Tubby Trouble - Rajeev Masand

This week's blind item by Rajeev Masand

A prominent director who has close relations with a top acting family in Bollywood is said to be ‘concerned’ and ‘worried’ about his next film. The movie is a sequel to a successful film the director made some years ago. In that film, the director killed off the character played by a well-known star son. But for the sequel, he intends to bring the actor back into the story as the son of another important character in the film.

The problem, however, is that the actor in question—who is expected to look much younger and more fit than he did in the last film, since he is playing a much younger character now—has reportedly gotten chubbier around the waist in the years since that film. Despite repeated requests made by the filmmaker to get into shape for the film, the actor is said to be looking ‘rounder’, thus creating a solid problem for the desperate director who has had to postpone the commencement of his film at least twice on this account.

The prolific filmmaker has twice busied himself with other quick projects, but he is keen to start the sequel soon. Assistant directors working on the film have revealed that the director is rethinking the script now, and might well write that actor’s role out of the story, replacing him with another character for which he could cast an actor who does not bring such baggage.

Credits: http://www.openthemagazine.com/article/voices/first-among-sequels

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Sorry, this might be mean but it's funny.. I remembered seeing this on PV and searched "tubby":

There used to be a time when Abhishek was hot. It was something about it.. it lasted for about 3-4 months. Around the time Yuva released and he was seemed like an interesting actor who was emerging as a star. He kind of lost that appeal, and chose pretty crappy movies after that, and didn't really stand out in those movies either. Oh well. Luckily he is rich and doesn't need to have a career to speak of.

sarkar raj was declared a superhit/hit!
check your facts, anon.

But I do not think that Abhishekh is looking round. He's actually looking better than before and currently shooting for Dhoom 3. Playing a cop, I don't think he can afford to be "round". I think we have this one wrong.

Sarkar was a hit,Sarkar Raj was not..n I believe bachans might b not interested in third installment..
Well in Sarkar Raj,tanisha who played abhisheikh's wife died much before giving birth to any child,n there was not any scene,where abhisheikh or aishwarya did any coochie woochie...

But KK Menon who played amitabh's son,his son is there,if they want to go ahead with the story,but why KK's son should look like Abhisheikh...RGV ab bas karo...kisi aur ko dhoondhlo

Abhishek Bachchan maybe? The sequel in question Sarkaar 3? Oh well tubby or not I just hope they don't go forward with this one. Sarkaar was quite a nice little tribute to The Godfather,while not as epic or as well acted as the original(which would be impossible)it was quite well made and took a solid standing against such a classic. After Company,Satya,Sarkaar however RGV just lost his marbles and really isn't in his element anymore,thus the far inferior sequel called Sarkar 2. Wouldn't want to be through a torture of Sarkaar 3 with or without the same actors.

Director is Ram Gopal Varma of the Sarkar series.
Actor - Abhishek Bachchan is the only leading male actor of this generation who still does not have the body beautiful.That's why Hrithik Roshan & even an Uday Chopra whipped him in Dhoom 2.
In Sarkar he already had a strong role playing his own father's son , why bring him back as another person ? Take another actor instead.

Abhishek is lazy not to work out. He has all the money in the world. Now Aishwarya is following him too not working out, lol let all come out natural what a joke. They are one big fat family! To work out is healty someone tell that too Abhishek and Aishwarya! Big B looks fitter than them!

i saw this report YESTERDAY on tv with NAMES! is masand out of job or what? he should just stick to his actual job - movie reviews!

@ anonymous just below me -
yes, she said she fixed her teeth.....AND IN YOUR WORLD THAT MAKES HER WHAT? fixing teeth isnt like any cosmatic surgery. (not that people who do surgeries are fake ) you people are OBSESSED with her!
BTW fixing teeth doesnt mean that they are FAKE! :P

Its Arjun Kapoor fr Ishaqzaade 2

dont worry people..papa bachhan will be in sarkar3 as well..and compared to papa bachhan's charisma and acting abilities..wvwrything junior beta bachhan does shall be covered!!hahahaha!!bolly wood..and people defending these celebs..duhhhhhh get a life!!whom others hate or like is non of any one's bussiness..if you guys cant hear negative points about your fav then why come to such a publis site!!read fimly magazines no!!dumbpeople..defending them as if they were the lawyers!!hahahaha

Anonymous's picture

"10yrs older to my mom..and im a college grad"
Sincere request Don't bring your mom.....you are immature one dont need to mention that you are college going one..... when you grow up you will get fat remember. One girls daily goes to fitness center, keeps herself fit. One day she injures herself while workout. She cant cant continue and gets fat even though she hates it. Hope it doesn't happen to anyone. I am not anyone's fanatic, but gets upset when i see this much hatred on internet....
oh yeahhhhh....did she even hurt her face...LOL..therefore she must have got it fixed using doctors!!and you talk as if she's hired you to be her lawyer..what is your problem guys..some people will hate someone and someone will love someone...when i dont care who you love or hate why are you all getting personal regarding my comments...am i getting personal with all of you.i dont like aishwarys rai...plain and simple..i agree with someone below who said abishek bachhan is born with silver spoon in his mouth adn gold platter to have all his cakes!!!he is not attractive..not good looking..doesnt know A of acting and doesnt have any movie apart from DHOOM where he's the cop...(LOL)..and a person as smart as aishwarya is who's handled salman khan and moved ahead so easily in her life will marry such a man had it not been for his father's name reputation and money!!!if you think so....then you are mad!!!and stop defending her...as it is im not ready to waste my time and energy over some stupid celeb who if given an opportunity would hire a person to brush her teeth!!!...ohhhhh wait...she won't coz her teeth are also fake...i remeber she'd mentioned in one of her interviews that her teeth are fake!!hahahahaha..see that is your aishwarya rai!!

sajay dutt vastav

expecting Abhishek to get in shape? lol he's like a an excess baggage

Why are so many people jealous of Aishwarya and Abhishek ? I seriously don't understand why Abhi-Aish trend the most even on posts they are not related to. It only shows that our nation loves the Bachchans (love it or hate it, but you can't ignore it).

I love the Bachchans and Abhishek has become very fit these days. In spite of it, if people are commenting negatively about him, it shows how much your heart is filled with hatred towards a person whom you hardly know personally. Abhishek is a genuine guy and let him live his life. Itna haath dhoke kyon padjaathe log unke peeche ?????

"10yrs older to my mom..and im a college grad"
Sincere request Don't bring your mom.....you are immature one dont need to mention that you are college going one..... when you grow up you will get fat remember. One girls daily goes to fitness center, keeps herself fit. One day she injures herself while workout. She cant cant continue and gets fat even though she hates it. Hope it doesn't happen to anyone. I am not anyone's fanatic, but gets upset when i see this much hatred on internet....

abishek bachhan had such a nice role in sarkar2...oh wait..yeah he was dead!!THANKGOD..dont bring him back..bring RK as abhishek's elder brother's son who takes over the entire sarkar raj and all..and aish as aunty..though she is an aunty!!LOL!!when her daughter graduates from high scholl..if ever she does..then she'll be 58-59..hahahaha..10yrs older to my mom..and im a college grad!!
So????your mom is not pretty, rich and famous as Ashwarya. Ashwarya feet is prettier than ur mom's face. Unlike other being rich n famous you cannot just marry some Random people like Ur mom. So don't bash celeb unnecessarily ...loser!

Abhishek is looking fit as a fiddle, all slim and trim after his Dhoom shoot. I think this is Sunny or Bobby Deol. The director could be Anil Sharma who is close to the Deol family. Both the Deol brothers are looking tubby alright!

is abhishek flop boy

I thing is Fat lady Aishwarya HER Husband

I really think living in a joint family khandaan system, is what is keeping Aish and Abhi out of shape. She can't go on a diet coke + ciggies diet of supermodels when she has in-laws breathing down her neck every day.

I thought of Fardeen Khan in No Entry ... except his character doesn't die off and No Entry 2 is hardly likely to go into a second generation story.

The Sarkar series seems to make sense, but Abhishek isn't that out of shape ! Although the idea of him playing Kay Kay Menon's son is not exactly fitting. Not to mention the "Ash Aunty" jokes would go into over drive as she'll be a chaachi-esq figure in the life of junior Sarkar. :P

It can't be Abhishek..Sarkar Raj was already the sequel to Sarkar. Abhishek's wife died in SR..so how can he come back as the son of another important character? It can't be as Kay Kay Menon's son in the film..Also, Abhi doesn't appear to be that fat now..he still looks young..I think this must be someone else...someone who actually got fat...

Guys, it is not AB baby or Sarkar. Abhishek has become fit as a fiddle these days, so where is the fat around his tummy ?

I have a feeling it is Sanjay Dutt(Vaastav) or Fardeen Khan.

chubbier around waist must be rishi kapoor..lol

Abhishek is not that round as Rajeev is making out to be. His most recent photo shows is not round at all.
Abhishek has not confirmed that he is doing Sarkar 3 anyway.

No Entry Mein Entry Sequel. Fardeen Khan.

I don't think it is Sarkar and Abhishek, as AB has lost a lot of weight recently and he surely doesn't have fat around his waist. It must be some other movie and some other star.

Abhishek aid get in shape allready..
I mean what is he thinking not going to gym and not building his body when old actors like shahrukh and Aamir does it for their movie..
It's not he has that aura like his father and wife has

Kitty u r right he can't do it without Aish..
Remember when she asked for a cup of tea in last part.It has continue from there.it was such a powerful scene

isn't Abhishek lost weight and looking young these days?

I don't know what film but it's Abhishek Bachchan. Him and Aish don't care about becoming obese for some reason.

Fardeen khan comes to my mind. But what movie.

I guess it's Sarkar 3 and Abhishek is supposed to be playing the part of the kid (grown up)...

Anyways the sequel would not be complete without Aishwarya as the story in Sarkar 2 had her poised to take over the Sarkar's operations!

ram gopal warma
abhishek bachan
sarkaar 3

honestly i think we had enuf of abhishek in the sarkar 2.... sign some younger actor ramu....

sarkar 2 remake...director is RGV and the famous most undeserved star son with silver spoon in his mouth and cake on a gold platter here is famous aishwarys rai's husband...oh wait..does he have his own identity...ahhhhh..NO..except for the name that his parents gave him..the junior bachhan!!hell ya....his daughter is more famous than him!!LOL

Well Abhishek. He still looks fat after guru. And now Aishwarya is following him. THEY are the most unfit couple now. Wonder why don't work out!

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