Shruti hassan's nose plastic surgery

Shruti hassan was recently seen at the Luck press meet in a different shaped nose. It looks quite sharp and not obviously long. The other 2 photos are from Luck trailer and some event last year. You can clearly see she has undergone a nose job.

But she should have gone for it before she shot for the movie Luck , it wouldnt have been so obvious then:)

I like her nose now:)

And yesh she has tattoo on her back which spells shruti hassan in tamil

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Credits: pinkvilla

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shruthi is beautiful after surgery@shiva@

best nosejob in the industry

she needed a nosejob. her nose in 'luck' took over her entire face. she went from bert from sesame street to kim kardashian in her new candids.

who was the surgeon for shruti hassan i really like her nose now

Now Ms. Shruti looks better after her septoplasty surgery. I wonder that she got metamorphed after the surgery. Now her look lokks better than the past, i hope she will make the appearence & mvoies better as her father did. Go Girl tamilachi..come on up hold the sprit of ur father as he loves tamil & india a lot. All the best

just gorgeuos !!

shruti is pretty but she looks really pretty on flickr

In the pic where she's looking over her shoulder she looks quite a bit like her mum, Sarika. She and her mum are not speaking and do not seem to get along. Her old nose is the same as her mum's, so that may be why she opted for the nose job. Personally, I think both suit her. She jusy looks less like her mum now.

she look better, GO GIRL!!!!!

Thats a good nose job!

looks much better
thank god no toucan nose left
enhances her beauty

her original nose may have been great-- and she looked awesome before-- but Bollywood is shallow-- and likes only one type of face shapes. so career wise, this new 'cookie-cutter same-same small nose' might open more doors-- cause it's a shallow Mumbai world.

it was better b4

her nose, her money, her career....good for her:
anon, u r so right!!

her nose, her money, her career....good for her

Ok .... I liked her better with the long nose she looked so different yet delicate there was nothing masculine about her at all. The long nose made her look delicate and very different. Before this post was posted I saw her at the press meet and in the posters I thought wow she looked so hot in the posters and her nose job is very obvious. Even thought the surgeon did a great job but now her face is completely different and she doesn't look pretty maybe she should've gotten it fixed a bit from the side but her front nose shape was beautiful before. Now it's like her new nose is not long enough for her face, there's a lot of distance between her lips and nose. She shouldn't have done that :(. She was hot yet different looking.

it's so funny how her "deviated septum" only started bothering her now conveniently when she is entering movies and needs to look good. gotta love this dev sep excuse

This nose is MUCH better!!!
Its good that she got a surgery...

She looks stunning and more liker her mom now, which ain't a bad thing at all......Like the hair too.

I actually liked her old, long nose before too. It made her look different (in a good way of course) from the rest and she just looks way prettier in Luck and at that other event. I really don't understand this trend of fixing noses.

i think shruti's nose is a drastic yet fantastic difference.
but what bout her upper lip? if u look at the pic with the nose job, behind it is a poster from the movie and her upper lip looks much plumper when u compare it with the poster, just an observation. she looks good, the surgeon did an amazing job!!

well everyone has a different take on cosmetic enhancements....Shruti had a horrible nose structure before...she had a masculine touch to her face because of her nose...Now she looks feminine and prettier...Personally speaking, I love grooming myself but I would NEVER figit with my natural features! But her surgeon has done wonders on her!

good for shruti and great that she's admitting it

yeah she look nice now, :)

shilpa did admit that she got a nose job ...check her "on the couch with koel " videos...she did admit on that show

ashlee simpson copycat

UGH she looked better before.

MJ had a disease called BDD, where they look distorted in the mirror and they are not. thats why he got multiple face jobs. this is just a corrective procedure by shruti. they are not the same thing.

she looks like ashlee simpson

she looked better with her original gave her character!

n apparently everyone who gets a nose job done comes up with the same reason-deviated spectum-Yeah Right!

Excellent nose job.......i'm impressed.

OMG YES! Finally! Someone! ... Cool. I think she just won some brownie points with me!...I respect/admire that she said that

“Yes, I got a corrective surgery done and there is nothing to hide. It’s not like Pamela Anderson’s b**b job. I went to the US and got it done because this is a tricky surgery. If it is not done right, it could affect my voice and that’s something I cannot risk.” - Shruti Hassan

i admired the fact that she came out and said it
just wish priyanka, shilpa and all others would stop denying it and admit that they had surgeries! theres nothing wrong with going under the knife.. but hiding is kinda silly! she looks better though but she looked pretty before anyways

well, it's her life and I won't go around condemning her or something over a personal decision!

the whole character of her face has gone now. the nose too small for her longish face. it isnt abt perfect nose, it is at the end of the day about a interesting or beautiful face. i think she was beautiful before bot not anymore.

I guess to each its own!...I would admit it but at the same time ask ppl to be safe with it cuz sometimes it backfires and can mess a face up! Lead example is MJ

i dont think stars will EVER fully admit to how much work theyve had done. i mean, me personally if i got something done i dont care how much my best friends keep asking id NEVER admit it

"this one and priyanka's nose are the only two noses that looks good after a surgery!!
u r bang on, anon. so agree with u. most look weird, but these two seem to have a really good job done. they should recommend their surgeon to koena, shilpa etc etc

She looks like a radiant gorgeous CLEOPATRA!!!!
Her whole new style, look, face, tatoo look-- this is a modern beauty of tomorrow.

wow..she looks FANTASTIC. she was cute before;; now beautiful

this one and priyanka's nose are the only two noses that looks good after a surgery!!

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