Sach Ka Samna - Bollywood ishtyle.

Sach Ka Samna for those who dont know is based on the American show 'Moment of Truth' and its also running across 34 countries in different languages. Pretty much participants are asked various questions Via a polygraph test 24 days prior to the actual show and then during the show they, the participants, are asked the questions concerning their private lives and the participants have to answer them truthfully. If they dont -- they're out of the game. Sounds simple but is ever so complicated cuz sometimes the questions get way too personal!

So it got me to thinking -- What if all these famous actors/actresses go thru such a game (Which ofc they never would cuz of all their dirty laundry but just for jokes I made this topic on da kinda questions we kud get a interesting reply to) :

Shiney Ahuja
So did you, or didn't you?

Mallika Sherawat
Is that really your butt in Hissss?

Rakhi Sawant
Is Rakhi Ka Swayamwar a big joke?

Sonam Kapoor
Do you in private refer to Aishwarya as aunty?

Sonam Kapoor
Do you secretly wish Ranbir was with you & not Deepika?

Ranbir Kapoor
Would you pick fame over Deepika?

Deepika Padukone
Is there a cold war on between you and Sonam?

Deepika Padukone
Are you more in love with Ranbirs legendary family last name?

Kangana Ranaut
Would you ever be able to get over Adhyayan Suman?

Adhyayan Suman
Were you jealous of Kangana's popularity?

Madhur Bhandarkar
Is your Jail inspired from a Brazilian flick?

Katrina Kaif
Is salman just a ladder of success to you?

John Abraham
Were there sparks between you and Katrina on the sets of New York?

Bipasha Basu
Did that kiss with Ronaldo mean anything to you?

Salman khan
Do you still wish you were with Aishwarya?

Aishwarya Rai
Did you marry abhishake because of the bachchan last name?

Aishwarya Rai
Did Salman actually physically abuse you?

vivek oberoi
Did Salman actually call you and threatened you with 41 calls? lol

Amitabh Bachchan
Do you still have a soft spot for Rekha?

Are you a lesbian?

Shahid Kapur
Did Kareena chear on you?

Amrita Singh
Was Saif's cheating the result of your divorce?

Kareena Kapoor
Are you with Saif because he spends countless amounts of money on you?

Did you actually have an affair with Rani?

Rani Mukherji
Did you and Abhishake have an actually affair?

Abhishake Bachchan
Do you think Aishwarya is too good for you?

Karishma Kapur
Did the engagement with Abhishake broke up cuz of a mothers fued?


lol these are just some of the questions i made up as well as some that were found online ... But man o man wouldnt that bring the TRPz of Sacha Ka Samna highest to have ever been recorded! .... haha & i think all these ppl will FAIL! ...miserably ...

But this topic is more of a funnnn topic and not for the uptight...its suppose to be a light hearted topic

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When to start its next season dying to see his host rajiv and show

Sach Ka Samna- Did you even proofread this article before submitting? Because there is too many grammatical mistakes and spelling errors?
(who is abhiSHAKE?)

q to priyanka-is 'breaking home' your favoureite past-time?
q to stupid 'star'wives-do you have any identity without your husbands??

Q to hrithik and srk-Can you guys sleep alone during nights???

@My question for Aishwarya - "Do you really love Abhishek or was it for money?" and "Do you feel something for Hrithik?"



My question for Aishwarya - "Do you really love Abhishek or was it for money?" and "Do you feel something for Hrithik?"

PLZ Leave SRK alone don,t say any thing abut him...
his the best no one will be like him his the KING...

SRK: is PC just a "good friend" or....?
PC: is SRK just a "good friend" or....?

haha ! good questions !
i would ask only ONE question to Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla: what happend 5th April 1993 ?? who pushed Divya Bharti down ?? you ? Sajid ? ur husband ?

kareena where do u get those green eyes from :P

Hrithik&Ash do you feel something for each other and wonder what it may be like?

@ Mon, 2010-10-25 16:35 — Anonymous

Question to shah rukh khan how do you feel for kajol good friend or something diff?

This question must be reframed to SRK as ........HOW DO U FEEL FOR KARAN JOHAR, A GOOD FRIEND OR SOMETHING DIFF?? ;-) lolol

sallu - will u eva get over Ash?

i think we all know the answers to these.

q to hrithik: Can you kill dabaang sequeal with one of your fascinating movies?

q to srk: when was the last time you spoke to a fan without cameras?

q to amir: are you really humble as you claim to be or sly and jealous of srk's success?

q to ajay: do you still hate srk for being an overated actor?

q to aishwarya: would you really have married abhi if he was not junior big B?

q to john: are you actually going to act next time?

q to abhi: are you hoping to have a less flop record than salman?

q to salman: are you ever going to get married in this life?


live karishma alone....shes 2 innocent

bebo and shahid are over each other..there love just dispeared in thin air...his a lil yunga so he fall 4 her mre then she did,,,it always works that way like abhie n ash

Question to shah rukh khan how do you feel for kajol good friend or something diff?

A man shud spend money on his girl or else man's expect it...kareena and saif..p.s. she buys him lots so does he so there feeling mutual Congrats to them they are hot bod in btown!

Gud bless Legend and King Shahrukh Khan. I love you king Khan.

I love King Shahrukh Khan bec he works hard and also is a natural talen. He is the only King and the best actor of bollywood, no one is as good as king Shahrukh Khan in bollywood.People have a lots of respect for him. Gud bless you and yuor family. I wish you all success in your life and love you our king.

LOL.. good post.!!

I think Kareena is with Saif because their personalities match. She's a diva, and he's a nawabi-gentleman type who lavishes upon her. It's not a money thing, because if it was just money, she could've married some producer or rich businessman. Everyone knows actors or former princes are not exactly the richest people, unless maybe they are filty rich like SRK or Akshay.

As for why Ash married Abhi, I think it had a lot to do with the respectability of the Bachchan name, and she probably liked Abhishek, and everyone has to marry someone, so I think it's also a practical decision for her, and it is working out. She has got what seems to be an accepting family for herself.

I think Rekha is obviously not a lesbian since she apparently loves Amitabh Bachchan. Maybe she is bisexual, but really that is none of our business. She's an extremely graceful woman and I think has the respect of her peers and even her juniors, so who cares.

this is stpid..Kareena is clean hearted she is the mos paid and popluar actress in Bollywood including her generation name Kapoor? why would she bve with saif because of his money?lol

Salman - When will U finally be over Ash? You keep mentioning her name on your TV show. Wish you had matured earlier and straightened your act. You could both have had beautifull babies.

My question for Priyanka Chopra- Did you really have a nose and lip surgery? I am preitty sure she will deny it. lol
Also another question for PC- did you have an affair with Akshay and did you cheat on Herman bewaja?
Kareena kapoor- How can you look so cute being over 20? lol love kareena. she is cute, beautiful, sexy, and has the greatest body in bollywood.

My Q to Salman Khan: Why did you physically abuse and beat up Aishwarya Rai Bachchan?

love it most.

lol sum gud questions


love it

Good fun reading ur post unthinkable...

they would never turn up at a game show like this one.

Well said :> and yeah I know! Kudos to them for making it this far and surviving through all the gossip mongers. It sure isn't easy I must say. I actually thought at one point that they might not last for very long but I've changed my mind now! LOL

i kno!...i think their relationship survived alot of rumor mills!...From both ends!...We heard he cheated and she cheated and to be under a microscope i think u really have to be secure of your relationship to not believe anything and i can imagine shit getting into ppls heads about da other cuz of what media rights but they've been real strong thru it all!

LOL I guess that's media for you! :> I felt sorry for John the most all that time!

lol i agree dreamy!....I think she was just kissing him on the cheek but it got so blown up!...When that whole controversy was going on I really didn't know what was da big deal...cuz it damn sure looked like it was only a kiss on da cheek as he has a gf/wife? and bips was taken as well!...Anyways! ...gave the media something to munch on!...poor john! lol

Hahahahaha awesome post as well as awesome questions, unthinkable!!! :> The Aishwarya, Rekha & Sonam ones are the most juiciest LOL. Oh and I just HAVE to know about the Shiney thing! I think the whole Bipasha thing was false though and they didn't actually kiss, as unbelievable as it may seem. I think media and camera angles played a major part in that episode LOL.

That is an awesome set of questions!!
Aishwarya: Did you ever really love salman or use him for success?

loool good questionsss :P

very good post =)

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