Stay UNfair and Stay Beautiful - Nandita Das


Actor and Director, Nandita Das, has been very outspoken about skin colour bias. This Women's Day she challenges us to Stay UNfair and Stay Beautiful. THROW OUT THAT TUBE of fairness cream and celebrate Beauty Beyond Colour!

Happy Women's Day 2013!

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Nandita has done a great job by supporting such a cause. I'm also a dark skinned girl and I have also felt lot of discrimination due to this, almost everybody except my parents had something or other to say about my skin tone. Girls, do not worry about all this, these things never define beauty. Enjoy ur natural tone n looks. Dark chocolate is always tempting and better.. Love urself, Live freely...!

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Nandita is beautiful, salty and has a great smile. As a child, i would always see my fair cousins get more attention and i was sidelined just due to my dusky complexion. I confess i had developed inferiority complex which i got rid of only when i got to know that my favorite flute playing god was dark- skinned. And it's not about discriminating against people 'blessed' with fair skin, it's about celebrating darkness.

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Love you Nandita for this great initiatives of your....

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Tue, 2013-03-12 08:48 — Anonymous

One quick question: Isn't this discriminating against fair people? Y choose a skin color as a topic at all?

HAHAHAHA oh YES because fair people in india have it SO hard like aunty waif. get over it!

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thumbs up to d theme.embrace ur color rather than emulate d west.

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One quick question: Isn't this discriminating against fair people? Y choose a skin color as a topic at all?

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Nandita is extremely beautiful and I am glad she is speaking out about this issue. For someone like me who is Indian on her mother's side and welsh on her dad's, I got a lot of 'What?! For a half Indian girl she is not very fair at all' or 'It's a shame she got her dad's blunt features and your brown coloring instead of the other way around' from pretty much all of our Indian side of the family. Sometimes it made me wish that my mom had never taught me hindi. I do find Indians are certainly obsessed with skin color and beauty in general.
Way to go Nandita!
- Vani

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I love what she is doing, but its a curse to be born in India as a dark girl !! and I am saying this from personal experience !! Be honest and tell, how many of you guys will marry a very dark girl ?? and I am not speaking of the stupid term ''dusky" !!

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finally!! someone who addresses the real issues in India and not who is wearing what and who is dating who and who's losing baby fat and who is not... finally someone who is cutting through the bullshit and saying it like it should have been said ages ago!

kudos to her! I wish they put HER on the cover of Vogue and Femina and Harpers! and one day I hope she's in the 100 most influential of Forbes and changes the mindset of young girls in India who can grow up without this stigma.

lets be unfair!

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So chuffed that someone from Bollywood has taken up this issue. It's weird when seemingly intelligent actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chpra or Sonam Kapoor promote fairness creams.

I grew up in India and later moved abroad. The other day I downloaded an issue of Filmfare for nostalgia's sake. I was shocked to see that every time there was mention of Bipasha basu, the prefix 'dusky beauty' was added..or how Chitrangada is 'earthy'...Konkona Sen Sharma is 'unconventional beauty'..a piece about Kareena Kapoor mentioned her 'peaches n cream complexion'. In my twenty years of living in Britain I have never heard that phrase even once here.

I am married to a white man and our children therefore are paler than the average Indian kid. Every time we visit India, they get so much attention! I love my children and obviously are very proud of them, but I don't want them to be fawned over because they are 'fair' while their darker skinned cousins stand in the corner feeling unloved and readying themselves for a life of feeling inferior. I know because I was that darker skinned cousin once.

A beauty is a beauty is a beauty. This whole skin colour discrimination is a serious issue and I wish more of our actors, who possess great reach to the masses, would talk about it.

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OOOO :D :D refreshing :) I love her smile & totally agree with her.

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love it

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Wow.. So refreshing to see this. It's irony that star like SRK and PC who are really dark are endorsing fairness cream. They have too much money and they can refuse that But NO.. Good for Nandita for embracing

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only if they had put a priyanka picture that would have made it believable. even deepika pictures are highlighted.

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there is a difference for somebody who is caucasian and would like to be darker and have fake tan on and an Indian girl who wants to be fairer. The difference is in what the skin color represents for both counterparts. A girl who wants to tan believes that she will look skinnier and more beautiful in a tan. However, her skin color does not become something of an obsession where this influence her employment and relationship and marriage choices. In India, being fair prima facis puts you on a pedestal. You suddenly are elevated on a higher social status and best jobs and best marriage proposals will come to you. A woman want to be fairer in India because:

1. She was told from a very young age that white is beautiful and dark isn't.
mainstream movies and especially songs always talk about gore gore badan etc
2. She was told that best jobs and relationships is influenced on skin color

And thus it is really about chancing her life, her identity and having better opportunities really.

Ask me, it is pathetic

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Yay, Nandita! Love this woman.

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Can always trust Nandita to do things of quality. She is a blessing. And a true beauty in every which way.

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*High 5* Nandita! Good job.

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RE: Tue, 2013-03-12 04:01 — lololaughing

instead of talking about link-ups/fights why doesn't the media promote these initiatives/causes then, a lot of people would actually learn to love themselves and be comfortable with the way they are, good job Nandita Das for being such a great role model

I so agree with you..this is the real issue affecting young kids and this should be talked about more not those fake linkups!

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You go girl!

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Love it! Thanks, Nandita!!

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Yeap. A true role model, no pretending, straight from the heart. Let's be "unfair."

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All skin colours are beautiful. But its funny to see people in India be so mesmerized by fairness. In the west generally speaking, people in this day and age are seen to be beautiful if they have a darker complexion. Most westerners prefer actresses like Bipasha and Deepika over actresses that are fair. But again I agree skin colour should not define beauty.

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Great message from a great role model :)

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Just the 89879879874897 reason why I adore her!

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I love Nandita and the message she is spreading. The whole "pretty for a dark skinned girl" and "dusky beauty" mentality needs to end. The negative roles and scenarios dark skinned women find themselves in Bollywood movies need to stop. Dark skinned beauties shouldn't have to be exceptional. I never see much support for really dark skinned actresses. The ones who are called "dark" like Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, and Frieda Pinto really aren't that dark to begin with. So this marginalizes, even erase what dark skinned women really look like. It's an ideal of what people would rather have dark-skinned women look like.

Don't even get me started on the whole white girls playing Indians.

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instead of talking about link-ups/fights why doesn't the media promote these initiatives/causes then, a lot of people would actually learn to love themselves and be comfortable with the way they are, good job Nandita Das for being such a great role model

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She should have been on the special issue cover of Femina magazine not Aamir. Go girl!

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Preach it girl!! Most people in India are dusky, yet beautiful...why not embrace it then??

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Good for her . Would be good if commercial actresses like Bipasha n Deepika also said the same thing.

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@Gohar, agree with you. Only a few like Nandita Das in the industry are ACTUALLY comfortable with the way they look.

Nandita - you need to come back and do some more films. The audience misses you.

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PV how come this hasn't featured on your main page yet?

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Love you Nandita. A real woman!

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yeah so true. dark skin is really beautiful but i don't understand why do many people do think that being fair is the best. it not always true. all skin colors are nice :)

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Hear hear!!

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finally a true role model unlike other BW actresses..most notably a certain ex miss world

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finally! A celebrity who is embracing her skin complexion. And no, she is not the only actress who has a dusky skin tone. Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra... two prominent actresses I can think of who also share the same skin tone as Nandita, but resort to bleaching to make their skin fairer! And then have the audicity to claim it is what they were born with.

Well done Nandita!

pv please post.

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Love her!

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No matter how much u promote colour...people will always choose to be what they want....this is as simple as it can be.....if whites wants to get tan to be dark they will....and if darks what to lighten their skin colour they will....people should love to do whatever they want without any kind of pressure....that is the nature of human being

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God Bless and she is so right. but until films and media stop portraying beautiful as light skin, those foreign imports who are not even Indian playing Indians it gives young women a very warped idea of what is beautiful and quite frankly it's unattainable. Society too has to stop pressurising women to conform to its notion of beauty and perfection.

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Saying 'dark is beautiful' is equally wrong as saying fair is beautiful. How about all skin colors r beautiful ?

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Kudos nandita! i hope this campaign goes to ever corner of india where a fairness commercial has been

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Go girl! You're amazing :)

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Go Nandita!! Respect Respect !!!We need this!!!
And all the actor's who already earn crores still endorsing fairness brand to mint few more crores , learn from her!!

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about damn time

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India needs to be bombarded by these types of ads on a daily basis by popular people like celebrities, writers, entertainers, athletes, etc.... Only then you may start to see a change peoples attitude towards brown skin.

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I absolutely love this! This is the first time I'm seeing this kind of positive advertising geared towards women of India. Honestly, this is so new to me that I am both speechless and overjoyed. Thank you for being such a fabulous, beautiful role model, Nandita! Way to go, girl!

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wow...she's really walking the walk..not just talking the talk. Respect!!!

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Nandita is great

and again noble cause for many people, even here in Pinkvilla i see so much people impressing with somebodies white complexion,

WTF? be proud what god gave you

and I guess many of Bolly celebs have not had any chance to be celeb but only because of their complexion, shame!

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I love this woman... really... she is inspiration for lots of women. All celebrities just say " be comfortable in your own skin blah blah yourself blah blah blah..." but we see them going under the knife, whitening their skin and wearing colored contacts to look like white girls.... Nandita is one of few who really feels comfortable in her own skin.

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Finally! A great role model for self-love and respect.

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Great initiative! She is a great role model for women!

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Respect for her!! Wow!


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