says

Yes she's the best in the kapoor girls.kareena and karisma are jealous because they with bad guys and babita is the worst she behaved badly with the family and had affairs wirh men and took her daughrters and went away.riddhima has a lot of grace well upbrining and she's the brand ambassador of a skin care brand

i am totally clueless here :(
riddhima is ranbir's sis and karishma/kareena's cousin, right??
so y were they (karismha and co) not present?? i thought that the family gets along really well, any explanations for the ignorant one here :)

celina if u dont know facts u mustnt commment!

karreeeena and babita were given a card as i read.. f u dont know much how can u comment looser celina

HaHa Very Funny..Actually Kareena And Babita Wasn,t Invited..Only Karisma And Her Hubby Was Invited But They Refused To Go..Gosh Some People Has No Idea..HUH

Those two sisters are sick even though riddhimas father went to invite them personally but they are arrogant women

OMG how gorgeous does dimple looks!!
ahaha bachchan calls kapoor his family but these ppl were not even invited... good for the kapoors. seems like it was one hell of a stylish wedding.

yeah, bebo and lolo didnt go but the bachchans r there???? when was this?

Good job!!

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