When I was emotionally drained Salman Khan called me up - Preity Zinta

So while one wonders wheres PZ these days! heres something for her fans! PZ's latest interview for filmfare

She’s braved the tsunami in Thailand, survived a bomb scare in Sri Lanka. And she emerged triumphant against a very powerful but fickle cricketing lobby in India. Through all of it, Preity Zinta’s also survived a very public heartbreak. Filmfare in conversation with the actor with mojo. Excerpts

So are you back with a bang with the show Guinness Book of World Records?
I’m happy that the show has done well. After all the cricketing drama, Guinness Book of World Records was a welcome diversion. I’ve been offered TV since 2004-05. But I couldn’t judge a singing contest because I’m not equipped to comment on the intricacies of singing. I’m a superb bathroom singer though. Neither could I do a dance show. I don’t think I can comment on people’s dancing abilities. I’m not a choreographer. All through this, I got a little nervous thinking whether I’d forgotten how to act. Adventure is up my sleeve, I love the thrill.

Any lessons learnt from the IPL drama?
Never in my wildest dreams did I think BCCI would serve my team a termination notice. Various government agencies wanting to know everything about you, everyone presuming I’m not capable of buying a team for myself, that someone else had bought it for me. Everyone speculated that the person I was dating paid up. Why is our thinking so regressive? If a woman is wearing a diamond on her finger, why is it assumed that some guy bought it for her?

Did any of the stars call you when you were going through trying times?
When I was emotionally drained Salman Khan called me up. He said, “Zinta, if there’s anything I can do for you, even financially, just tell me.” He called me home, understood what I was going through. It was huge for me, made me emotional. Really appreciated his gesture. I don’t meet most of my colleagues for days on end. And Salman out of the blue, just called. You realise the true worth of people who stick by you when you are down and out.

While on cricket, do you regret Yuvraj Singh not being in your team now, especially after his fabulous performance in the World Cup?
(Laughs) Yuvraj should regret not being in our team. Life is measured by people who support you when you are not doing well. We stood by him during all his lows when he was completely out of form. He should feel bad for us. He went away.

There was so much speculation about your relationship with Ness Wadia.
The greatest event in my life was not this relationship. Everyone went on and on about how I was dealing with heartache by running out of the country. For those interested in my business, let me tell them that we have split and moved on.

Are you seeing anyone now?
No, I’m not seeing anyone. Of course, I’ve gone out on dates. I’ve learnt that there’s a soulmate somewhere in this world. Till you don’t find that person the search goes on. What I’ve learnt is never to work with the person you are in a relationship with because sometimes you need a break. It gets very incestuous. You need to unwind.

That’s why I never dated any actor, never anyone I worked with. (Laughs) Maybe that’s why all the star wives love me. Because they are my friends and I won’t cheat on my friends. That’s a deal breaker. I joke with them and say maine tumhara namak khaya hai. I’ve been to all their houses for dinners.I won’t let them down ever. Married women are vulnerable.

Recently your name was linked to some firang called Paul. You have a thing for foreigners?
Aah, you are talking about Paul. My friend Ambika Hinduja is making a movie on the Dalai Lama. Paul and Manuel are the online producers. So I’ve been in touch with them. I went out for a party with them and Ambika. But since I’m single, I’ve become fair game for hook ups. And just for the record, I’ve only dated one foreigner.

A big deal was made about you hugging your players. There was also some insinuation about an affair with Yuvraj Singh and Brett Lee.?
Come on guys, don’t be regressive. Vijay Mallya hugged his players, does that mean he’s gay? Shah Rukh, Neeta Ambani, Shilpa Shetty hugged their players. Why are you demeaning my relationship? My then boyfriend was on the same ground with me two feet away. I was seeing someone. Give that relationship the sanctity it deserved.

For God’s sake, I was wearing jeans on the ground. I can imagine if I was wearing a strappy number and a hot skirt and pouting in front of the camera. Why couldn't they see the camaraderie? We were one team. I wasn’t being a heroine with blow dried hair and make-up. I get excited and hug my players. And all they said was I’m having affairs with Brett Lee and Yuvraj Singh. Grant me that much intelligence, that if I want to have an affair with someone, I don’t need to do it in front of TV cameras. Will I not do it on the sly? I’ve so much respect for Brett. But the rumours made things awkward. I stopped hanging with Brett after that time. It affects your relationship. Finally, I took it as a compliment that I’m the most attractive in the IPL, so it made sense for the media to link me up with my players.

While you were off movies, a lot of younger heroes have come in. Do you see yourself working with a younger Ranbir Kapoor?
If a hero can work with someone 10 years younger, why can’t a heroine work with a younger hero? And for the record, I was offered a film with Ranbir. I couldn’t do it because of the IPL business then. I’m fed up of these misconceptions. Post 30, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did Dhoom 2 and looked hotter than any other heroine. So what was that?

Of the new heroines who has impressed you?
I absolutely loved Anushka Sharma in Band Baajaa Baaraat. She’s just fab. My only advice is don’t get taken in by the media. And don’t get taken in by superstar or the harsh has-been tags too.

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Credits: filmfare

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u have a thing for foreigners??
lol..how can they ask this question haha

She has a 'SPECIAL' relationship with Salman, it seems!

Lol. What a lier. She must have been offered the role of Ranbir's mother. She also needs to go slow on the botox

she was taling abt regressive thoughts.. After seeing your comments on thsi page I can udnerstand why! I dont line in India and I have indian friends, who themselves say BACKWARDS you guys are.. labelling her a man eater, Salman called her because he wanted sex.. Are you guys for real.. Please stay in India and dont move out of there..Keep polluting the women's and modern people lives rather than polluting other people's lives elsewhere.. I pity the indians who live there and are decent and are not insecure enough to gossip and pester other lives!!


We all know y salman called her up. Dont we guys?? wink wink. Hundred times..... on the floor..... Ring a bell anyone??

She pretends to be this good girl n how c is loyal to star wives but i guess it doesnt count directors' wives cos she drove one crazy. Remember how Suchitra Krishnamurthy labelled her a maneater in her blogs.

so lovely Preity, Salman and Preity looks fabulous, come back together we love you

preity shud be back in movies asap///we so miss her...


I so agree with you "Wed, 2011-06-08 09:10 — Anonymous" I really miss Preity, Rani, Ash, Kajol SRK movies like Humtum, Veer zara, Kank,Hum dil de chuke sanam.. etc these days movies are all trash.. I miss that era.. I am sick of PC ,Katrina ,Kangna, Genelia, etc etc stupid females who can not act..

Love u!!
Plz cm back!

She is too talkative and talks about things she doesn't have to. It sounds childish when she repeats "Oh come on", "Give me a break" kind of sentences. And the habit of including others names and other situations. She can explain better!

agree with ANCHAL.


actresses like katrina, sonam and kareena have RUINED bollywood

i hate her as an actress but love her as a person!

awww preity love u loads and salman is a true superstar !

refreshingly honest interview...I am beginning to like her:))

i just love her... she is my idol !

please come back pretty !!

you were so beautiful with shahrukh in veer zara just come back!

oops sorry, messed up your username bollywood lover :-)

i have read this before, may be on PV Itself, anyway thanks bloyywoodlover for this!!!!
preity desevesw to be in movies right now, hope she makes a good comeback with either salman or srk.i'd love to see that.
people are insane to spread rumours abt her and brett lee. havent they ever heard of friendship bw opp sexes??

Wah..yes aishwarya is hotter than any other heroine..muahh.

Wah..yes aishwarya is hotter than any other heroine..muahh

Priety is gud friend of aishwarya..both are spectecular..

that so nice of salman

Priety is gud friend of aishwarya..both are spectecular.

Awwww my fav Preity Zinta is rocking now. Her show rocked and now she is making BIG comeback. Love to see her and Salman together and nice to see how they are with each other.

I just love Pz.

Miss Preity Z. so much. And I've gained so much respect for Salman K. after reading this. :-)

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