Shah Rukh Khan: Some politicians have told me to leave India and return to what they call "my original homeland"

Shah Rukh Khan is featured on the cover of Outlook Turning Points The Global Agenda 2013 magazine in association with The New York Times newspaper. Inside the issue, SRK (India's global superstar and unofficial brand ambassador) has written a bare it all essay about what it means to be a Muslim in India and rest of the world titled:

"Being a Khan: What it means to be a Muslim in the post-9/11 world. And what India means for the world as a Muslim power."

Here is a glimpse of SRK's essay for the magazine:

"I sometimes become the inadvertent object of political leaders who choose to make me a symbol of all that they think is wrong and unpatriotic about Muslims in India. There have been occasions when I have been accused of bearing allegiance to our neighbouring nation rather than my own country - this even though I am an Indian, whose father fought for the freedom of India. Rallies have been held where leaders have exhorted me to leave and return to what they refer to as my original homeland.

I gave my son and daughter names that could pass for generic (pan-India and pan-religious) ones - Aryan and Suhana. The Khan has been bequeathed by me so they can't really escape it. I pronounce it with my epiglottis when asked by Muslims and throw the Aryan as evidence of their race when non-Muslims enquire. I imagine this will prevent my offspring from receiving unwarranted eviction orders or random fatwas in the future.

I became so sick of being mistaken for some crazed terrorist who co-incidentally carries the same name as mine that I made a film subtly titled My Name Is Khan (and I am not a terrorist) to prove a point. Ironically, I was interrogated at the airport for hours about my last name when I was going to promote the film in America for the first time."


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It's also unfortunate that the system keeps big stars on its radar to create a fix situation for them.

Good to see him speaking up against vile discriminations to Muslims in India. More power to him. His words send a strong message on the political hate propaganda targeting Muslims in India. When a highly successful globally honored and celebrated Indian Muslim does not feel safe in his country and is not free to speak his mind and practise his religious faith, no Muslim in India is.

I would like to see Srk speak up against his alleged affair rumor too, instead of supporting it with friendship claims. Because it is the one negative factor that taints him as an unscrupulous man.
His integrity, moral ethics and honesty to his work are tarnished, it ruined his spotless reputation in bw. He is not given the unanimous respect he deserves for being an examplary gentleman only because of his alleged affair at work.

The real face of India's secularism has been disclosed .A country that wrongly claims to be the biggest democracy has actually become a din of fanatics and bigots.There have been numerous examples of such discrimination meted out to renowned Muslims weather its shabana Azmi,Adnan Sami or Shahrukh,the bigotry has made people insane,inhuman and sava GANDHI JEE WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY SAD TO SEE,THAT HIS BHARAT MATA IS NO MORE A PLACE FOR ALL.

it is injustice to treat all the muslims as terrorist, now the real face of hinduism should be observed, hindu terrorists are more dangerous than taliban as there is no one to ask them and they are supported by their politician, what sharukh says this is truth.

I'm glad he's speaking about this issue. Despite him being such a big star, he has faced some form of discrimination, even from Indian politicians. It's a shame.

Omg this is so sad..srk we all fans r with u nd we love u..dnt wry..let them bark !

idiots are everywere in the world, they are ignorant so let them talk

Well, if SRK faces Islamophobia, you can only imagine what ordinary Muslims, and especially low-income Muslims must be facing. Good for him for talking about this, but I hope his article talks about the experiences of regular Muslims too, which is more important.

@ Kitty,

You might be able to get a copy here.

Nice! Is this only available in the Indian version of NYT?

Srk! please dont pay attention to these looser politicians! They'll stoop to disgusting levels to be in the news. I for one, am SO proud for all you have done for Indian cinema and India! and i'm sure there are millions of other Indians who feel the same. With a country as big as ours, there are bound to be groups with regressive thinking. Weigh that against all the love you get from your fans, and it'll start to seem less and less important. Keep charming, sir!

my friend once told me that srk is a bigger star overseas because of the muslim prejudice in india...and i agree

This is actually really sad.

politicians there can be so uncultured! dont be fazed srk noone takes them seriously

Ignoring the fakeness and paranoid people of the world to humilate Muslims in traveling which become habit I guess. What sadden me is title of the article here... It's the most hurtful statement that anyone can receive regarding his own love for his or her country. I fail to understand why SRK has being facing such mean remarks and evern threat by politions! Even in the net in twitter some random people accuse him of such things! Frankly, SRk is the reason why I want to go to India and experience it...he has never talked ill about it...always respectful always reasonable. Just because he has his own intelligent points of of views ( peaceful views actually) and want to address them from time to time!!! It's's really sad.

aww shahrukh :(
hold your head up high!
ur one of the greatest stars to have EVER been in the film industry.
you should be a source of pride to indians.
if some look down at you, shame on them!

Don't listen to these so called politicians. Its their job to poke someone and gain publicity.

i feel so badd 4 himm...dese politicians r disgustin..use himn 4 deir benefit..:(

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