Sonakshi Sinha upsets her pakistani fans!

Sonakshi Sinha recently angered her pakistani fans by posting the following picture on her twitter account:

Showing pakistani sportman Shaid Afridi getting wacked by Virender Sehwag. She added the caption:
'De ghumaaaaake! Hehehehahahaha.'

This upset some of her pakistani fans. Many tweeted telling her to be a goodwill ambassador between the two countries and learn a few things from Salman Khan. Some of them even unfollowed her on twitter. To which Sonakshi tweeted; 'pak fans v upset. jung ke maidan mein ladne se toh accha hi hai khel ke maidan mein ladein! im all for love thy neighbour. be a sport yaar.' and later deleted the picture. she replied to her upset fans by saying 'was all done in good humor. and if people dont understand that...its really not my fault'

A few days later she posted on her twitter 'no jokes today. too many people here without a sense of humour. boo.'

What is your opinion on this? do you think she went too far? should she just apologise?

I personally feel that she should just apologise straight up. Imagine if the picture was reversed and how upset indian fans would have been? I feel it was insensitive and as a public figure she needs to be careful not to ruin relationships with pakistani people. She should learn from more seasoned actors/actresses like SRK who celebrate without humiliating anyone and never try to upset their fans.

Let me know your opinions (and please no anti-indian or anti-pakistani comments please, lets try to remain PC)......

Credits: twitter

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well said Zehraa ^_^

hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and what about fake trophy

Thanks, Lalita Chatterjee, Anonymous Tues, 2011-o4-05-01:15, Anonymous Mon, 2011-04-04-23:40,
you made see how stupid I was being letting the whole Sonakshi Sinha thing affect me.
My mom said her mistake let her deal with it, because I did some wrong she won't come to my rescue or
defend me. Thanks again.

we agree picture is not a big deal but who is posting is a really big deal! and don't talk about 26/11 .....go first watch your shiv Sena the biggest terrorist party on earth

we agree picture is not a big deal but who is posting is a really big deal! and don't talk about 26/11 .....go first watch your shiv Sena the most terrorist party on earth

we agree picture is not a big deal but who is posting is a really big deal! and don't talk about 26/11 .....go first watch your shiv sena the most teariest party on earth

Mon, 2011-04-04 19:42 — Anonymous- u are an ignorant, disgusting person.

i think what she did was reallly disrespectful and not right... theres no need to say this at all. who does she think she is???
by doing this she just lost her fans (even doe she doesn't have many fans to begin with)

This picture of Yuvi bashing Ponting was everywhere after the Quarterfinal match, and yet no Aussies came whining to this site.
If you can't take some humour, maybe you guys shd not play.

"Sonakshi sinha has fans?"
Since you can running into her post with your wittle tail wagging furiously, i expect you are one as well.

and i am totally loving idiotic anonymous's (really just one person) saying I am a racist. Really, just because you don't care about bending over backwards to please someone you dont care about, you are a racist? Well then I am a racist. I stand by the fact that there is nothing wrong with this picture. After what Afridi said, even I want to post a similar picture of him. He is a hypocrite and a bad ambassador of the game.

"..but without International support, Bollywood wouldnt be half as popular as it is. "
What rubbish! Bollywood is for the Indians, by the indians and of the indians. Even internationally it is the expat desi crowd who watch indian movies on screen and go their concerts.
It is Paks who try desperately for an opportunity to work in our movies, never the other way around. 1.2 billion people in India, and millions more in other countries. Even if you stop watching our movies, it won't make any difference at all.

Very cheap act...didn't except this from her. Show some decency.....

Sun, 2011-04-03 18:56 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture




Aye haye mamu jee tussi ithe vee aa mar gaye hoo...mai te samjee see ke tua-nu mami jee nee maar peet ke kamre vich band kar ditta ho ga..par tussi aze vee azad ho?? aye hayeee...uun angrezan da masia aa gaye jee te har koi angrezan de zubaan nu aithram nal istmaal kare...theek hai jee mamu jee??
Mamu jee tussi punjabi samaj lende hoo ke urdu vich likhan??

People People the time has come for us to forget about Miss. Sinha and all she represents.

Lets support actresses with true talent who are being over looked by producers/directors for the few

actresses who are insiders children or family members.

Zenny, cherrycrush with all her big talk must go to Delhi's Nehru Place, it is one of the world's biggest

PIRACY hub in the world. You can get everything and anything for a few hundred rupees. The cops have

given up trying to curtail this crime.

Cherrycrush, do hope if you have kids, you don't teach them this kind of venomous attitude and behavior.

For racism and hate start in the home and not in the playground.

@topic creater...yes sure....she should learn to praise paki government and give them clead chit in 26/11 from Salman Khan...

What I want to know is why is pinkvilla keeping such an obviously sensitive topic on the board for so long. This is almost a week old thing now. Come on people, remove it.

forgive and forget is the bigger person. peace to all nations, colors, shapes and sizes.

she should learn a few things from Salman Khan

Sonakshi sinha has fans?

In posts like these the racists out themselves. Cherrycrush is a racist in denial, fair enough but do that somewhere else. And sweetooparul how come you got time off from senselessly blogging about aishwarya's 'greatness' to comment on something that actually requires some critical thinking? Your way in over your head love, this is clearly not your domain. Well nothing is, but i'm just being nice.




72 virgins? chii!! how dirty! dirty minded people. ek ladki nahi samalti....

Her fat face and fat legs offend me.

all she had to say was .. sorry if i offended someone .. wasnt my intension

sweetparul ...u r absolutely absurd! u have no sense of moral...u literally sound liek a disgusting human being! i bet u r living safe n sound in india..n u will probably never get to experience beign outside of it because u don't deserve it...please stay in india n don't spread ur disgusting racist vibes across the the world is truly a better place without me..people like u r the kind of people that ruin relationship..hurt feelings...and dont mend bridges...
what r u getting out of showing so much hate to another race on a social website? u harbour hate as if u had personally suffered from something! which u obviously haven't. so i can only call ur personality negative...n trust me people with those kind of vibes in their personality do not get very far in life...because their personality and negativity comes across in every situation whether its work, family, friends..!

i was so dissapointing wid sonakshi's idotic attiude ... definitely she wouldnt hav liked if sachin or any indian player would hav been there instead of afridi.. ppl of every origin and country recognizable and follow sport celebrities. they are far greater and higher in popularity and fame den any actors or actress are.. she should hav shown some respect to him. dis is really disappointing !!!

@sweetooparul get some information about cinema in Pak and then talk.......

agree with Zenny!!

Well, lets face it, it's not like shes a megastar. She needed the attention.



The over zealousness of everyone have gone over board now.

But the depiction of hitting someone and their religion by the actress was certainly done in bad taste,
especially when children are taught from an early age that any form of hitting or act of violences are wrong and
that a person's religion like their own must always be respected.

“The tongue like a sharp knife... Kills without drawing blood.”


Cherrycrush please for Gods sake stop this hatred. You are a shame, I can't even put it in words! Please educate urself and learn a lesson or two from ur own country men who mashallah are so humble n supportive. I'm sure even they must think of u as an uneducated individual who does nothing but brings shame to their country. Think about it! Take it as a bit of homework eh?

indians tou indians in other words kutte ki poonchh tairi tou tairi

let's focus on happiness. forgive and forget and move on. The bigger and better person always forgives.
peace and light to all colors, shapes and sizes in the world of any religion and nation.

Spreading hate and ignorance is unbecoming of all us, not just amongst the Sonakshi's and Cherrycrush's
of the world.

Congrats to India and South Asia for rocking the cricket world. Take a bow. Peace.

This is one person who did not find her juvenile behavior funny nor supported it.

Morph this same picture of her being whacked with a cricket bat and let see what her sense of humour
will be. boo!

I find pictures of her face and body more offensive. I mean, she's parading her fat legs and average face all the time. Yuk. Go tone up and then try and act like a model.

this is not sense of humor it is trying to hurt someone she should know that this is a sensitive issue and apologise and yes she has indian fans but stars do need fans the more they r the better international stars they r

PAK FANS ??? i dont think she have any pak fans....

Sat, 2011-04-02 15:57 — Anonymous VERY WELL SAID

I think these all posted by CHEERYCRUSH she is the only pathetic and sick person on PV.....

ohh be cool guys.....ask her she is dieing to sleep with shahid afridi........ like Reena , sonali and sushmita and many more.....

can't believe so much comments for just joke, she is nice girl and did not intent to hurt somebody

sonakshi looks very immature.

PV, that is disappointing. Why should she apologize? All is fair in love and cricket. It would be nice to keep war out of it.

Wait... she has fans???

i feel wat she has posted was not in a good spirit but d response was more horrible.......

Cherrycrush is being racist and derogatory ! Why arent her comments being moderated/deleted?? I thought racism/vile comments/ etc are not allowed on are the admins doing ?? sleeping?? !! Cherrycrush stop being so friggin ignorant and grow up u loser !!

she has a politican father and salman khan as her guardian in the industry she can bloody well say whatever she wants and get away with it no one can do anything.

Yeah but watch this post game interview of Afraidi . He's being a condescending jerk towards India. Sore Loser.

Very unsportly of her...learn something from the cricketers themselves, they are civil and respectful to one another.

That's really immature of her.

of course a blob would do such a thing.

I think it was very insensitive of her to post that, kids follow celebs and if a celeb portrays that as acceptable, then some kids may go a step further and actually get a bat and start fighting. Already between the two countries theirs tension, why post a pic like that?

Whatever I'm saying is true and that is why it gets to you. If I am such a moron, dont reply to me. How about get something better to do than sit infront of a computer and attack a "moron" - your words not mine :)

All the anonymous who have a problem with me, I dont care about you. Stop overreacting and calling people racist. Just shows how insecure and stupid you are. Just because someone doesn't care about you, doesnt mean they are racist. Get a life.


To all the ignorant people still complaining, remember that "de ghumake" is the anthem for India for the world cup. It is on so many people's tweets both celebrities and non celebrities.

Why don't you all move on and start posts about Aishwarya Rai?



im sorry where is the 'sportsmanship' here?
she should do her english classes again!!

sportsmanship is defo what she expressed!

such a loser! its ppl like herself that sabotage any kind relationship, really shows her truly character and what makes it worse it her backing herself!!!!!!!

@Sat, 2011-04-02 06:30 — Lalita Chatterjee ----> Great comments, very eloquently said. Thanks for the link also.

To all the ignorant people still complaining, remember that "de ghumake" is the anthem for India for the world cup. It is on so many people's tweets both celebrities and non celebrities.

Why don't you all move on and start posts about Aishwarya Rai?

People get over it. The world cup is over, Indian won. Congratualtions to them.
Lets not hold this issue forever shall we? Whats said is said, whats done is done. Water under the bridge.
Oh and cherrycrush needs to either see a therapist or join some hate group. I heard Terry Jones's organization are looking for hate mongers who are equally moronic, should be a match made in heaven.

shes so up herself, what a horrible response to her fans! i shan't be watching her movies in the future. she is too arrogant to apologize, humility is what distinguishes a true star from a brat who is only in films due to her dad. even if it was said in jest she should apologize if she hurt anyone.

when i hurt someone in a joke, i apologize straight away even if i meant it as a joke and think the other person is being silly! and i am 3/4 her age, my parents taught me good manners! disgusting sonakshi!

@cherrycrush- you are one ignorant person, and it makes me so sad to realize that their are people like u spreading hate in the world. shame on you!

plzz cud someone post this on sonakshi's twitter, so she can read the comments, she shud know how she hurt soo many of her fans, even indian supporters have the sense to realize that this is wrong! she is a bad representation of indian ppl who are not like this! congrats india, y'all deserve to celebrate but that is without humiliating anyone else.

I think success and bollywood as gotten to her head, she seems to think she is above everyone, She would not have been known if it wasnt for salman khan!

what she done was highly dis-respectfull - treat others the way YOU want to be treated !

who the hell is she stupid she'll burn in hell boom boom AFRIDI

we dont care

laughing my ass off at anonymous@Fri, 2011-04-01 23:59

how vindictive can a person be? You call Allah's name and say Sri lanka will win. well, eat ur words now. You know who just won and who the world champions are.

India has won the world cup XD! Satyamevjayate. Go India!

India won :)

she will never reach the level of stardom of srk or amitabhas they never humiliate anyone, shes not gonna go very far with that kind of attitude towards her fans! :-p

Why is she copying Salman's look in the first pic with the sunglasses? Face it Sonakshi, you tried to be over smart,and your plan backfired! Silly.

The sore-loser posters who are bringing up Reena Roy in this post and being SERIOUS about her being Sonakshi's mom are hilariously delusional . You've been watching too many soaps. Step away from the TV.

She SHOULD apologize. This pic screams WRONG in soo many ways. Sonakshi should becareful as she is still a new comer.

"but shes a celebrity .. and I know yall are gona say but celebrity are also humans .. yes they are humans BUT .. we sometimes look upto them .."
She's not Amitabh Bachan or Shah Ruk , if you look up to an actress who's just out of her teens and has released just 1 movie, hellooo, you might need to rethink your heroes. And yes, celebs are just humans, not pious saints. A girls gotta cheer for her team, that's all!

common there is something callled likes she says sense of humor...and she is soo young...while whole India was partying..U think they shudnt not have coz the loosing team will not enjoy it???
what would have happened if Pak won...would they not have a balst.

I like her (not because of her non-existent acting skills but how sweet of a person she is). But this was not in good taste. I don't approve of it.

To those people who are asking this to be taken in a sportive spirit, imagine if she had replaced Afridi with Sachin and Sehwag with Afridi, and it was morphed to look as if Afridi is hitting Sachin, even if in sportive spirit, wouldn't it cause an uproar?

And what's appalling is Sonakshi who made a hue and cry about her picture being morphed on the cover of Maxim does the same to these cricket players and pokes fun at it and asks us to take it in a sportive spirit? Sorry Sonakshi, India won't love you for this.

this is girlis so important, so many words about her, great Sonakshiiii

But more importantly than my comment on respect and jokes and Afridi, I love that shirt she is working on! It's very nicely done.

supporting d country is gr8.....i just want india to win d worldcup but d pic is an insult if sum1 had dhoni in place of afridi i wud never like it

INSHAA ALLAH srilanka will win worldcup!!!

She has to learn alot from her father......

idk if any1 else notices but her nose is talking to us :( Pretty scary ;P

First of all, she's just a kid, secondly, all's fair in love and war ;) . Sonakshi's just a young actress, it's not her job to act all diplomatic and boring, the best part about Twitter is that you can finally see some of the stars' true personalities .
It was a very heated match and all of us were teetering on the edge of our seats rooting for our team. There were so many emails with dumb jokes like these forwarded about ( by both sides i'm sure !) , it's no big deal. It's all part of the fun.

Isn't her mom Poonam Sinha? Anyways Sonakshi is SO OVERRATED.... I mean a zilch role in Dabbang and sweeping all the awards! it's a joke. Also leave Ranveer Singh alone. He's too good and he's already taken.

shes fat i dont like her

She's an Indian and was supporting her team........didn't know that she needed permission or to think about other's feelings for that !!! People nowdays can't take a joke and have become hypersensitive. Relax !!