Sridevi on Amir Khan s show Satyamev jayate May 13th 2012

When Harish said that Sridevi was his favourite actress Aamir organised for Sridevi to be on the show, and Harish was more than happy about the arrangement. Sridevi chatted with him once the show was over, and Harish hasn't been more thrilled ever since. check out the video below

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SriDevi is really wow!and she is such a great alrounder actress.

SriDevi is looking damn pretty.

Just love Aamir and Sridevi together,would love to see a movie with them as the lead.

A Fantastic SriDevi.

Harish himself clarified on his facebook that she was very warm to him. And that once the show was over they had a long chat in Tamil and that she hugged him. Sridevi is very shy person, and I think that is the reason why she couldn't show her emotions while on stage.

I am just waiting for Sriji's comeback film ENGLISH VINGLISH,she is the best actress till date.

WOW!Sridevi is a real elegant lady,appropriately tall and and has got such a beautiful curvacious figure.


Harish himself posted on facebook that once the show was over, he and Sridevi chatted in Tamil and that Sridevi hugged him!!! So I hope people are happy now.

Sreedevi is looking gorgeous and stunning.

A Timeless Beauty,Sridevi.

SRI is sexy as well as elegant.

To all the guys below who are complaining about hugging. First let me tell you that hugging is a tradition in some parts of India only and not the entire country. Hugging has never been a part of South Indian culture and it still remains so. Bowing down with folded hands is our ancient traditional culture and that'z what Sridevi does when she is on stage to meet some one. I think we should appreciate that.

Being a Sridevi fan I can understand how happy Harish must have felt seeing her just next to her. He did not believe his own eyes when he said if he can touch her. And when he did touch her he just could not stop giggling. That was so touching and real.

Please go and check all the award ceremonies and functions till date when Sridevi was on stage with either Amitabh Bacchan, Chiranjeevi, Kamal Hassan, Jeetendra or any co-stars with whom she has acted in innumerable movies. All she does is bows down with folded hands with respect before presenting the award. She has never hugged any one off-screen in public till date.

Her presence filled up Harish's life and he was so happy and that is more important than any thing else.

To be very honest,SriDevi is looking very very beautiful and she is very graceful.SriDevi is not atall fake and it is quite visible that she is very humble.

Sreedevi is the best dressed woman for sure.Sreedevi is beautiful and looks really good with Aamir Khan.

She is very beautiful and sweet. But, i know she is shy and all, but she should have overcome that for this victim and given him a tight hug. He even asked if he could touch her!

I love how Sridevi held his hand..that was such a sweet moment.

gorgeous n nicely said...

sri is looking mind blowing n well said...

well said n gr8 show...keep up the good work...

but sri is always like this. Very demure and keeps to herself.

Sridevi is really a very decent lady and veryvery beautiful also.

SRI is so elegant and so young.WOW!

Why does Aamir wear such tight the male version of camel toe

She is so sweet and kind...

she came off as very cold...she didnt even hug the victim. but in the end she held his hand i guess thats something..she should have shown more support and warmth

and her face is looking stranger by the day, she should stop getting surgeries she is starting to look like michael jackson's indian sister

After a long while sri devi looks good dressing according to her age. She needs to dress more indian than western as it suits her more- n also love what she said to the fan.

Sridevi looks divine. How great to see her encouraging such shows


That's what money can do for u! Great skin, great hair! Very few actresses are au-naturel.

She seemed so real in her reactions and not OTT as other film stars would have been. Thankfully there was no hugging and tears. That gentle pat on Harish's arm during the song said so much. Sridevi, graceful as always.

I hate her for what she did ti poor Mona Kapoor...She ruined the life of Boney other children...!!! So fake she is and she needs good pr after monas death also her film english vinglish is releasing...shes such a cold person. Couldnt she give a hug to that fan!! The fan said he was sexually abused and sridevis movies were his only thing in those days!

SRI is so dumb,...she always wears western outfits...i mean look at her! Shes a beauty! Whyu the hell does no one tell her that naked western outfits make you look old. Saris are sexy, elegant and cover you up. Also the straight hairdo is nice. Don't asin and sri(post nose surgery) look a like? (

Sri looks great!! very nice of her to make that guys dream come true!

It's such a pleasure to see sridevi again. goodluck to her. kudos to aamir for making this happen. so proud that India has him. the song was also quite touching.

My Question to Sun, 2012-05-13 19:58 — Anonymous, pls explain how it is lookin horrible ? she shows up for a an important cause like child abuse and this the kinda comment u post ? pathetic!!!! .... go get a life!!! ur obviously a
hater and a fan of another actress and ur only here to post hateful comments .... PV how is this legit ? if it was a normal post it was still ok but this was for a good cause and hence hateful comments should not be allowed. Thanks

I am glad she showed up on the show to show her support for such a sensitive issue .... i respect her even more now .... i always loved her but now even more so ... and she looks gorgeous as usual :-)

How old is Sridevi? Surely she must be 45 plus now? She looks so good & her sari is very elegant.

gosh such a pretty face and such horrible orating skills! :P

She has redeemed herself in my eyes (not that I should be judging her). I feel so happy to see her being so supportive to a person who obviously needs the acknowledgement. Love Sridevi and love Aamir for bringing this topic to the public.

ima karishma's buh sri look soo pretty even better then madhuri

OMG Sri's face is looking horrible lately! The nose surgery was a bad idea

Sridevi is so beautiful

Hats Off to Aamir Khan
Sridevi well said!

Wish she had been a little more personal and given him a hug! But it was great of her to come to the show. It's a really good platform for Bollywood to do something even more substantial for society!

sri devi looksss veryyyy beautiffulllllllllllllll

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