Who is the Strongest Leading Lady: Kareena, Katrina, Priyanka, Vidya

A article by Suparna Thombare which discusses the star power and the effect bollywood's leading ladies have on box office!

Even today, box office success in Bollywood is attributed mainly to the male stars involved in a project and filmmakers spend big bucks to cast a big heroes in their films. Sadly, while there is a long list of male stars that includes Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor – who are all staking their claim at the turnstiles – there are only about three or four female stars who command any kind of respect at the BO.
According to trade pundits, just three female stars can even come close to affecting the opening of films – Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra.

[img_assist|nid=205360|title=While we would like to believe that there is competition for the number three spot between Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan, the trade is still treading carefully and waiting to see if Vidya can sustain the star status she recently garnered. |desc=Mehra feels that Vidya is far from being the ‘female Khan’ of Bollywood. “Her star value has gone up after The Dirty Picture, but it might work against her in her next film, Kahaani. People might go in expecting something more entertaining and mainstream. He doesn’t deny that she is the strongest performer of her time, but Vidya’s star status is very new and might not last for too long!
Nahata has a slightly different view on Vidya. He feels that her presence in a film definitely helps. “The Dirty Picture had three heroes and songs like Ooh La La, while Kahaani is more serious kind of film. There is no doubt that Vidya is a top class actor and people expect a good film from her. But we don’t expect a big opening for Kahaani. I am not saying that it won’t do well; it could if the film is good and because of Vidya’s presence, but it’s not expected to get a huge opening,” he explains.|link=node|align=left|width=434|height=650]

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looking at this article now, i think PC's Barfi might put all the others to shame!!

Weel after watching Ek tha tiger, i guess the best actress of bollywood is Katrina Kaif because she has proved that she's not only a pretty face but she is also talented. So 1st best actress of bollywood is katrina and the 2nd one is Kareena.... :)

priyanka qween of bollywood



katrina kaif all day everyday x 10000000000000!

those two actress are the best

I too rate Vidya & priyanka on top position & rest all actresses come after them !

what kareena, rani,priyanka n all other actresses couldn't do in their first movie that katrina an N.R.I did.. and katrina became an overnight star without any khans in her moviewhich kareena n all other couldn't do. inspite of being a bad actress katrina is the most famous actrees in bollywood. and what's the use of telling her a bad actress. she is not an indian. she don't know to speak hindi still she put all her efforts. and there are some actresses which are originally indian, know to speak hindi still don't know to act like sonam, deepika, anushka.. shame . I think katrina is better. AND kareena is now aged actrees. she is much experienced in acting. at first she also did over acting. moreover working with khans is her strong point. But in Jab we met she showed her talent. give some more time to kat. she is improoving...

what kareena, rani,priyanka n all other actresses couldn't do in their first movie that katrina an N.R.I did.. and katrina became an overnight star without any khans in her moviewhich kareena n all other couldn't do. inspite of being a bad actress katrina is the most famous actrees in bollywood. and what's the use of telling her a bad actress. she is not an indian. she don't know to speak hindi still she put all her efforts. and there are some actresses which are originally indian, know to speak hindi still don't know to act like sonam, deepika, anushka.. shame . I think katrina is better. AND kareena is now aged actrees. she is much experienced in acting. at first she also did over acting. moreover working with khans is her strong point. But in Jab we met she showed her talent. give some more time to kat. she is improoving...

Thu, 2012-03-15 09:24 — Anonymous

ash is not a talentless bimbo. She won more awards and acclaim than any kareena or priyanka. Keep your jealousy to yourself

Most talented & versatile actress is Priyanka chopra. Vidya too is very talented actress.
Katrina & kareena are good but still they need to improve a lot to reach on top position as a talented actress !

Acting wise Priyanka, Vidya.

Lookwise: Katrina, Kareena (they are in movies because of their looks not acting skills and of course their GOD FATHERS - for Kareena because of her name KAPOOR - Kapoor dynasty).

1. Kareena is an all rounder I think-Talented, versatile, beautiful and box office hit.

2. Vidya is next in line for me-Talented and lately a box office phenomenon.

3. Anushka is 3rd in line for me-Beautiful, good acting skills and likeable.

4. Priyanka is next-Complete Stunner and decent acting talent though she is inconsistent.

5. Asin is next-Beautiful and talented and box office hit, but somewhere she is not lucky enough to be in top, I hope it changes and she is become a force to reckon with.

6. Deepika is next- Most beautiful among the recent lot of actresses in Bollywood, and I hope she gets good roles and can show her acting skill. she still need some big blockbusters though.

kareena is the best actress in bollywood people like vidya and katrina acn't even act wht was so good in the dirty pic their was only sex nothink alse sooo KREENA IS THE REAL QUEEN OF BOLLYWOOD

plzz dont vote katrine kaif i dont think she has any acting skills & all her lies will come out soon or later
first her age
next her father
next her mom's degree
fine personal
what about her degree one day she tell she is a model next day she is 17 years engineering student
& to that no acting skill

1.Vidya Balan
2.Priyanka Chopra
3.Kareena Kapoor
4.Katrina Kaif

I don't even know why Katrina is on the list.... waste of time !

Priyanka :)

what an irony............the 3 ladies whom shahid kapoor dated ( bebo , vidya , pc ) are the most talented actresses
bollywood ever produced and

The 2 ladies whom salman khan dated ( aish , kat ) are the biggest talentless bimbos bollywood has ever had....

its kareena for me.she is beautiful ,talented and so gorgeous.

vidya and asin now a days :)

In terms of popularity bebo and kat are very strong.
In terms of acting pc and vidya are very strong.


Sat, 2012-03-10 22:43 — Anonymous

Kareena and Priyanka CAN do a Black, probably better than Rani.

Most talented actresses are only two Priyanka & Vidya. Others are just ok


but pc is doing barfee.

anushka sharma , vidya and priyanka are the best

omg kareena kapoor among all no doubt. she is a versatile actress and very gorgous among all.


can kareena, katrina and priyanka do a BLACK? NO. NEVER.


bollywood is ruined



why is katrina here? she's a DISGRACE to bollywood

Pc any day.

Kareena .... Kareena ... Kareena

in terms of actng its priyanka chopra

kareena no doubt no 1 priyanka most irritating actress katrina gorgeous vidya talented

Fri, 2012-03-09 03:09 — Anonymous

She's not coming back...
She's 38, overweight, and a mother of a baby.

Her time's done in Bollywood.

pc is best

vidya and priyanka are great actresses...katrina is ok but not great actress and bebo only can act very very good in busy noisy roles like jab we met but in her other films she is ok

no doubt kareena.she is perfect e.g of indian actress.she is hot,beautiful and extremely talented too....

aishwarya.. wait for her comeback.

Kareena kareena n only kareena...No doubt..:))!!


i think katrina n kareena both r overrated ... specially katrina is simply lucky ... otherwise only good look cant help anyone in this business !!

priyanka had gr8 chance but her bad luck ... she did such films like pyar impossible , anjaana anjaani , rashee n 7km .. all of these films had a poor script !!

vidya is talented no doubt .. her choice about film is brilliant ... but she is much older than others n even she is nt huge popular ...

overall , i think kareena n katrina rule , but priyanka n vidya r much better then them ...

d list actually kareena , katrina , priyanka n vidya ... but it should b priyanka , vidya , kareena n katrina

Kareena , vidya and the last priyanka

1) kareena
2) rani)

bebo & kat are the binbos and just the arn candies of the khans...........vidye and pc are the best actresses of b'wood!!!

pc and vidya!!!!

1. Priyanka
2. Vidhya
3. Kareena
4. Katreena

It is Ash! Wait till she comes back! No one can beat her!
2. It is between Priyanka and Kareena depending on the role .

Priyanka is the only versatile actress of b'wood!!!

i agree. an actress in someone who is versatile and takes on new roles.
if we take kareena for example, we see that over the last decade she has grown into a beautiful actress. she could barely dance in the beginning and now stomps to many beats gracefully. whereas someone like katrina has trouble speaking hindi, how is it that an actress hasnt grasped that or is it just a facade ?

i will say this again the only competition here is between priyanka and kareena. vidya can`t do the rles priyanka and kareena can. as for katrina she is not even an actress and at this point i have given up all hopes on her becoming a decent actress. katrina has hits yes but can she pulloff a Jab we met or Fashion or the Dirty picture? when it comes to dancing none of them come close to priyanka. kareena is the grand doughter of the great raj kapoor of course she will keep on getting the right roles opposite the khans. as of now kareena is the #1 because of her string of bluckbusters while priyanka is #2. Vidya #3 and katrina shouldn`t be on that list.

kareena kapoor

JWM is so long ago, many others have entered the game and if it were to be released today do u think it'll still work?? Katrina may have had luck in the beginning to upstart her career but she also put in a lot of hard work. Nothing was handed to her and now that she's found her footing in the industry she's looking at more substantial roles like in MBKD. In her upcoming movies she has integral roles such as in Ishq London, Dhoom 3 and most likely in Ek than tiger (but usually in Salman's movies the heroines don't have imp roles).
Kareena is the one who had luck and with the knowledge that working with a Khan is a guaranteed success, she took that route. What was her role in 3 idiots and Ra1 again? bodyguard would've worked with any other heroine as well since it was a Salman khan movie.
PC does have talent but I think she makes the wrong choices for her movies, she goes more for the style factor than the script. As everyone knows talent is not really required in bollywood to work a movie, it's being innovative and off beat that will get the audience's attn. If PC were to do deglamorized roles with the same passion, then I dont doubt she can become an actress of Vidya's calibre.
Vidya, it's not just her that make the movie work, but the production house, top notch directing and the budget overall. Sure she has talent, but if she had kept on track of choosing the same movies as Heyy Baby do u think she'd have gone far???

why kartina? only lukh favours on her... she is not an actor.. she just knows to look good & smile

Currently it will be Vidya for doing films with a different sensibility & making that her USP. None of her recent movies - Ishqiya, NKJ or even TDP had big male stars to prop her up .Her advantage is that she does not depend on any male superstars to sustain her . As for Kahaani,it may or may not be a hit ,it does not have a superstar,but she will again be appreciated for her work.
Priyanka has 2 big hits-Don 2 & Agneepath.The difference is a Saat Khoon maaf where her male co stars (all 6 of them) have supporting roles to her.
Kareena is third.She has the acting chops & the glamour quotient.But she has recently only worked with the big male superstars in decorative roles. Hopefully they won't look for a fresh pairing (or younger)any time soon.
As for Katrina,all she has is her lovely face.God help her when she starts ageing,(as all of us must) & there is no acting skills whatsoever to help her.

Im so sick of hearing all this fuss about vidya being a great actress n all. She's good but only one note. her looks are all the same, shes in her own comfort zone. give her a modern woman role, or action, she'll fail miserably! wait she cant do that with her weight n sari. she lacks versatility in my opinion. n shes really boring!

Probably Vidya or Kareena. Katrina doesn't deserve to be on this list. The biggest role that Katrina has had in recent time is MBKD in terms of screen space and dialogues. In all of her other films (like ZNMD and Raajneeti), she barely had any dialogues.
A stong leading lady is someone who can hold the entire film on her shoulders, Kareena has done that in Jab we Met and Vidya in TDP and Priyanka in Fashion. Katrina hasn't been able to accomplish this.
Other strong leading ladies, IMO, are Kajol and Rani for sure!

Katrina has the top star power rating, but that does NOT mean that she's the best actress. On this this, Priyanks would win in terms of range of work with Vidya either tying or close behind. Kareena and Katrina are only considered beautiful because of their complexion (in both cases), link to certain male stars, and in one case, last name (Kapoor). Neither of them have acting talent to speak of, espcially Katrina. It's only in a country like India where light-skinned bimbos go on to be so successful - they wouldn't stand a chance in any other film industry.

Undoubtedly Vidya!


katrina looks like a RETARD!!!!!!!!

Bipasha rejected TDP... LMFAO I dont think she was offered

Am I really the only one whom Vidya Balan hasn't fooled into thinking she's a "great" actress? She's good, of course, better than many (especially Katrina and Deepika), but no competition to Rani, or even Kareena and Priyanka. The Dirty Picture gave her such a huge bump only because it contrasted so much with her public image/persona. Otherwise it was a lot of smug and/or sensuous looks, lip biting and chest heaving. She did it well-- but then again, isn't sexiness a requisite quality in most Bollywood actresses?

Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra and last Kareena Kapoor.
Katrina has no place here.

kareena and priyanka do diverse roles der look gr88 and act very well.......vidya is a gr8 actress but has her limitations she can play specific roles.........katrina is just hit of her looks no acting talent she was too lucky to be salman's girl for all des years



now get ready for the lenthy essays from very creative and nothing else to do anons PHEWWW

defi vidya....people hv forgotten that pc got award for fashion whr she also wore skimpy clothes..peoples meemories r too short....thank god for vidya...wt acting talent like katrina round even mediocre talent like priyanka gets national awrd......

how can you bring Katrina in the same frame like Vidya Kareena and Priyanka, this lady is actress with no acting skill, she is just lucky

Vidya is Strongest Leading Lady did not enter the world of Bollywood young like other women do not have blue or green eyes her family is not famous she is not Skinny did not resort to help the three Khan but she succeeded I think she deserves this title.



Not any one of them is or can be the reigning queen as each one of them needs what the other one has.

But I would like to see Vidya Balan be offered interesting roles with the Khan's, Hrithik etc. Why does a movie with a khan have have an almost cameo role from a heroine. I know the Kat's, Kareena's etc can't do that much, but a Vidya can perform amazingly and together a khan and a Balan can create magic. Films along the lines of DDLJ, KKHH, KHNH, HDDCS, MPK, Devdas, Fanaa etc.

Why do films nowadays need to be Khan-oriented or Female oriented?? Because there is lack of talent at the top barring Vidya. That is why a 2 States adaption with SRK-Vidya would have worked and worked amazingly.

kareena kapoor is no 1


katrina is they one with dhoom 3, ek tha tiger , yash chopra next, and dostana 2
with the biggest brands and star following
she is hard working, beautiful and talented
box office hit maker

Definately Kareena

kareena is really overrated....pc and vidya are much better actors!

I think Yh These are alrite but Aishwarya RAI aswel because even though she is not making movies, she is still the no.1 actress and ofcourse she can bring ber people into the cinema, look at robot, i neva evn knew who the hell that rajnikant guy was and most british people dont and we still went in and watched the mvie, i dont think it depends on the 'actress' it just depends on the storyline and the way it is presented to the audience.

kareena all the way.. no doubt about that..she is in industry more than 10 yr & still going strong..

kat doesn't just have "luck". She is magic on screen, has a rare vulnerability, great comic-timing and outside of film she is courteous, never vicious (read: Deepika) or pretentious (Sonam and her designer wardrobe) - everyone has a good word about her. That's rare and look how she holds up despite negativity (Ranbir saying she is "cold" in bed...right RK you have herpes!)
Kat has good business sense - and she takes people up with her - Yasmin was HER trainer and now the most sought after, Rocky S etc.
I love Kattu - she is India's Sweetheart

vidya balan

Wed, 2012-03-07 23:28 — Bipasha-Fan

Bipasha would have been in the place of Vidya right now, had she not rejected The Dirty Picture ! Even in the past she rejected a strong film like Woh Lamhe.


Wrong!!!!!! Just cuz Bipasha has massive boobs and flutter her annoying eyes does not make her an actress. Thank god she rejected Woh Lamhe (if its true it was offered to her) and TDP cuz Kangana and Vidya made me love them even more.

Bipasha cannot act!!!! Period. I have watched her supposedly 'strong, performance orientated role' in Corporate and it was cringe worthy

priyanka and kareena because they are versatile due to the fact that they can successfully pull off strong, performance oriented roles whether it be 7km or chameli and do big commercial films like an agneepath or 3 idiots. for me, katrina can't act despite the fact she is hardworking and she definitely has been lucky at the box office every time. i really think anushka is the best out of the "younger actresses" and she has great potential to be a top heroine in the future, she's got YC's next where i heard she shines in the last 30 mins and is lucky to be working with top directors like VB and raju hirani so early on in her career which will undoubtedly strengthen her career as an actress and cement her position as a top actress - i don't rate sonam or deepika much as actors. kangana is another great one to look out for - she was simply mindblowing in fashion --- the star performer but lately her film choice has been awful. let's see how vidya goes - her performance in TDP was nothing short of spectacular and now, she definitely knows her strength lies in doing female and performance oriented films + i'm glad because i don't want to see her doing a hey babyy or kismat konnection again because she is far too good for that.

I'm absolutely agree with the article.
When it comes to Box-office it's definitely Kareena Kapoor (The winner) & Katrina Kaif.
But if it's about acting & role choices, that's definitely Vidya Balan & Priyanka Chopra, no doubt!

Kareena Kapoor Has The Box Office success

Kareena Kapoor Al The Way!!!

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