Salman Khan & family move out of Galaxy Apartments

Galaxy Apartment in Bandstand, Bandra, which has been occupied by the Khan family for more than four decades is now lying vacant. Apparently, this abode of Salman Khan & his family is up for renovation and the family has thus shifted out for six months. It seems that this is the first time in 40 years that the apartment is lying vacant.

Even then, Salman says he will continue living in this childhood home of his only for another year after which he will shift to a home that he is in the process of constructing. He says that as much as he loves this home of his, it is getting a little cramped with little place left to fit all his stuff in.

Well, wonder how the mama's boy will cope living on his own? Or can we hope that he is going to share the home with someone special this time?

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Salman u and your family is bestest family in the world. I love your family.

most lovely family in the world

Just type 'man with the golden heart' on google and u will see everything related to salman

Ya ofcourse, thats true

Thu, 2013-04-04 18:33 — Anonymous

Interesting Painting Behind!!


Painting was done by the man himself.


Ooo Salman! If you are moving to a place of your own, you will definitely need a wife to look after you. I am available :)

Salman said in an interview that when they moved to bandra he was a teenager and went always back to his old place because of his friends. And to the anon below, he lives in a one bed room apartment. He bought a big building a few block with sea view and the work is in progress. He said he will miss not living with his parents in the same building but they don't want to move out.

40 years? WOW!

in Galaxy he lived iwth all his girlfriends, and it is really on bedroom apartment,

her parents live in first floor with Arpita and Sohail just moved to his own place one year ago,

so he is most humble person in whole country

No surprise. He's had a spate of 100 crore home productions, the family is rolling in fresh money.
Renovation time!

Interesting Painting Behind!!

Wait they all live together? I mean, Arbaaz, Sohail and their family?

amazing family they are...

Seen this before. It was posted on PV.

The paintings are good.

CRap, he has his own space and it's not small by any means.Remember seeing photos in a interior desgin magazine, if I can rem it's more than 3000 sq.ft.

THE INETERVIEW OF HIS continue living in this childhood home another year was last year

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