Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Prabhu Deva and the crew of Rambo Rajkumar

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Spotted here are Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Prabhu Deva with Krishika Lulla and the crew of Rambo Rajkumar. Rambo Rajkumar is an action film packed with Bollywood masala. The film is generating anticipation since it brings together Shahid and Sonakshi Sinha for the first time together. Prabhudeva’s Rambo Rajkumar has been slated for release in November.

Credits: @krishikalulla

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sonakshi sinha is the only bollywood actress that is perfect!!

what a change to see sonakshi in desi avatar.. She is experimenting alot., NOT!

I like this jodi..they look cute..hope this movie do good for their sake

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I like that Sona wears the glasses. Very un-filmi! I also don't think she looks older than Shahid. He looks older the last few years (Mausam aged him) but still hot!

yeah i agree

Oh good point lovePConly, haha.

Good luck and wishes.

Wishing them success!!!

It's been too long a wait to see Shahid on the big screen. Good to see him cheery.

I like that Sona wears the glasses. Very un-filmi! I also don't think she looks older than Shahid. He looks older the last few years (Mausam aged him) but still hot!

Shahid is very cute and hot. Rare combination for a man.

good luck shahid and sona

hope the movie be a huge success . Prabhu is talented and i trust his choice and work

shahis has some cuteness but he looks like a wannabe all the time and try to hard. don't hate him but can't like him. sonakshi is so beautiful but has no self respect. in her age group every actress try different kind of role but she used to be a show piece.

Shahid looks cute ..

i hope shahid bhai will break all the records through this movie ..................................can't wait to watch it .........................

I just wish and pray this movie is a huge success just for my sweetheart Shahid...he deserves it.

@kitty I have never heard about any of her affair so far. Though shahid is known for having affair with all her co stars right from amrita, kareena, pc, vidya, anushka and now sonakshi who has just worked with 40 actors so far may be working with shahid who is young and single fall in love.. This time I am already expecting some spark between them.

all the best, nice pair

hope the film rocks :)

Why does Sonakshi insist on wearing those glasses? She looks horrible!

shahid rockssssssssssssssss.......

They all look happy, nice pics.

Shahid Is looking good, I thing Movie Collect 100 cr mark after relese

Belated bday wishes to Shahid.

Shahid look good

I hope Shahid gets married to Bipasha as soon as possible. They both deserve each others!

Good luck to them. Hope this pairing works out.

Omg what's happening in bollywood. mummy beta pair? she is again going to play desi avtaar just checked manish malhotra tweet. girl spare us.

shahid and sonakshi are a NO-NO in terms of pairing. she literally looks like his aunty :S

They look good together! Cute.

So nice to see Shahid

Rambo Rajkumar? I don't like the name, is this gonna be another Rowdy Rathore? Ohhh no!

@ LovePConly... how do you know she never had any affair before in Bollywood? ;)

Sona might get into her first affair(in bollywood) with shahid.

i'm sooooooo excited :D

can't wait xD

Can't waitttt to see u bak in Good movies! Shahid:)

they look so happy, it helps films big time, positive energy on the set is what important

they all look happy.

Good luck to Shahid, Sonakshi, and PD!

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