Where are they now: Mamta Kulkarni

I love the songs from the 90's and when I watch these songs one thing that clicks the mind is where are these actress! While many didnt have that big of a role as 90% of the movie was based on action and the hero was the god many did end up being in some of the biggest music hits!!

And of those actress is none other than 90's queen Mamta Kulkarni.


& have fun :)

& My favourite :D

I do intent on making a couple more of these posts on "Where are they now" so if you guys wanna go back in time and know about your favourite actor or actress, please post and heres hoping I will make a post on them!!

planning on making a post on Actress sonam on my next "Where are they now"

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She is found,living as yogini..google her blog n latest interview,she blasted many from bollwood,including ex miss world

She married drug dealer Vicki in dubai. Vicki got in jail and he converted to Islam. Mamta and Vicki got a nikaah marriage after Mamta converted to Islam.

she lives in Dubai. today she had a flight to nairobi, kenya. she still looks soo young like 25 yrs old but unfortunatly she is not

plz some body post mamta latest photos videos informations. if somebody have

haha...as expected only cheapest desperate ugliest wives of bollywood who are active overnight on pinkvilla can admire this cheapest actress (i collect guts for calling her an 'actress'..lols)..

@un, 2012-10-28 17:48 — Anonymous

Great post. However Mamta was another actress that made me cringe with her over acting and she had two left feet....her dancing was dreadful. Still...sad she couldn't last in bollywood.

your comment is the FUNNIEST thing happened to me,at one side u r saying mamta was one of the worst actresses n dancers and at otehr side u r feeling bad about her quit from bollywood....haha

she used to make interesting headlines! love her..definitely one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen..

i love mamta kulkarni very much, where are is she , i am missing her . any body knows about her please mention here please ?

She is the Katrina Kaif of her ages...

she is most beautiful women ,happen on earth.

Great post. However Mamta was another actress that made me cringe with her over acting and she had two left feet....her dancing was dreadful. Still...sad she couldn't last in bollywood.

i was one of the best faan for her , she was briallian actress on that time at the film industry , but after 1999 i think i did not see her film even i do not know what she doing , where is she right now and why she quit from the film industry.

she is in UK now.settled with her white boy friend name tony royi

mamta kulkarni is right now in dubai

i love her face as well as her voice as my gf is likely as she .


arey she is in USA she married an NRI in USA. Often seen there. She has grown old now.

@bollywood lover i have it but with sign of the site and they dont accept it here ..one of my friends had site few years ago ...but have some without name of the site ...

@ coolboy1989
Hey that looks like a good interview!! U got ny other scans from the issue?

she n divya bharti was best in 90's

raaj kumar santoshi is the person who ruined her career ..its so sad .........nobody know what she doing now

She was every college kid's dream in back in 90's. Most of guys had her poster in their room..lol..I know it cuz I was also one of them!

I remember reading an interview of hers (my mom read it out to me as it was in punjabi). She said that she came from a very conservative family and that Jaya (Big B's wife) had discovered her in a beauty salon and suggested she try to be an actress. This totally contradicts what is said in the interview above. I liked her movies but in her interviews she always seemed to have an angry tone and did not sound too intelligent. Beautiful but not very classy. Even in that topless shot, everything is sagging gross!

Mamta lives in NJ? still so discreet?

She never made any impression on me when I was growing up, she looked very average to me, but after seeing this video, which I hadn't seen before, I am appreacting her attitude, her honesty. Am seeing a new side to this actress.

bollywood owes her an apology,look at the topless shots of bipasha,etc..

would love to know whereabouts of Anu Agarwal of Ashiqui? any idea?

I wonder the same thing too.. where are they now..?



Mamtha was a hottie. She lives in NJ with her husband. Her sister is manila and she is a hottie too. Mamtha was honest way way better than most of the today's girls.
Sonam lives in U.K with her husband and son -- Gaurav.

Mamtha was a hottie. She lives in NJ with her husband. Her sister is manila and she is a hottie too. Mamtha was honest way way better than most of the today's girls.
Sonam lives in U.K with her husband and son -- Gaurav.

i miss her and think bollywood never was fare to her

she had a group for private dance parties and clubs...country club etcc...she was also caught red handed with some action/stunt lead (uncle types) by his wife in a compromising position in some hotel in Bombay....and that was the last I heard about her...

She is gorgeous.. I can't believe that topless picture though! That was pretty explicit for those days eh!

very sexy, love the confidence and attitude.. none of todays actresses have it

Thanks for puting this Post of Mamta.

Wish to see her in bollywood again.She was damn hot

I loved Mamta. She was frank and unabashed and was quite the siren onscreen and offscreen. While other actresses were pretending to be virgins and shy around men, she had liaisons with Aamir, Salman and Akki and she was unapologetic about it. Accusing Raj Kumar Santoshi was her undoing, like it always is in Bollywood. I bet she's happier wherever she is now though.

Now ppl r giving so much imporatnce to Veena malik's nude photo shoot, she is getting work after that..poor mamta she has to quit the industry after her photoshoot and was so much criticized:(

Bollywood lover I'm loving this post and please do more as I'll be eagerly waiting.. whenever I watch old songs of the 90's I keep thinking the same thing too... ;)

very strange , i was very thiking for her some time back,

she used 2 resmble moushmi chatterjii

haha look at that saggy paunch hanging out from teh jeans in the topless photo. Guess bollywood's standards of fitness weren't quite what they are today.

can some bollywood insider tell us wherz this mamta kulkarni?

I REMBR ANJALI JATHAR used to remind me of pooja bhatt....

sorry,,madhuri lookalike name is farheen ,,,had acted in jaan tere naam opp rohit roy(tv star) and is currntly married to crickter manoj prabhakar..they run a herbal company in delhi...

sanam bewafa 's heroine name was chandini...ther was anothr actress named kanchan in that flic...wonder where they are...? rembr fardeen?(madhuri looalike..)she has settld down with some crickter...

anjali jathar(rembr she ws opp sharukh khan in trimurti) is on fb as anjali paul...

I don't know where she is now,but she was wiped out after she accused Raj Kumar Santoshi of misbehaving with her. Still remember when that explosive Stardust cover came out.It caused such a ruckus.However it looks really tame by today's standards.Hope she's happy today where ever she is.

keep it up interesting read! :)

I want to know where is sanam bewafaa heroine

She is the only actress who has worked with all the mainstream Khans as well as Akshay Kumar. Quiet an accomplishment.

Last we heard of Mamta kulkarni was some underworld connections in middle east and she was completely wiped post that.

I thought she lives in India.

Nice, loved her..wonder how she looks now!

I have to say...Salman Khan and Mamta make a good match. Sallu looks so good with her.

Mamta Kulkarni is a Much Much More Beautiful Woman than many other Actresses from Bollywood. She is also a Great Dancer. I remember in the 90s I use to be Crazy about her whenever I saw her in the Stardust Magazines. I remember I always look forward to seeing an Article or or Pictures of Mamta. She speaks very well too.


is she really in new york?

She was pretty, but I guess could not act much....!


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