Top newsmakers of 2013

There isn’t a single day when Bollywood fans don’t have something to gossip about. Well, we aren’t complaining because that’s what makes it an eventful place to be in! Take a look at some of the top newsmakers of the year -

SRK’s new baby – AbRam

AbRam is the newest addition to Shah Rukh Khan’s family. The couple had a baby through surrogacy this year. A doting father, SRK now has a third child to talk about! The youngest Khan is said to have dimples too and papa Shah Rukh says that he sees the “next SRK” in his son, AbRam. Looks like he already has grand plans in store for his son!

Salman Khan’s first on Koffee with Karan

Salman Khan made his first appearance on Koffee with Karan this year - something he should have done long back! He was a rockstar on the show and we loved every minute of his interview. From the naughty talks to the shocking exposés – this episode had everyone glued on. One hour wasn’t enough with the star! We want more!

The Khans hug it out

Shah Rukh and Salman went without speaking to each other for 5 years and then one fine day out of the blue, the unexpected happened - they hugged each other at an Iftaar party! Suddenly the major happenings in the world took a back seat and all that was spoken about was the “famous” hug between them. After the hug we can almost imagine Rakhee saying “Main na kehti thi, mere Karan Arjun aayenge!”

Priyanka Chopra goes international

2013 might not have been one of the best years for Priyanka Chopra as far as Bollywood is concerned but it sure saw her making her mark internationally. It started with her single In My City ranking high on most of the music charts. She was also seen shaking a leg with Pitbull. Moreover, PC has also been signed as the global brand ambassador of Guess! More power to her!

Deepika & Ranveer: Are they or are they not?

Are they dating or are they not – the couple has got everyone asking this question! They look so great together and if you ask us, we almost miss seeing them together now that Ram Leela promotions are over. They sizzle on and off the screen and are a delight to watch! If they’re not dating, we really wonder what they’re waiting for!

Ranbir & Katrina snapped at Ibiza

“We’re going to Ibiza!” should be the alleged couple’s song of the year. Ranbir and Katrina were snapped holidaying at Ibiza by a perky fan. Little did the couple know that they wouldn’t even be able to holiday in peace there! Soon there were pictures of the two getting cozy and then what followed was Katrina’s long letter to the media saying she’s “upset and distressed”. What can we say? That’s the price you pay for being a celebrity Katrina!

Hrithik & Suzanne Roshan part ways?

It’s tragic but there are way too many rumours of Hrithik & Suzanne Roshan parting ways. First we hear about Suzanne moving in with her parents and then there are talks of her being unhappy with her in-laws. We no longer see the lovely couple making appearances together nowadays and how much ever we wish to overlook these rumours, one can’t deny that there is something amiss this time!

Bigg Boss house drama

Like every year there is always one contestant who threatens to leave the Bigg Boss house. This year it was Kushal Tandon who threw a fit and refused to adhere to any of the orders. From picking up a fight with Tanisha Mukerji to almost strangling Andy, this one was royally kicked out of the Bigg Boss house and along with him he took his lady love Gauhar Khan! What’s funny is that after all this drama, the two are back again in the show!

Sanjay Dutt gets arrested

Sanjay Dutt’s world turned upside down this year when his past came back to haunt him. The actor was recently sent back to jail to serve a 3.5 year sentence for possessing illegal arms in a case related to the 1993 Mumbai blasts. The media witnessed an emotional Sanjay Dutt while he left for jail leaving his wife and children behind.

No Oscars for The Lunchbox

The jury choose The Good Road over The Lunchbox as India’s official entry for the Oscars this year leaving everyone disappointed. They were upset that in spite of The Lunchbox getting worldwide acclaim from audiences all over, the movie didn’t get nominated. The jury justified their selection saying that the movie had an “India that you don’t see very often in films”. Ho-hum!

Jiah Khan commits suicide

25 year old Jiah Khan’s suicide this year left everyone in Bollywood shocked. The actress hanged herself at her Juhu residence one night and what followed were days and days of interrogation. Her mother revealed a six page note left behind by Jiah where she wrote about being harassed and mentally tortured. As all evidences pointed at her boyfriend, Suraj Pancholi, he was arrested and booked on the charge of abetment to suicide. Recently, forensic reports confirmed that the actress was drunk when she committed suicide. A failed relationship or a dying career – looks like the reason behind her death will forever be left unanswered.

Which one took you by surprise?

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Obviously IBIZA. Fools who thinks its not IBIZA read the title again. It's top news makers of the year NOT news that effected you the most. But I think Jiah KHan was also big thing.

I'm shocked at the SRK-Priyanka affair (rumour OR not!!!!). And if it is true....totally disappointed with SRK to have fallen for a troll like her!!! Other than that, Jia's death was heart-wrenching news. This is another fab post Movie-Buff. Keep it up.

Beyonce's surprise album release!Hehe...

Jiah Khan's death was the most shocking, and heart breaking.

ASIN Birthday BASH...LOL

no matter how much people pretend to ignore but inside everybody knows biggest news is ibiza thing.

Khans hug it out. Totally brought so much positivity back in Btown. AND Hrithik Sussane split was the shocking one. Also Jiah's death was sad. Rest just publicity or for fun. But yeah its true Ranveer Deepika look so gud together.

Deepika and Ranveer. There is so much positivity about them. Even the way they handle the dodgy questions. Two adorable people. Never fell in love with a couple like this before.

The Roshan divorce has come along as a huge shock , Jiah's death, Ibiza pics and the new Khan baby .

Great post. To me, it seems like the following created more hysteria than the rest
* RanKat in Ibiza
* AbRam
* SRK & Salman hugging
* Jiahs death

PC has achieved that no actress has achieved. She is truly international. Happy for her.

Obviously jiah khans death and following investigation was most heartbreaking. And i think u shud correct suicide to death bcuz noone is 100% sure its suicide

Most shocking news in a sad way- Jiah's suicide
Most shocking news in a good way- SRK & Gauri's Baby AbRam
Most loved & exciting news for the Romantics- Watching Ranveer & Deepika's love unfold on & offscreen
Most shocking & sad news for the Romantics- Hrithik & Suzanne's breakup
For Courage under extremely traumatic circumstances & Achiever of the year- Priyanka Chopra

it isn't a suicide. i am sure of that now. it was most definitely murder.

Jiah Khan commits suicide

My top three
1. Jiah Khan's death. Shocking and disturbing and upsetting. Still registers till now.
2. Srk's new son. That was news from outta nowhere!
3. Ranveer and Deepika. Individually and together. 2013 has been their year.

I am happy for PC. She truly goes global in 2013 and I can't wait for 2014 also but I am sad for jiah khan.

LunchBox was pretentious.
And definitely overrated.

Watever peoples say , actually it is IBIZA!nothing stayed for soo long like ranbir and katrina drama . The other news were sidelined by their story in newspapers . Still i think it is the most searched on internet.

Deepika and Ranveer are my pick. It's been all round entertainment. On and off screen. The last time I was this excited for a pair of actors was....... I don't even remember.

Also the SRK-Salman Iftar hug was priceless. And everything that got written after was super entertaining.

The Jiah Khan episode was too sad. News, but not of the good kind.

All the back and forth after the oscar nomination fiasco was just so childish. Anurag Kashyap deleting his twitter account in anger was dumb. And then the slew of interviews he gave dissing the good road, were uncalled for. Not a good sport!

Ranbir Katrina, could have been cute, if they hadn't made such a hullabaloo of things. First the spain pics, then the stupidass open letter, then every tom dick and harry commenting on the pics- it just made the whole thing a joke! And all the rumors that have been going around in the last two weeks, I am seriously BORED of reading about these two. maaajor PR overdrive. stop already.

I think PC has achieved so much this year Internationally that no other Bollywood celebrity has ever done. You forgot to mention that she was the voice of a character in Disney's planes.

"The couple adopted a baby through surrogacy this year." --> Come on Movie-Buff, please be more careful about what you write. AbRam is NOT adopted by SRK and Gauri. He is their biological son who was only born through surrogacy!

Take that BiggBoss Nautanki from the list

Ranveer and Deepika - the most good-looking jodi! I too badly miss the Ram-Leela promotion days..

For me Jiah Khan. That was the most disturbing news of this year.

Jiah Khan :(

Deepika & Ranbir in a nice way . They looked amazing on screen and off-screen, they are just adorable!

Jiah Khan. So tragic :( RIP.

The best has to be Ranveer Deepika one... I am sure everyone loves them by nowww

Hrithik and Suzzane have split. So have SRK and Gauri due to PC

Hrithik n suzzane have split becoz of hritik working with kareena and if srk n gauri splitted they wont be together today and have a third child. So shut ur nonsense and GET A LIFE.

You think Suzanne would have ended her 17 year relationship with Hrithik because he's doing a movie with Kareena? They have 2 kids on top of that. It takes a lot more than THAT to split with your husband with kids.

Jiah khan!! sad story!!!

Hrithik and Suzzane thing I never knew!! :O

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