Sooraj Barjatya talks about his film with Salman Khan, not titled Bade Bhaiyya

Speculations about the leading lady in Sooraj Barjatya's next film have run rife, with almost every actress worth their salt having either lobbied or been attached to the project thus far.

Sooraj however reveals that though the shoot begin next year, the leading lady is yet to be finalized.

He also reveals the project is not titled 'Bade Bhaiyya'. In an interview to Subhash Jha, Sooraj is reported to have said, "It sounds like something that my film could be called. But it is not. All I can tell you at the moment is it's a family film again. With lots of characters. And each character has to be written carefully. It's a time-consuming process and I don't want to rush it. It would convey all the joys and sorrows of a joint family. It will have tears and laughter and of course celebration. But at the same time it'd be a little different from the family films I've made in the past. The definition of family values has changed in recent years. My film would have to reflect that change. The closure of the script will happen only when a voice from within me says it's complete."

So back to the same old question, who will be that lucky lady to star opposite Sallu in this one?

Credits: Subhash Jha

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Salman khan and Manisha koirala in khamoshi! Salman was young then but now he would be a perfect match with her! both are great actors too


Oh gosh I cannot wait for this movie!! So excited!

He's said for months that it's not called BB. And I want a an actress like Rani, Vidya, Kajol opposite him, not Deepika or Illeana

I hpoe anushka with him

Please don't cast a 20-something opposite Salman! Cast age appropriate heroine, like Rani, Kareena or even Karisma!

Can't wait

Hope it is as good as HAHK was !
Vivah was a too mushy mushy film and I will not talk about MPKDH

Someone please tell him to cast Amrita Rao opposite Salman this time!!!

tired of seeing kareena and salman together.... love to see him with pc....

I've said all along that it's not titled Bade Bhaiya.

Will be interesting to see who the heroine is. As much as I like Bebo and Rani (both superb actresses) I think a fresh pairing is the way to go.

I'd like to see Deepika against Salman.

Madhuri or Sridevi should act opposite him. Madz would be perfect.

anonymoys i fully agree from u salman and bhagyashree should come together .......not actresses who r 20 years younger to him.....plzz i also want to see prem and suman together and bhagyashree still look very pretty...

I know that this may sound unrealistic and it's probably never going to happen unfortunately, but PLEASE get Bhagyashree to star opposite Sallu!!!! Their chemistry in Maine Pyar Kiya was outstanding!! They are a similar age as well so it will be refreshing to see Sallu with a heroine of his age instead of 20 years younger. What I loved about Maine Pyar Kiya was that Sallu and Bhagyashree didn't have any intimate scenes or kisses or anything, just a few hugs, yet you can really feel how in love they were. So please Mr Barjatya, this is the first Rajshri film in ages so pick the heroine wisely and if possible make my dream come true and please pair Salman with Bhagyashree. I want to see Prem and Suman again!!! :)

i also want same plss bring bhagyashreee and salman together 1 more time...plzzz

DP is too tall for Salman and Kareena is too floppy for Salman. Salman-Asin jodi should work! Their chemistry in Ready was a huge plus point and Asin has a pure Indian look that suits Sooraj type of films.

Salman want kareena kapoor and I too want her in the film. The film will release in hope bebo can release the dates as she has quite plum offers in her kitty.

Yeah she desperately needs a khan now :p

Kareena would be the perfect choice :)

Would love for it to be Rani. It's high time we got to see Rani & Salman together again!

Deepikaaaaaaaa Please



Only Deepika and no one else.

I wanna see amrita rao w/ sallu hoping so much its her.

plzz somebody canvey my message to sooraj barjatya plzz take bhagyashree for atleast one scene or one song with salman khan we want to see them together one more time again by you only plzz plzzz

kk we wil CANVEY ur msg to both sooraj barjatya n bhagyashree. nw sleep well gd nyt

I want to see deepika or priyanka in this film.

hwo much i love these two Salman and Barjatya

Take elli please

I want deepika and kareena to play opposite him.. because sallu is double part.

Thank god, he got rid of this title. It was a stupid title anyway.

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