Vote: Deepika Padukone on the cover of Harpers Bazaar

TWO COVERS! Bazaar has a dual personality this month, as you can choose between two very different covers-both with the beautiful Deepika Padukone and celebrating Indian chic.

One has a retro feel and the other more edgy-showing the many different aspects of style one woman can have.

Got a favorite?

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They whitewashed her skin!!! She looks best dusky. Tsk tsk.

she looks scary in both!

Bad cover, she only pretty at times.

Sorry, I like Deeps and though that this time she's not posing in a SIDE pose O.O lol I didn't like any of them!!

bad hairdo

and bad dressing.

Only cleavage show adds hotness.

Deepika makes every thing look chic and fab! A born model.

srry, but for the first time, she looked awful and scary....otherwise shes perfect for magazines, but i think in this pose Sonam cud have been better choice....

both look horrendous. on a serious note!

ewww both are worse then each other

can i say i hate both?:P

U all haters comon first make ur fashion tips better then comment here :))

Deepika looks extra hot and beauty

Like the short curly one! Deepika needs to sport this kind of hairstyle (instead of straight and plain) because it gives a certain edginess to her staid and calm face. It makes her come alive.

Two covers are ungly!Nope!

bad style ........bad make up .......she looks bad ........

is the edgy one a take on Frida Kahlo self potrait .. its cool

I don't Like her !

HAHAH look how white they made her...indians are so

Trying too hard to look stylish like Sonam.

no amount of makeovers can help her look good ...she is below average looker ..period !


She is in gucci for da retro
N in anamika khanna n Rajesh pratap Singh in da edgy 1
Much prefer da edgy one.

i dunno why but to me deepika looks like a bat...

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