Aamir khan wedding photos

Before you get ideas, these are the photos from his wedding with Kiran Rao thatAamir on December 28th 2005 at Panchgani.


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Amir is best in whole bollywood industy......,
No on will be like he,,.,...........

Kiran is very beautifulll....see her features....she has git sharp features.......except///she needs to improve her dressing sense if she wants only......as i always this is scorpio pisces pair.....best one

..... hi aamir khan...i love all your movies.... and i hope you will visit Philippines too. :)


Kiran looks good in Kerala sari

Hy amir khan u r so genius cz ur choic is so nice,ali

hello aamir khan... its me marry rose labor
ahhmmm i'm one of your fans here in davao
I hope to see you someday.....

i am gret fan aamar khan v.v.v.v.super artist thanks

nice oye amir khan

i am great fan of amir n i feel his wife looks great

i love you aamir khan...........i'm your greatest fans here in philippines because of the 3 idiots movie

i feel so hurt when saw you picture aamir khan that you are already married
i really dont know why.maybe its because im very fan of you and i like you..

aamir is the best

so simple

I Love Shah ru khan he is the best actor in the world and he is the best.
Bilal Mir Bat Zai bilalmirbatzai@yahoo.com from afghanistan Bilal

So boring

nice pics

all luk stupid exept imran his wife and shilpa,raj



nice pic from junaid

spot kiran rao in 'dil chahta hain' in the goa scene..when they are checking in at the hotel and on the beach, while playing volley-ball..i was surprised to spot kiran rao in DCH!!

aamir khan is so cute.

i like aamir khan... i like ur attitude ... everyone says aamir is perfectman

Panchgani must have been a gorgeous location!

Sooo boring. Seriously

she is simple & gud looking

his wife is to boaring

is she a malayali, the simple wedding and the sari reminds of this kind of wedding.


looking great

I think kiran is really pretty, but will she ever take her glasses off for once!

I guess he went for personality

kerala style wedding i am guessing.

Hey i love indian actresses they are so prettt lmao wish i could be one lol

It doesn't matter that some folks think she's not good looking..Aamir loves her enough to marry her & that's what counts! Personally, I think she's very cute and has a lot of spunk..And yes, I'm a female..and no..I'm not a lesbian!

was this his third marriage?


ewwww she looks really bad!!!

the bride is the white one

I want to see the bride!

where is the bride??

Looks like a typical south indian wedding. cool.

i personally love to wear glasses, i wear them all the time but for some reason, they seem a little awkward to me with formal traditional wear. especially when ppl r wearing makeup and lots of jewelry.

yea! y shud we be forced to wear lenses! i cnt be bov wid them anymore plus glasses look cool and dry eyes r a thing of the past!

like kiran's neckless..v pretty..they r looking like guest in somebodies wedding party..:p

amir 1wif was preety gud

People..why is it among us Desis, we have a stereotype of beauty?
It's either chubby/fair for the traditional crowd or the MTV look for you younger crowd.

Did you ever think beauty has a diversity? The first time I saw Kiran, I was enthralled at the way she carries herself as a model. She has a gorgeous face structure-- and YES-- her glasses adds to her style. But then reading the media, it was like... ok.. she's nerdy (?). Not! She is a true model.. she inspired me to purchase and wear a lot of specs in different colors (I do have contacts too).

Why is it if Sarah Palin wears glasses, she causes a craze. It's a new style.
But there, people are forced to look one way or ridiculed? If so, you ruin it for others.. who may find that person beautiful! Beauty comes in different shades, sizes and colors. I wish desis would accept hatke looks more: curly wild punky looks// classy glasses confident girl look (Kiran), etc. etc.

aamir's first wife Reena wasn't very pretty either

Look Unhappy as if at a funeral or wake.

Aamir khan's wafe is not beautiful she is awful not good

maybe its her glasses ppl...ever think of that!

Cmon people, give her a break: Sometimes people go for personality rather than looks...and she doesnt look THAT bad. At least they love each other

I dont like her, cmon, whats wrong with aamir.

I cant believe people were asking for his autograph on his wedding day....why cant people just let him enjoy his wedding day

cant she find nice pair of contact lens

she looks horrible

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