Are there any Homosexual in Bollywood?!

Hello everyone!! What's going on...well I don't know if you watched or not the Videos of Koffee With Karan Offtakes but I did (in fact I posted it! :P)...well in one of the video (exactly the second) Karan asks Preity what she thinks about Abhishek and she answer him "he's sexy" an than she asks him "What about you??" and than she tells abhishek about this well build person who wanted a role in Karan's movie and Karan told him "I'm ready to do anything!"...well this story makes me think that Karan is gay and probably all his friends know it...maybe I'm wrong because I haven't see the whole episode but just a small part. But i think it was really obvious from they way he speaks, his behavior and everything else! and you know I always thought he and Manish Malhotra were together. but from what I remember he has never done the "Coming-out".
Well I was thinking is there any other Homosexual in Bollywood?? Bollywood's Golden Age started in the 40s but we never had an Actor, Actress or Director who expressed his homosexuality...I mean is it possible that in 70 years except Bobby Darling there wasn't a gay, lesbian or bisexual in Bollywood?? Does Bollywood continue to hide it??
From what I know there never have been the "Coming outs" like in Hollywood...But I know it can be really dangerous for someone to express his homosexuality with political parties like Shiv Sena who can create mess.
Btw what do you think..was or is there any homosexual in bollywood?? and what do you think if there will be a coming out??
Let's have a decent discussion!!

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Karan johar , anurag basu , aryam mukerji , ranbir kapoor , arjun rampal and many more

Ranbir is so gay!!

I think Karan Johar, Rekha, Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra, Akki Narula

Not surprised at all by any name appearing here. To be attracted to the same gender (especially true for males) is more natural than toward the opposite one.

Abhishek Bachchan, Ritesh Desmukh. A lot of them are bi.

Salman Khan is Gay, for sure. Just loom at him. He knows it and so does everybody else.

I think Bobby Deol has the looks of a fag. And I heard that he loves it from behind.

I think Bobby Deol has the looks of a fag. And I heard that he loved it from behind.

Being a gay man who's solid sources in the offscreen circle, I can give you these names with full authority

Men who are gay : Rahul Bose, Rahul Khanna, Tushar Kapoor, Shiamak, Bhansali and of course Johar.
And yes Salman is gay. Women: Zoya, Ekta Kapoor, the woman who made Talaash with Aamir, Rekha.
Also, if you think getting married is proving you're straight then you're wrong. There are several married men in bollywood who turn into fairies in bed with gay men.

Many huge names in Bollywood are Bi. SRK, Akshay Kumar, Saif.. etc etc.. But who cares? Its their life.. their wish! Its actually sad that it has been made illegal now!

Shahid kapoor .

Rohit Bal is a certain fag.

Does any one know that salman khan is a all time big gunda and villian, his record of the girls itself shows that how cruel he has been towards them, and along with that he is a homosexual that means gay, he is fond of boys than girls, this is the only reason why he is unmarried till today because all his needs are filled from his community of homosexuals.

Which Bollywood star is not gay? It is common knowledge that most men in India have had gay experiences, willingly or unwillingly and is the norm for them. Whether it be a man or woman, as long as they get their leg over, it doesn't matter who with.

I not believed that's it.

Anil kapoor and Jackie shroff are gay bears and were partners..
Karan, obviously gay and Sharukh were partner at times. Yash Birla,Aditya chopra, Sunny Deol, Akshay khanna, Akshay kumar, Sunil shetty are gay.
Sanjay leela bhansali being so creative, has to be gay.
Dhanush is gay, kamaal hasan is bi
Salmaan and Abhishek are gay too..

In my point of view, Rajpal Yadav is a certain gay.

wat is wrong wit the word gay? Nature has given them to b born in that way...the world is nt only for the straight people, it is for all the people of different background and different sexual orientation.....y people has to look down so much to the people who is gay?

I'm very sure Abhishek Bachchan is Gay.

well karan johar,rohit bal,rocky s,punjabi singer jassi,yash birla,jas arora,mink all are bloody homo sexuals

yuvraj thakur??? is gay i guess so,... he lookz gay in some face pose he gave,...

I always thought Urmila was a lebian as well, she's not very lady like outside fils and never had any affairs with men!

lol....i dig that there are so many people unnerved about salman being gay! get over it, dudes n dudettes....he's as gay as the rainbow flag!! :-)
he's as gay as they come, and i am not just guessing....i know! Mmm........

hw do u kno?

how stupid! people are naming salman..salman is the one dude
who has been into women since his teens...none of his relationships is a mystery..
on the other hand i find abhishek very a girl i ever found him attractive
dont know why..the kinda roles he gets..the way
he talks behaves and all, and it does not matter if he is married to someone..
and the khanna brothers of course without a doubt!


I follow some hot celebs..and Randeep Hooda is one guy I absolutely drool over..saw him chatting up Yash Birla [obviously gay] at a, I think he is is definitely Bi..woohoo!!

Yash Birla [obviously gay] was spotted recently chatting up Randeep Hooda at a party..disappointed @Randeep :(

Karan Johar is definitely Gay
Then there is that famous singer who sang Chaiya Chaiya in Dil se (Sukhwinder Singh) is also Gay
Manish Malhotra and KJ are rumoured to be partners

Sidharth Malhotra is also rumoured to be Karan Johar's lastest boyfriend

Where's my comment gone?

sorry for the bollywood public. now i realis why do southern hunks dont make their part in bollywood as they know.................. something is not str8 here

i thing karan is gay and mnaish is with him,

Fri, 2012-09-28 20:50 — Anonymous

LOL suniel shetty and hrithik roshan? you are bluffing


How can hrithik be gay? people are nuts

Ritesh married Genilia, only his jokes are gay but he does not look gay.

Akshay Khanna, Karan Johar is definitely gay. Even if they marry a girl for the sake of it I would not believe they are straight 100%.

Abhishek acts gay but he is not gay.

I do sometimes think Upen Patel is gay but we dont know much about him.

i doubt amitabh and hrithik are gay...being gay myself and in mumbai for years i think many of us know who is and who isnt gay amongst the film fraternity....its just that its considered rather opportunistic to name any names. suffice to say that its easy for everyone to know that karan johar, sanjay bhansali, manish malhotra and arjun rampal are gay because they dont really really hide it. its more the likes of salman, tusshar kapoor and riteish, who are often enough seen at some gay friend or the others private parties, obviously canoodling with other men, who confuse the people. what does it matter? salman's films are blockbusters, and riteish's arent. so there's not an iota of difference it makes to their fan following.
though it would probably seem rather ironic that salman, the poster boy for masculinity, is totally gay. so what? he's still a great guy, and a wonderful person.

sunil shetty and hritik roshan had a brief affair back in the 90s when HR would come on the sets to watch directors make films

Oh and amitabh is gay also dharmendara plus all the Deol boys are gay....i heard they are bottom men.

I don't think so that there is homosexual in Bollywood

bollywood is 99.9% filled with homosexuals.

the question should be: are there any heterosexuals in bollywood?

un, 2012-08-05 04:45 — Anonymous

There are quite a few stars who seems to be bisexual at least. arjun rampal, rekha, salman, karan johar, milland woman, john abraham, mannish malhotra. they r not coming out, and why should they? india, in general, is not openminded. their public persona is going to overshadow their work, their art. they r artists, and we as public, can appreciate on it own merit. i don't think the personal life of an artiste should become bigger than the film he or she does.

Why did you leave out the BIGGEST one? SRK!!

And salman is not bi.. he is TOOO MUCH.. wayyyyyy too much into women.. so that was very stupid to include him and not the biggest bi srk

Hecckkkkkk nooooo.. siv sena's will take them apart

One will say, is there in heterosexual in Bollywood, that should be the question. No one want to come out to put his carrier in jeopardy, no one wants to be controversial. Off the record its only about their gay sex life and plenty. Unfortunately, not only India, its world wide trend to not come out in open, be it actors, politicians, sportsmen or general people, all fear the backlash.

Bobby Darling is a transwoman, not a homosexual man. There's a HUGE difference between both terms, learn them first than think about writing an article.

There are quite a few stars who seems to be bisexual at least. arjun rampal, rekha, salman, karan johar, milland woman, john abraham, mannish malhotra. they r not coming out, and why should they? india, in general, is not openminded. their public persona is going to overshadow their work, their art. they r artists, and we as public, can appreciate on it own merit. i don't think the personal life of an artiste should become bigger than the film he or she does.

Most bollywood actors are too good looking to be completely straight.... I think SRK and Karan Johar relationship is completely platonic. They regard each other as family, nothing more than that. Karan Johar is definitely gay and I think his partner is Jugal Hansraj because Jugal's name is strangely credited in most of Karan's movies... Salman Khan, 46, muscular, good looking, unmarried.... Duuhhhh...

well, i've heard the same! but my frenz tell me dat sallu is sometimes receiving also....some have done him too...not very popular, rather rude and unfrendly he one goes back second time even if he calls!
but he is not much in the scene these days, before he was very active.

well, i'm only going to talk about salman. for all those sallu lovers out there who're outraged at "bad things being said about him"...well, who said being gay is bad? :-)
its quite common knowledge amongst the gay community that salman is gay, and has been around amongst men since the early 90's. ask the guys who used to be with him in the gym!!! so, i'm so sorry, for those "fans" are gonna be outraged again...but its true.
and yeah, for the gay guys who wanna know, he's top, and he's quite good in bed. lots of practise, i assume! there was a period when a membership at his gym needed "his approval"! lol! any idea how he "approved"?

imitiaz ali is bisexual surely he may be have a relationship with ranbir kapoor dey r sported in theater on anywhere else n dey were alone when ranbir kapoor was giving a speech imitiaz ali was looking at him like a women he is for sure bisexual

There is nothing wrong in being in same sex relationships. I'm positive Karan is in a same sex relationship with some one in the movie industry & that it caused his family a lot of grief.So much is written about Karan & SRK,but to me it looked like he has a bit of a crush on John Abraham on the KWK show.It was so sexual! He is fond of SRK,but I don't think it's ever happened.Remember him telling Simi that he wishes the rumour about him is true.
Dharmesh Darshan whose family tried to get married hoping it would 'cure' him. Other directors who have never hidden it are Rituparno Ghosh & Onir. Amongst the actors Sahil Khan (of 'Style' fame),Jackie Shroff who came 'out' recently & then back tracked on it. He's supposed to be with Sahil Khan as they are always together. SRK may be bisexual,remember that snap of him kissing actor John Barrowman who is gay? Arjun Rampal is bisexual as he was Rohit Bal's muse.Sharman Joshi & an industrialist, Akshaye Khanna who may be bisexual if the recent gossip is true.....Probably many more who are too clever for the press.

Salman Khan is DEFINITELY gay. Saif Ali Khan is probably gay as well judging from his behavior (voice, mannerisms) and that fact he gets so angry when someone accuses him of being gay. I also think John Abraham is. SRK is probably bisexual and apparently Arjun Rampal is too. And to people reading this pointing out that these men have had or continue to have relationships with woman, SO WHAT? Gay men always use "beards" to cover up their homosexuality and even go as far as having sex with women, marrying and having children. Pathetic!

Guys Ram kapoor and Sushant singh rajput are gay too.............

SUshant singh is a bottom guy and he had sex wid one of my friend in pune he charged 25k around 4 years back

I have heard a lot about SRK and karan being in a relationship....but recently i have heard that shahrukh khan and arjun rampal are having an may be they are gays.

karan johar is a FLAMER

Abhishek is not gay....if he were, he would be much better dressed! He dresses like a str8 college bhaiya from 1990.
Karan is gay and cute. Manish is gay and hot. Riteish is gay and not.

Agree about Karan Johar and Manish Malhotra
I think Abhishek is gay too

KJO( double DUH!), SLB, most of the clothing designer guys, SRK, ..hmmmm who else?

karan, manish, n other fashion designers r obviously gay. Ritesh looks gay, but not sure if he is. Abhi sometimes looks gay, but dont think he is.
Heard alot about Arjun being bi-sexual, maybe he is.

shiamak davar??????

Fri, 2010-10-29 16:03 — Anonymous
ali zafar...r u hinting that he stands a good chance of being cast in Karan's

shahid kapoor is totally gay

you ppl need help just because sallu is not married his gay? WTF. i seen
men passed there 40's who are still not married and they are 100% stright!
since when do you have to marry a certain age? anyone who's in there late 40's
and not married yet is gay? WOW you guys need to take your meds. btw i bet half
of the ppl saying that are aish fans. GET over it already. god damn sallu already has
a women in his life last time i checked he is in love with katrina.

you ppl need help just because sallu is not married his gay? WTF. i seen
men passed there 40's who are still not married and they are 100% stright!
since when do you have to marry a certain age? anyone who's in there late 40's
and not married yet is gay? WOW you guys need to take your meds. btw i bet half
of the ppl saying that are aish fans. GET over it already. god damn sallu already has
a women in his life last time i checked he is in love with katrina.

Karan Johar surely looks like one - think in one of his interviews he indirectly hinted that he would not do anything to hurt his parents's feelings - and maybe he hasn't come out of the closet for his mom's sake. But his walk is glaringly feminine and kinda sense he gets flustered when talking to men he is attracted maybe John Abraham etc.

Others must be there definitely in bollywood, but not as interesting as the on screen folks. Lot more in the political arena I think, even perverts.

@Anonymous Fri, 2010-10-29 00:34
So because SRK "loves" Berlin, he has to be gay? Seriously, that made me lol so hard!
I love Berlin, too, does that make me gay?
And since when is Berlin the "most liberal city towards gays"? Just because they have a homosexual mayor? If any city in Germany is known for having many gay people, it is definitely Cologne.
Oh, and maybe you will be surprised to hear that Germany has a gay minister of foreign affairs. Well, maybe we are just a gay nation... LOL

uffff many many of them, its just that they do like muslims , they marry and have children to please society but they only feel atracted to the same sex. Hypocrites>:(

poor karan, he got exposed to the masses and media. And abhi is defo gay with reteish.

Does anyone on Pinkvilla live in Mumbai and move around in filmi circles?

So that we can get the dirt on all these celebs.

Lolz @fashonista, u r sooo true about arjun. He's toooo hottttt to handle!! *day dreaming*

the only actor in bollywood gay community in india dont like is salman khan last year there was an interview with the gay leader in india they said all other actors can be gay or bi but not salman khan when asked why he thinks that way he said you can tell from their personalities salman is gay hater not gay lover and from his personality he has violence toward gays or women.

Obviously Rekha is a bi! How could I not mention her? My bad. Who is this Rohit guy everybody is talkin about? On a more serious note, I believe that when God created people he made mostly people with straight orientation and then for diversity he/she threw in some gays& bi's as well. So all haters who hate gays becuz of religion are in someway god haters too :-(

Look how gay abhi looks in that photo with John....John doesn't look so gay.
Bet Abhi is gay/bi....that's why he's using marriage as a cover.

There are gay people everywhere, period. It's a historical fact that people have always existed with different sexualities. Society just treated them as outcasts.

I think we should just accept that that's part of life and move on. Not everyone has to be heteresexual. I am, but if tomorrow my kids are not, I would be totally accepting of that. Thankfully I live in a big city where I think my child would be in healthy social circles where people are open minded and would treat them the same as everyone else.

Not Karan but the other guy said to Karan: i will do anything give me a role in your movie. preity and abhishek made jokes about that guy. watch full episode before making assumptions.
But on the other hand i always was thinking karan is guy, but in his interview with koel he said that he wants to get married and have children


very nice post zenny.

defntly there are gay people in bollywood. i think it is fine if they want to keep it in the closet, indian society doesnt accept them openly. and its their private life.

i kinda agree with all people on the guesses.

Not sure abt abhi and salman. i would not have guessed. most male fashion designers are gay i am guessing. rekha for sure is bi.
arjun is bi --?? he is too hot , he can make any person chnage their sexual orientation:).
akki is bi?? i dont think so he always dated women didnt he?
srk is good friends with manish and arjun and all 3 of them are being doubted for sexual orientation.

women its hard to guess who is lesbo..

There's not strong evident,I cant prove them either, but What I've been heard so far its like
homo - karan, manish, abhishek, reteish, sajid, tusher, rekha etc
Bi - srk, salman, akki, arjun, john, dino, ranbir etc I think most of the actors of todays era are bisexual, even homosexuality existed in 70's or 80's era also.

I heard all the male models turned actors slept w/ their mentor designers to make their way like arjun, john, dino etc lolz. But I wont blame the designers though lolz they're so tempting & irresistible. On a serious note, in model industries males are the victim most cases, whereas in film industries the victims are the ladies. Its pathetic and ridiculous. They should judge people on the basis of talent.

plzzzzz shut ur filthy mouth and dont say or assume wrong anything abt salman khan he z perfect human being ashwarya k baare main kya kahe she z selfish lady who can do anything for publicity, money and fame i really feel sad on d mentality of those people who think bad abt salman

As i khow very well gay community in Berlin, it is very easy to recongnize who has Gay attitute,

Karan - no doubt,
Arjun deffinitely looks like gay, he may has family, kids, it does not matter, there are many couples stay together becouse of kids and some passions, becouse bisexuall can have sex with both sex and actually it is transgender staff always existed there.
Tushar looks like thus still think it is something geneticall, becouse his dad looks like also, but deffinitely they ae not.

As for Salman, of course, diffinitely not, thus his hipet macho imidge maybe is coming from the nature who tries to defeat the gay attitute inside. but of course it is not, commom, he is the last macho of bollywood.

Saruk looks like a gay, maybe his earlier yers there was something, and if we take his lovwe for Berlin, which is most liberal city toward the Gays, now everything is commin in one logic, he can may be gay

Karan said 'i am ready to anything' becoz it was a joke abuot a person that came to his office and said that .....go watch full episode first ....

Karan said 'i am ready to anything' becoz it was a joke abuot a person that came to his office and said that .....go watch full episode first ....

Of course there are many who people say could be homosexuals - Karan,Manish, Tushar, SRK (bi), Arjun (bi), Rohit Bal, Wendell Rodericks, Pankaj Parasher (old actor), pbly Ekta Kapoor, Farzana (always with Rekha) and dunno but Sushmita would make a gr8 lesbo (or bi). Much as we would love to know these secrets for our guilty pleasures, I think these people will be shunned by the industry and the audience (or they sure as hell think they will be, hence the secrecy when everything else they do is aimed for publicity!) My take - live and let live. As a straight person, I've never felt compelled to reveal my sexual orientation - so why on earth must homosexuals be asked to do so. Like I said, I too am guilty of the voyeuristic inetrests in such things but at the end of the day it's just gossip and people have the right to be who they are, without being forced to ''come out'' - if they want to - for whatever reasons -they will...

OBVIOUSLY srk karan manish rohit bal tusshar ekta and some old heroes 2 u guess :P

srry @ Thu, 2010-10-28 16:52 — Anonymous if it sounds like i copied u but i thought of the same ppl 2 :)

karan is the biggest fag in bollywood i have seen him with his louis vuitton purse sitting in the coffee shop at JW marriot with my own diva and totally gay

I know! I know! (raising my hand enthusiastically :-) I understand why they can't come out of closet in the hostile Indian society. But people are more forgiving when it comes to Bollywood. Look what happened to Ellen when she came out. We still love her.Don't we?
Gays: Ekta (with Prachi), Tushar, their mom Shoba, Manish, Ritesh, Karan.
Bi: Arjun (ask Karan), Dino (ask Karan again),SRK (ask Karan again... sorry it's gonna be one long conversation with Karan dear).
Bollywood gays will be doing a great social service to other closeted Indian gays by coming out.

Aishwarya has admitted that Salman abused her and its so sad that women hate on her for coming forward. Salman may not be a bad person, but he is a twisted character. I will always think that Salman is gay becuase what 46 y o in Indian culture is not married/or fathered a kid by now?

that comment u mentioned on the show koffe wid karan was not an off take.But the interview itself.It seems a guy came to karan for a role n he told karan,holding his hands, h ll do

In emotional atyaachar , the host asked Bobby darling whether its true that bobby had an affair wid a leadng actor of bollywood n Bobby said yes but he said he would not mention the name. hhhmm

Btw the person who doubted that salman is a gay.There s another news abt him .Its from genuine source.It was around the time of split wid ash n before katrinas entry into indian scene.Salamn was drunk in a pub in Dubai and he was blabering like no woman want to be wid cos he isnt quite a man n stuff like that.God knows looking at the track record one can only believe that.It has always been the woman who dumped himThough ppl are angry over Ash episode.But the physical abuse part has happened wid Somy ali also. may be who knows? Only if they admit

Karan is Gay...this is obvious. Lots in fashion field, Rohit Bal (openly), Rocky S, Manish Malhotra, Abu and Sandeep (one of them is), and Arjun Rampal is Bisexual ( watch one of his interview w/ sajid khan he confirms it, and then there is rumor that he slept w/ one of the designer during his modeling days..i'm guessing it may be w/ Rohit Bal...he talks abt that in Karan Johar show)
even in US people don't come out of closest SO PLZ DON'T EXPECT THAT IN INDIA. which is more conservative.

I feel bad for them, they can't live life as they want without anyone judging or shunning them. People Live and Let live Please. If any gay wants to remain closest Please Let them be. Like people in twitter always targeting Karan Johar sexual preference. poor guy h ad enuf and is not active in twitter as before.

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