Where Are They Now: Meenakshi Sheshadri

Heres presenting 80's and 90's superstar Meenakshi Sheshadri! One of the best dancers of bollywood

Some rare interviews of her:


I remeber watching this movie when i about 10 & was love with this song :D

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Credits: youtubegooglenews

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I am 22 years old.......i watched all the movies and interviews of MEENAKSHI SHESHADRI....and now i can say that no one is like meenakshi as a dancer, an actress, a home maker and finally a human being.......

i am not indian but i love meenakshi. she was so popular in iran for her performance in HERO,SHAHENSHAH,DAMINI etc.
by watching her movie i just understand the words by her passions.i think she was so gifted.

Sridevi was the first choice for most of the top makers so the other actresses were left with leftovers and never really made a mark. When the 90' hit Sridevi had a worthy rival in Madhuri Dixit.

Oh I used to love Meenakshi. Ever so gorgeous!

Thank thank thank you for posting something about beautiful Meenakshi,thank you for the interview clips i really enjoyed that!

its criminal how you neglect to mention her superlative dancing abilities.

can you please post on Mandakini???

jus checked madhoo fb page....rembr there was an actress named ruchika pandey in the early 90's? well,,she is on fb too as ruchikaa pandey.......she has gained alot of weight....... lives in dubai..

I think 80's and early 90's was eclipsed by Powerhouse performer and the true megastar SRIDEVI!!!, lots of good actress like meenakshi, rati, sonam, rekha & jaya prada was there but could not stand in front of her in terms of box office performance and her undyin aura..

Can you please do one post on Kimi Katkar as well?

great posts keep them coming

wow what a woman!!she has super stunning beauty,so very drop dead gorgeous.And wat a figure,simply too perfect.Some ppl here r comparing her with madhuri,i wonder y?madhuri unfortunately lacks a perfect figure but dancing wise she was ok though not a perfect dancer like meenakshi.....

She's not super beautiful or an amazing actress... She was ok, her face is very harsh.

Meenakshi Sheshadri is so beautiful and she is one of my favorite actress.

yes she was a good actress and an amazing dancer but you cant compare her to madhuri cuz madhuri was is trained in kathak and she is trained in Bharatnatyam which is totally unfair! both are excellent dance but if i had to choose it has to be madhuri cuz i love kathak! :D

wow.she looks good.im so glad i get comliment sometime that i have her temple and eyes.

Jackie Shroff, Kumar sanu, Santoshi all dated her

Madhoo : Is my FB buddy. Living a fairy tale life in a beautful home with a devoted -- SUPER RICH hubby and adorable kids.
Madhoo shah is her FB name.

I agree with the comment below now this is one actress worth talking about. She was stunningly beautiful, extremely talented, excelled in dancing (sorry Mad fans but I think she was far better in dancing than her!).

I just recently watched Damini and Allah Rakha and she was truly fantastic. We need more actresses like her and in all her interviews she is so down to earth and humble. Truly god gifted! We miss you meenakshi!! xx

One of the best dancers in Hindi cinema. Director Raj Kumar Santoshi was crazy about her & she kept refusing him. Her name never figured in the gossip columns & she gave it all up to settle down in the USA.

LMAO you love that song.. "Jaane do Jaane do mujhe jaa na hai? " HAHAHA that is soo cheesy..

Neelam Kothari and Padmini Kolhapure

fabulous dancer

this is a must watch:


where r they now ???
well, well....God knows...

Raj kumar santoshi and Meenaxi had famous love affair when she was in her prime. He wanted to marry her she said no, and soon when her films were not doing that good and she married to some NRI and settled in USA.

I guess Shilpa sharodkar is married to some NRI as well, she is also BFF of Madhuri.
Mayuri kango from "papa kahte hain"?
she was a cutie pie. Some people say she died :(
dunno what ayesha jhulka is up to. I saw her 2-3 yrs back in Abhishek's movie.

Ah an old favourite, beauty with brains. I have never seen her in an interview. Even though I've always heard about how intelligent and educated she is, I am still struck by her eloquence and with the ease in which she speaks. I really wish Bollywood personalities would speak in their native tongue, there is so much beauty in it.


Awesome post! Other choices: Farah, Madhoo, Ashwini Bhave, Zeba (of Henna fame), Nagma

didn't she have a rampant affair with kumar sanu and almost broke his marriage ?

How can u forget DAMINI .............. SHE was stunning n beautiful... One of d finest actresses..

She has to be the best dancer who ever lived on earth!

Yes she's in texas and has her own dance academy.. she is a great dancer- just second to madhuri.. perfect expressions and poise.

Meenakshi was a combination of beauty grace and talent besides being an amazing dancer.

now this is one celeb worth writting about. She is truely a woman of substance. After her marriage to Harish Mysore she moved to Houston TX. Where she has dedicated her life to dance. She runs a dance school. She also visits India for dance related festival and dances around the globe to raise funds for charity. She has 2 kids.
Amazingly beautiful, super talented an down to earth. She was not from filmy background hence made some bad career choices. Also her mentor Subhash Ghai moved over to Madhuri Dixit. She quit films while on top.
I am happy that she has taken Indian culture globally with her dance. Ahem Mrs.Nene are you listening?

Enjoying these a lot.............thanks.

how can u not put up her dance sequence from damini?!? one of the best ever in bollywood i say. madhuri and sridevi are nothing in front of this woman's dancing capabilities...i suggest everyone go have a look at it on youtube!

great post, took me back to my childhood! how about shilpa sharodkar, mayuri kango, and ayesha jhulka? and Prithvi the guy in dil ka kya kasoor!

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