Salman Khan sponsors Daisy Shah's new looks?

We all know that our Being Human star Salman Khan is one generous lad. Apart from his social work and Being Human initiatives, he is seen showering expensive gifts and assets to his dear and near ones. Apart from the material gifts, Khan has been a God father for many a struggling artist in the Bollywood industry.

Here is one news that beats it all. Apparently, Salman Khan's 'Mental' co-star Daisy Shah went under the knife for some cosmetic surgery at the Shivaji Park hospital and drew up a hefty bill of Rs 1.5 Lakhs. Buzz is that Salman Khan did not hesitate to pay up for his leading lady.

It was a 'beautiful' gesture by Salman, don't you think? As for Daisy accentuated looks, guess we need to wait and watch!

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In jaiho her face looked artificial for some reason... Can anyone back me up over here?

Yes. This guy is so bipolar. On one side he loves children and so generous, on the other side he mows down some innocent homeless people. How many people live in Salman's head?

If you are a chick he wants to bang, you will have the world at your feet.

@voicesWriter, Pray why do you have to drag Ash's name into everything? She has moved on and he doesn't give a damn CARE abt her

That's stupid. If you can't afford it, why go under the knife...!!

Not just the face, I hope she has a talent of Rani Mukerji too. Which I doubt with all these wanna bes

Damn she looks like Rani Mukerji. Pretty girl, but had to go under knife what a shame!

Katrina also done liposaction, nose job and lips job, also some cheek implant, she is totally diferent right now form the Boom days, and it is not only weight loss it was that she corrected her stomach before Sheila

people in India are so warped. they love this guy who can't act for peanuts, has mowed down homeless people due to rash and negligent people, murdered an endangered black buck and runs a shady NGO whose accounts we'd like to check. please arms him to jail already.

did he do sam for Katrina too?

She can't afford 1.5 lakhs ?? That's so strange! So that's where the Being Human donations are going, beautifying his heroines??

Daisy Shah looks like Rani Mukherji in this snap!

She looks like Rani BTW, I'm surprised he didn't pay for her to look like Aish.


Daisy looks pretty after the surgery


maybe that is old info
he inspires people to loose weight, that why i do not believe he ask zarine in 2008 to put on weight, that was just info to legitimate veer girl weight in a movie, who else but he knows weight looks not nice on a screen

They make it seem like he's gifting her. All his gifts to these girls come with favors so it's like whatever man

she got lipo apparantly..she didnt look like she needed it!

they hv even given d name of d hospital...:o wonder hw such a detail got leaked...but 1.5 lakh isnt a hefty amount for salman.....

love you salmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

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