Suchitra's proposal to Ram Gopal Verma and many more stories in her book 'Drama Queen'

Suchitra Krishnamoorty released her book Drama Queen in Mumbai today. B-town celebs were supportive and came to wish her the best. Seen here are Vikram Bhatt, Queenie Singh, Suchitra Pillai, Sheeba, Nagesh Kukunoor, Ramesh Sippy, Krishika Lulla, Anu Ranjan, among others. Also seen is Suchitra's daughter with ex-husband Shekar Kapur - Kaveri.

The book is Suchitra's autobiography post five years after her divorce to Shekar Kapur. It is a funny and witty book with real incidents. Interestingly, Suchitra mentions about a marriage proposal that she made to Ram Gopal Verma. Apparently, Ramu rejected the proposal citing the reason that he was not the marrying type and he uses women only for sex. Suchitra writes that Ramu mentioned he loved only women's bodies and not brains.

Well, and how does Ram Gopal Verma feel about making this incident public? "I naturally took permission from him to write it," quips Suchitra.

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RGV, is so sleazy. And that face of his, woof.

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what she is "revealing" about RGV is nothing new. everyone knows the girls he casts as his muses in his movies come through his casting couch - urmila, antra mali, nisha kothari

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Its Vikram Chatwal not vikram bhatt.

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Why cant these women wear good salwar kameez? Nobody tells them that they look aweful in those dresses they are wearing?

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I like her picture on the cover.

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She was very cute when she started out as a TV actress in the 80's . RGV , he obviously uses the casting couch on his leading ladies . At least he was honest & did not feed her fake lines.

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I read this book... Book says alot about inside the hidden world of Bollywood.... This book will change your way of thinking and knowing about Bollywood.

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Well no surprise there. The whole world knows this Ramu is a pervert. And I am pretty sure he isn't alone in this country.

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Insanely gorgeous in her early 90s hey day as a Pop star. Great era for music.


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