Shah Rukh Khan to play a Gujrati Don for Farhan Akhtar

Can you picture Shah Rukh Khan as a Gujrati don? That is what he will be playing in Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani's next, to be directed by Rahul Dholakia.

As per PTI, Ritesh confirmed the news saying, "SRK is doing the film. We are not sure when it will go on floors exactly but it will be next year. Shah Rukh is excited about the film but we need to work out the schedule as he has prior commitments."

Shah Rukh had last worked with Farhan and Ritesh in Don 2. When asked if there will be another sequel in the Don franchise, Ritesh said, "With a franchise like 'Don' and the character, its important to get excited by the script. Neither Shah Rukh, nor Farhan or me wants to get into making a film because there is excitement about it. We also want to be happy with the script if that happens then I would love to do it."

Well, lots of exciting times ahead for SRK fans, seems like!

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Credits: PTI

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Shahrukh khan Pls chang ...this movie Name..

shahrokh khan and prianka are the best choice .

srk and pc pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
they are soooo hot.

bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please bipasha basu with him please

Is this priyanka typing all this, begging to be cast against SRK? Relax woman, haven't you done enough to wreck a marriage?

wowwwwwww so waiting for this movieeeeeeee count down starts.. thanks for this lovely news and update

please cast vidhya balan or ash , rani with him ,, no for priyanka please

if farhan ritesh decide to make this movie plzz we suggest u to cast shahrukh along with priyanka everyone is waiting to see them onscreen since don 2

priyanka n sharukh share a sizzling chemistry together on screen wow waiting for then to appear in that movie

priyanka n srk would be ideal choice for the movie

plzz cast priyanka she is the best actress n shall suit that role at best

priyanka rocks she will be apt perfectly for that role do cast her plzz ritesh farhan

i want them to cast pc cuz she shares a great chemistry with srk ...miss that jodi :(

hope Don3 will be with a new actress !
dont like srk and pc's on screen chemistry !

cast kajol , vidya , asin but No pc with him

Remain one thing no other actress compare with priyanka chopra

please dont canst pc
we want a new actress with srk not priyanka !

cast bipasha m dying to see them together

I hope he's paired with either Vidya, Rani or Anushka

Hope he doesn't do the same overacting he did in Don and embarrass himself... Wow, surprised so many people like him with PC! But I think, if they were to do a film together (assuming his wife has no problems), they'd keep it for Don 3.

Pls srk bipasha or srk Vidya or srk sonakshi(hehehehe)

if srk n pc make a comeback now they will create magic than their previous films coz thres a link up now(which is actually a rumour).. I hope don3 happens.

Cast Vidya with him please! I've been waiting for so long to see them together.

I love him with pc. People should sto commenting personal about them! Find it shocking how many actually believe they were together. I mean mind your business and leave them. One is happily married with three kids and one is too busy to even stay in one city for two days! Just stop it.

any new film of srk i'm excited about. i just want him to do more films!!!!

Darling , stop dreaming !!! DON3 is not happening with PC.... the DON series CAN go on without PC too... if she thinks she has a chance in DON3 she is JUST dreaming........

SRK may not have shown his emotions when priyanka dragged his wife through gutter... but will he cast her opposite him , again? .....ofcourse, NO.......this lady thinks she can mess up with a superstars wife and get away! really? he may not have confronted or said anything , but he will protect his wife and kids... he wont let anyone hurt his wife again.....

I think PC will be cast with him..and they have good chemistry:D

Me to I want him to do a movie with PC again, their chemistry is sizzling hot. I wish she accepted Farah's offer to do Happy New Year.

Yes...put him in a dhoti, bapu topi and smoking hand rolled bidis and walking around with a lakdi, patkoring everyone that doesn't call him gaon ka sarpanch.

please dont canst pc she is a troubble maker

thanks to the media and sick people I don't think we will see SRK and Priyanka working again beside Don3. no chance of seeing them in drama or hard core romantic movies....sad.

I agree with the anons, it would be nice to see Srk and Priyanka together again.

Hmmm. If this news is true, I hope the role would be completely different from the other "Don" movies.

yay!!!! can't wait!!!!!!

hopefully No priyanka
cast a new one with him

plz cast a new actress ...not pc again !

we want to see priyanka with srk in this movie plzz ritesh n farhan cast priyanka

OHHHH God.... Please spare us the agony!!

No chance I will ever watch the movie.... but the trailers will be enough to slowly kill me!


awesome love this news plzz cast priyanka with srk as they make the best couple on screen n they havent done romantic roles briefly in both don n don 2 repectively

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