Shraddha Kapoor twitter pics

I've never noticed this girl until Aashiqui 2 promos. She is very beautiful, has a unique face, agree?

Credits: twitter

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Shraddha Kapoor Looks Like Vidya Balan

a very pretty And beautifull

i love he

she's definitely had some work done on her her to her first move 'teen pati' to 'aashique 2' - her face has undergone a world of 'transformation'

She is a beautiful girl...lers see how she acts

Yes, she is quite beautiful. I don't think her face is "unique", it's rather conventionally beautiful.
Hard to believe she is Shakti Kapoor's daughter. She must take after her mom :) .
She has a graceful air about her.

In both photos she looks great. The first photo is absolutely stunning! Make-up hair, expression etc all just right. Even if she's not that great acting she could easily go in to modelling. Hope she does not resort to any surgery, she does not need it at all.

@Miah Freak! YES! Lol, I dislike Shakti Kapoor as well and cannot believe that he actually has a daughter who looks damn innocent/cute & OPPOSITE of him :D

But as FilmyChi said that he himself wasn't that bad looking either!

@ Sun, 2013-04-14 20:31 — filmychi

so true! Well said, girl!

She looks like a slim Vidya Balan!!!

@Fiza khan... OMG Sharaddha is the niece of this woman ?? I never knew this ?? It means Padmini Kolhapure is Shakti Kapoor's sister in Law ?? This is so weird , I can't believe such respectable people are relatives of that cheapster :S :S
Btw yes Sharaddha is quite similar to her aunt.

She looks "A LOT" like her aunt to me (Padmini Kolhapure)

she was horrible in luv ka the end. infact that whole movie was garbage.

In the first pic she looks a bit like Vidya Balan and Emma Robert (as PizzaPasta said), she's indeed really pretty

Shardha is nice and she has gorgeous body, she has talent also, lets see her in the movie first

Got her mum's genes very pretty

She definitely belongs to the category of being "very pretty":-)Delicate,petite,well defined features and bone structure,very refreshing and unique beauty.And is it just me or in some pictures(not these ones of course)she looks like Emma Roberts(Julia Robert's niece I think)who's quite a looker herself?

She is a pretty girl in a very girl next door type way.

For a girl who is the daughter of Shakti Kapoor, she is unbelievably stunning!

I agree with filmychica, Shakti Kapoor was quite good looking. He only played creepy characters so people dislike him.

So beautiful

She is so pretty

wow she's super stunning

Beautiful... I really liked her in Teen Patti! :)

So pretty.

what? i heard she was a good actress tho....most critics appreciated her work

she was the actress in Luv ka the end and she even acted in Teen Patti... she looks gorgeous and please people stop trashing her before even watching her next venture. She was nice in luv ka the end!!

Padmini kolhapure is her aunt (mausi)

She is really pretty! And thank god for a newcomer that is actually Indian!

she is gorgeous

Pretty but no personality. And she looks 12 yrs old.

Indeed she is very very pretty. Just need to improve on her acting and all will be well.

she's beautiful.

it is unfortunate that she has such a trash father, hopefully she is a good actress.there are lot of pretty faces we need some good actors..

Shraddha looks astonishingly beautiful in the first photo!

Her features are very offbeat but theyre a makeup artists dream come true bcuz she looks good in heavy or light makeup

She is very beautiful. She has such pretty features.

Such a pretty and feminine face.

So pretty.

Pretty face.

This girl has a very pretty face.

She is a beauty.

she's hot

so hard to believe she is shakti kappors daughter! But yes she is drop dead gorgeous! Her features are so delicate! Too bad her acting is unbearable and stiff .... hope it changes over time.

Very pretty.

FYI she is Shakti Kapoor's daughter :)

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