Shah Rukh, Sonam named worst actors at Bollywood's Kela Awards

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With some 735697 votes Bollywoods Kela awards announced their winners! I found some winners quite lame SRK, winning both best actor and worst actor. Worst film went to MNIK, director went to SLB .

Dont know if I should be saying congrats to the winners or not :D

WINNER: Worst Actor - Male - Shahrukh Khan - My Name Is Khan
Imraan Khan - I Hate Luv Storys, Break Ke Baad
Neil Nitin Mukesh - Lafangey Parindey
John Abraham - Jhootha Hi Sahi
Hrithik Roshan - Guzaarish

WINNER: Worst Actor - Female - Sonam Kapoor - Aisha
Deepika Padukone - Housefull, Break Ke Baad
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - Raavan
Kareena Kapoor & Kajol - We Are Family
Priyanka Chopra - Anjaana Anjaani
Pakhi Tyrewala - Jhootha Hi Sahi

WINNER: Worst Supporting Actor - Male - Arjun Rampal - We Are Family, Housefull
Vir Das - Badmaash Company
Emraan Hashmi - Once Upon A Time In Mumbai
Aditya Roy Kapoor - Action Replayy, Guzaarish
Rannvijay - Action Replayy

WINNER: Worst Supporting Actor - Female - Kangana Ranaut - Kites, No Problem, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai
The Three Whatsisname Girls - Prince
Jiah Khan - Housefull

WINNER: Worst Film - My Name Is Khan
I Hate Luv Storys
Tees Maar Khan
Anjaana Anjaani
Action Replayy

WINNER: Worst Director - Sanjay Leela Bhansali - Guzaarish
Anil Sharma - Veer
Farah Khan - Tees Maar Khan
Ashutosh Gowariker - Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey
Abbas Tyrewala - Jhootha Hi Sahi
Rohit Shetty - Golmaal 3
Sajid Khan - Housefull
Vipul Shah - Action Replayy

WINNER: Worst Debutant - Male - Aditya Narayan - Shaapit
Chang - Badmaash Company
Manish - Prince
Ranveer Singh - Band Bajaa Baraat
Akshay Oberoi - Isi Life Mein

WINNER: Worst Debutant - Female - Pakhi Tyrewala - Jhootha Hi Sahi
Zarine Khan - Veer
Aruna Shields & Neeru Bajwa - Prince
Sandeepa Dhar - Isi Life Mein
Barbara Mori - Kites

WINNER: Most Original Story - Action Replayy
Teen Patti
We Are Family
Bumm Bumm Bole
Knock Out
Lafangey Parindey

WINNER: BAAWRA ho gaya hai kya (Have you gone crazy?) Award - Ben Kingsley - Teen Patti
The Whole Cast and Crew - My Name Is Khan
Mani Ratnam - Raavan
Yash Chopra - Pyaar Impossible, Badmaash Company, Lafangey Parindey, Band Bajaa Baraat
Ajay Devgan - Toonpur Ka Superhero
Abhay Deol - Aisha

WINNER: Most Atrocious Lyrics Award - Abbash Tyrewala - Cry Cry Kitna Cry (Jhoota Hi Sahi)
Anvita Dutt Guptan - Jingle Jingle (Badmaash Company)
Shirish Kunder - Tees Maar Khan (Tees Maar Khan)
Swanand Kirkire - Pagal Anukan (Robot)
Sanjay Leela Bhansali - 100 Gram Zindagi (Guzaarish)

WINNER: Most Irritating Song Of The Year Award - Pee Loon - Once Upon A Time In Mumbai
Aap Ka Kya Ho Ga (Dhanno) - Housefull
Tees Maar Khan - Tees Maar Khan
Lutt Gaya - Band Baaja Baraat
Zor Ka Jhatka - Action Replayy
Tere Naina - My Name Is Khan

WINNER: Worst Animated Film - Baru The Wonder Kid
Luv Kush
Ramayan - The Epic
Bal Hanuman 2
My Friend Ganesha 3
Toonpur Ka Superhero
Bird Idol

WINNER: When Did This Come Out Award - Ek Second...Jo Zindagi Badal De?
Dulha Mil Gaya
Milenge Milenge
Toh Baat Pakki
Jane Kahan Se Aayi Hai

WINNER: The Chimpoo Kapoor Award (The Chimpoo Kapoor Award for No-Talent Relatives of Celebrities) - Uday Chopra
Imraan Khan
Sonam Kapoor
Punit Malhotra
Aditya Narayan

WINNER: 3 Idiots Childbirth Award (3 Idiots Childbirth Award for Most Ridiculous Sequences in a Film) - The Whole movie Prince
The Second Half of My Name Is Khan
The Mosquito sequence from Robot
The Gorilla sequence from No Problem
The End sequence of Knock Out
The Whole movie Prince

Lajja Award for Worst Treatment of A Serious Issue - Dunno Y - Na Jaane Kyun
Bas Kijiye Bahut Ho Gaya Award - Ram Gopal Varma
Jajantram Mamantram Award for Worst Named Film - Lafangey Parindey
Special Award for The Worst Trilogy Ever in the History of Films - Golmaal Series
The Ajooba Award for Sheer Awesomeness - Dabangg
Black Award for Emotional Blackmail - Guzaarish
Sonu Nigam Award for Career Suicide - Sukhwinder Singh
Worst Casting Ever - Jackie Shroff As Shirdi Sai Baba


wat d hel....i am frm kerala... evn i saw my nam is khn...srK's acting ws superb
n d mvi ws also...................................................................
hu IZ givin dese rediculous awrds... srk ws best actor in filmfares..!!!!!!

Kareena,katrina,kajol,salman khan are worst actors and most overrated actors for all time..

whr is medam katrina??
she deserve more thn sonam!

LOL! SRK worst actor of the year? Yeah, this kela award is CRAP!!! SRK's performance was the best of 2010. Nice try guys and SONAM for Aisha? WOW! Worst film MNIK!??? HAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! THESE AWARDS ARE A BLOODY JOKE!!!

Kajol should get worst actress..srk is a good actor..kajol ruined the movie

re@Mon, 2011-03-14 09:00 — Anonymous
that was her character,she was supposed to be loud,you wouldn't except a hard roadie girl to be shy n quite,she was in character,like ajay was,you would excepted him to be all calm in the movie when he played a crazy guy

lol,kareena all the way,dude she didn't even win the awards,so what are you talking about,watch sonams movie you knw she deserved it,close second wud be aish in action replay
Now reading this again,they went by the b.o of these movies I think,by flops then the quality of the movie,notice majority of the winners were by flops,except MNIK,which I personally believe didn't deserve it,well atleast on SRK's part,he was the life of the movie,the rest of the movie sucked script,etc
SRK played his part well,not that good as I excepted n compared to others,but he still was good,n Hrithik in Guzaarish was amazing.I would have given it to Abhi for Raavan(can't believe he wasn't nominated) or Akki for Tees Maar Khan(thou I love him,he sucked it that movie)

OK this is the beggest bulls*** EVER. ESPECIALLY on the SRK part. I do NOT believe this. This is a lie. NOT authentic at all.

why are people being sore this is bw versions of the razzies hollywood fans dont complain like ur doing.

not seen mnik but katrina should win worst actress for all her films esp rajniti, kajol was terrible in waf proved she needs srk to get noticed, even a couple scenes i saw foim mnik when her kid dies her acting was terrible tip: screaming doesnt equal acting.

these aaward proves one thing .If u want attention of the world .FOr that world see your product .Associates three latters to your product .SRK.Every one in this world once will take a look at your product.SRk is the world biggest brand is confirmed.Last but not least where those people who said SRk bought awards .He again byu this one also .Whats your thoughts ...

Kareena and shahrukh should get 10 worst actor awards for last ten years..for irritatng the people

They deserve this...

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Why isn't anyone questioning the authenticity of these votes? Were multiple votes allowed? The haters come out in throngs and vote relentlessly.

What about Yamla Pagla Deewana? I'm Punjabi and I couldn't stand that film.

TMK & Torquette are the worst things to happen to Bollywood. She should be here. Period. Sonam dresses up well, looks more natural & speaks Hindi.

Like this one- why katrina ain't nominated??OH yeah its because that she's not an actress and we all know that she is the worst. Ha Ha

TMK & Torquette are the worst things to happen to Bollywood. She should be here. Period. Sonam dresses up well, looks more natural & speaks Hindi.

Like this one- why katrina ain't nominated??OH yeah its because that she's not an actress and we all know that she is the worst. Ha Ha

these should be the most prestigious awards in bollywood because they're determined by public voting and not corrupt bollywood insiders like all the other stupid awards.

Kareena all the way

Kareena was pathetic golmaal,milenge milenge,we r family...she is worst

srk well deserved

OMG, how did I forget Anjaana Anjaani? That film beats even TMK! Lol.

Whoa, 7.5 lakh votes! Finally at least one genuine award show. Completely agree about SRK and MNIK. Abhishek for Raavan deserved it too, but SRK beat him hands down with his hamming in MNIK. MNIK's second half sucked and it was an awful film. But come on! TMK was easily the worst movie of the year.

About Worst actress, I disagree. Sonam is a non-actor alright. But she wasn't so bad in Aisha. I quite liked the film too. Dunno why it flopped. Worst actress should've been Katrina Kaif for Raajneeti/TMK. Close second being Kareena with Golmaal. I'm not counting Milenge Milenge because it wasn't made in this year otherwise the award was HERS.

Worst director SLB? For Guzaarish? Yeah right. He made one of the most beautiful films in 2010 with Guzaarish, extracting outstanding performances from Ash and Hrithik. 95% of the people who watched the film liked it. Dunno about the other 5% heartless people. Worst director should've been Sajid Khan for Housefull, close second being his sister Farah Khan for TMK.

The kela awards are just like some losers on this site...This award is to gain momento & recognition by naming well-known stars as winners to give boost to the southern film region....There are some haters blogging so much hate it shows their negativity & hatred...get off your asses & preach love & positivity.

why r u peole saying katrina should win !!! we are talking about worst "ACTORS" !!

since when did tees mar khan become a better film then MNIK. seriously, they only use SRK's name to get attention. SRK, salman, kareena, kajol are all such good actors.
They can never be in a bad movie.
ANd Farah khan is the worst director, her and her brother make fun of all the elderly actors and their movies and songs.
Tees mar Khan was worst movie ever.
and they probably approched SRK for the movie but he knew this movie was going to be bullshit so he didn't d it, and farah got mad at him. After all SRK has done for farah.

Sun, 2011-03-13 18:13 — mayakiim

Katrina and kareena both should win worst actor all the time

LMAO!!!!!!! What a Loser,but so sweet you made an acct. under my name,no life huh?so now a 4 acct. evilreemzilla/chamera/ Beb04eva and now mayakiim, still awaiting my regular therat messages for not being an aish fan,seriously you need psychological help

Anyway,sonam yes she deserved the award,srk no,he was good in MNIK, MNIK for worst film,well the movie was boring but it soo did not deserved the award,Tees Maar Khan should have won,soo many things wrong w/these award,SLB did a fab job w/Guzarish in terms of direction,the story was boring thou,performances from aish n hrithik were great.Don't like these awards anymore,b4 they were true and laughable but now its like,wtf

sonam is really pathetic actress. but kareena also deserve this worst actress award for her loud performance is golmaal 3.

Kareena should won all ths awards

why katrina is not nominate??OH yeah its because that she's not an actress and we all know that she is the worst

never heard of these awards before?!! just coz SRK gets the worst actor wtever award this thing is all over the internet???
Shah Rukh doesn't deserve this award not for MNIK not for any of his work he is a great actor!!! thanks for ruining it for him YOU JERKS.

Katrina should win this award =P !!


Agree with every award except for SLB. Guzaarish was beautiful. It was poetry. But too bad it didn't have masala in it or some Munni or Sheila that could make it sell.

SRK deserves it. He was most pathetic. Filmfarce's big fraud comes to the picture. And oh yeah, MNIK was the worst film. Sonam was bad in Aisha but not the worst among all. The worst was Kareena in Golmaal. Yuck. And the worst director should be shared by brother-sister duo Sajid Khan and Farah Khan for their shitty films like Housefull and TMK.

looks like salman's team did a great job !!!

hi!!!sonam i love u .please don't break my heart.My heart beats only for u my darling diva.And thanks for the autograph.u are so gorgeous.I want to c u again n again.please meet me.

All well deserved

xD xD xD

I agree w/ ALL of this 1000% :)


keep spreading and sharing the TRUTH :)

Kareena and katrina,salman,srk should win 'get out of bolywood' award

Worst actor: salman khan/shahrukh khan

worst actress:kareena kapoor/kajol/katrina kaif

worst movie:golmaal 3,my name is khan,TMK

big chimpo award:kareena,kajol,sonam

Great!!! Awesome!!!

LooL ! i agree Katrina shud win all "kela" award, and seriously..WTF WAS THAT ?? srk-the worst actor ? Ranveer-worst debutant ? most irritating song-Pe Loon ? worst supporting male-emran hashmi ?

WTF ?? srk is the king..and to whom say that srk buys awards ?? go to hell...he accepts awards...hes not like other khans who get awards and they dont accept it....u have 2 be thankful..i mean ur fans supports u...and then u dont accept the award...what a shame ! SRK is the king.

Katrina and kareena both should win worst actor all the time

I am happy for golmaal..worst trilgy..woo hoo


i asked them in the kela awards page on facebook why akshay is not nominated they said akshay even a kela award doesn't deserve it !!!

LOL!!!!!!! THese are the ONLY awards show to be respected as its ALL TRUE AND ITS VOTED BY THE PUBLIC!!

For me, Tees Maar Khan should have swept the board lol!

Bollywood needs to sit up and notice the truth!!

congrats shahrukh well deservve award...

Katrina should win all Kela awards for actress esp TMK & Abhi should've won for Raavan

who needs dis kela award lolz...get it ur self...btw who r dis ppl to decide who's worst or not ...n sonam kapoor i dont think she was bad in aisha ...she does good fashion but that doesnt mean shez da worst actress,,stupid stupid award...i don lyk srk much but he isnt da worst actor,,,pee loon was a nyc song...

They're just using SRK's name to get attention. Otherwise, who cares for these crap awards

ranbir is da worst actor...deepika is da worst actress.......anjaana anjaani is da worst movie

What nonsense,I was laughing like anything after hearing this,both MNIK n Aisha were Srk's and Sonams best performance till date,it only proves how lame these awards are!

ranvir singh and the song lutt gaya from Band .....B ....B were good...
they dont deserve the kela category

kareena should win but she was putted along side with kajol !!!!so it was hard to vote against kajol !!

i agree with worst actor (Female), worst movie sequence( Birth scene) tht was stupid, n most irritating song (Pee Loon) i really sound the "pee loon" part irritating, WTH is "peena ka mausam" is thr only one season for drinking, anyway this song makes me thirsty for water!!


I agree with most of them.

Hrithik Roshan - Guzaarish

are they serious.....if this were hollywood he would get an oscar nomination for sure..........i thought he was brilliant......i didnt like Ashwarya......but him n aditya did a great job.

Sheer awesomeness-dabanng???
seriously wtf??? these awards have been bought by arbaaz khan..cuz the worst actor was hands-down salman for veer!

I dont understand how they nominated srk, kjo and slb..and salman khan and the whole cast n crew of veer and dabanng walk off without a nomination..they r the ones who deserved the golden kela or watever crap this is...srk was amazing in my name is khan, arjun rampal was great in we are family, kangna was awesome in ouatim and slb's direction in guzaarish was a masterpiece..this is ridiculous

Soanm deserved the worst actress award

i agree with all nominees & winners............
they all are worst

congrats to SRK very well deserved

WELL DONE INDIA u really knows how to appreciate talented people.......

cheap country....

what nonsense?
SRK won the worst actor, Hrithik is nominated...horrible....
what happened to Akshay in TMK, Abishek in Raavan,Salman in Veer....they are not even nominated...
any way why nominated all A grade movies and A grade actors when they are thousands of B grade movies which are horrible.....
these people just need publicity.....
wow look at the worst actress nomination...Kajol for We are Family, Ash for Ravaan....
Sonam is not a great actress but she doesn't deserve the worst actress award....
Worst film-My Name Is Khan a movie which was appreciated all around the globe....which was not only the biggest hit ever in overseas but also got rare reviews from international critics were given the worst film...


well srk is praised in media n all over the world it is said by his haters tht he pays the even after getting multiple best actor performance n popluar awards for mnik he has got this award.......can we say now tht salman n aamir have paid the award function????.......for me definitely yes than

Had a good laugh at some of the winners.
Hope the stars take it all in good stride, like they do in Hollywood.
Favourite award - The Chimpoo Kapoor Award.

i lub it lol :) is this a full fledged awards ceremony with peeople attending etc. like the razzies? i like the chimpoo awards the best - methinks many others are eligible for the same award and given the future there will be many,many,many more undeserving relatives who will milk their connections for what's it's worth and enjoy their 15 mins....they all need to be given the award...ab junior se leke sonam kapoor tak.

bebo deserves worst actress for golmaal 3

all wrong!!!... idiots.

lol i agree 100% with Sonam getting the worst actress for Aisha. Finally a genuine bollywood award :)

Haha bollywood version of razzie oscars?

What a joke.........can they do anything with originality?

IMRAN SHOULD HAVE WON along with deepika.

These awards are trying too hard, I mean, Ranveer Singh was good in BBB, so I disagree with his nomination.

these awards are complete bs i mean Pee Loon was one of the best songs last year and it gets the most irritating award, what bakwas


3Idiots childbirth scene was not that was executed a bit silly but a scene is ridiculous when it makes no sense. vacuum suction is a valid and very real process for child birth.

worst movie--ravana
worst actress--aish
worst actor--abishek
worst director--slb
worst song--zor ka jadka

worst women in the earth--sonam
worst man in the earth--uday chopra

i disliked mnik like anything. but it was still not the worst movie. srk was not award worthy but he wasn't worse either. same with most of the awards. these awards seem more personal than critical. it's like i hate hyped up people and their commercial movies and hence they are the worst! these are as bad as filmfare and zee and the rest of the crap awards.

haha well deserved worst awards for srk and sonam well deserved :D the public has spoken!
srk can buy the jury but not the public :P

What happened to Abhishek Bachan for Raavan????? Oh right he is a bachan son... If ash was nominated for raavan why not abhi..... so dumb

Congratulations to Sonam. Well deserved.

first d ghanta awards n nw d kela awards hw stupid no1 cares

These awards are for the haters. Let em hate, SRK is still the King.

"Chaand pe thookne se, chaand ganda nahin ho jata hai"

i hate the song pee loon too !!!
farah khan shud gotten the worst director award

What the hell is so great about Shah Rukh anyway? All he does is cry with mothers and grandmothers in movies and overacts with children or says some smart-alec comments and all of a sudden he's the greatest actor! Sonam is a wastoid who is in movies because of her father who must pay for her shopping addiction.

Thats horrible. She isn't that bad...

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