Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai at Shaad Ali's Wedding

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Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai at Shaad Ali's Wedding. Filmmaker Shaad Ali of ‘Saathiya’ and ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ fame tied the knot with Stylist Aarti Patkar. The celebrations are to be at different venues through the week.

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She looks like Sneha Ulaal in the first picture...at first I thought it was her!

Fans, please don't feed the trolls, just stroll past and ignore them.

stop attacking people just because they are not as obsessed as you are

is aishwarya pregnant again?????
Or is it just the outfit.....................

Ash attended the Nachiket Barve wedding reception a day earlier so I believe this ombre suit was a present! What a lovely thought to wear a loving gift.

Anarkalis are the rage in Bollywood whether you like them or not. Ash is stylish.

Nearly 30,000 reads for her leaving a party + in spite of annoying captchas, 4 pages of comments. WoW!

She is so pregnant, don't get why she is hiding it. Her career is so over now!!
No way Aishwarya can be lazy and not care of herself. If she is not pregnant, then I think she is depressed. Mine mum had the same problem. The whole I don't have time to work out is bullshit sorry to say . It is not like she is working! Because time you can make. She can go to these weddings etc, then she can also make time to take of herself. Feel sad for her> Because I think she is depressed.
Aishwarya deserved some one better than this looser Abhishek. She should have married somone outside the industry. Aishwarya is bigger name than whole Bachchans.
Aishwarya need a stylist now. Even oversized people can look good. Only time I thought Aishwarya had the perfect dress and for her figure when she wore the black gown. But after that she was back to tents anarkalies..

what is wrong if she wears oversize clothes. That looks more decent then fat women wearing micro mini dresses. Here in the US midwest region(famous for its fat people) , it looks unpleasing to the eye when fat girls/ladies try to wear tight fitting dresses showing their cleavage, bulges and contour of booty.

If you think Ash is a plus sized woman makeup critic u ar blind as a bat. I wonder what ur idea is obese is? She had to lose a few pounds only - maybe plump. If Ash does not want to show her shape while she is nursing that is OK. A skinshow does not make you modern and young looking. It is winter in India. U want her to wear a mini? She does not overanalyse her body as u do. Woman who have kids will look for clothes that are baby proof ie something loose for nursing or that will not pull open etc

Her whole "Im confident being this size blah blah" is utter BS. She has never looked so insecure and unconfident in her whole life. She hides her body under tents, and her face behind her hair. Practise what you preach and be a proud plus size woman.

..In fact,in the Indian subcontinent and wherever south asians reside,Aishwarya rai is the penultimate compliment given to a girl

You mean she is the yardstick of beauty all over the world. This cant be far from truth. She is beautiful and famous among Indians. To say that all over the world, everyone uses her name with beauty is sheer exaggeration and blatantly false. NOONE really cares about her or any other Indian celebrity. When they have enough role models in their countries, why should they look outside? Infact, it is even naive to think that everyone in west loves her.

Let us take a product that a company wants to sell. They would rather go for home grown celebrity than Indian one, who has ZERO relevance to those markets. It is as simple as that. Who consumers will identify with her? If you look at India, you rarely find foreign celebs endorsing products for Indian consumers because they dont cut it in relevance to Indian consumers.

Mon, 2013-01-07 22:17 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

In Australia we also use the same phrase for gals who think they are IT (arrogant and deluded by their looks) and we point out to them they r not ash rai.
Only Australia?A hell lotta other places in the country..In fact,in the Indian subcontinent and wherever south asians reside,Aishwarya rai is the penultimate compliment given to a girl!!She is so iconic..At weddings,gatherings etcc you hear her name..In fact,I am just back from a wedding where the bride was called Ash..And no actress has ever achieved this!

Oh man!! this much hoopla over just a few pics? and they have the nerve to say she's lost her touch.... Seriously people you need to get a proper perspective over AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN, the STAR unlike any other in Bollywood.
Just because she's wearing something obviously twice her size does not in anyways indicate pregnancy. Is she is however pregnant, Good for her! I don't see why that saddens the spirit of a few fans. Does she have to make a movie to remain on TOP?? I highly doubt it, she hasn't made a movies since 2010 and just look at the attention and media fodder she provides nationally and internationally, there is just no denying her star power my friends, no one else in Bollywood even comes close to the kind of attention she gets, sometimes for just showing up at an event!
Although I highly doubt that Aishwarya is expecting a second time this quick. It's no longer a time when women have to rush to have kids when their biological clock is ticking... Aishwarya is a rich woman she can always postpone pregnancy for a few more years and work it into her plan. But then again she didn't plan Aradhya, so maybe... but in both ways as her fan and well wisher I am happy for her! I do feel she has lost a lot of weight and will continue to do so...
I Love her for many reasons, her beauty being just one of them... but what makes me really identify with her is her attitude to life, the way in which she deals with it in utmost dignity and class... there are very few women in the public eye who can be classy and genuine at the same time. I now understand why so many of you hate her or talk ill of her, you just cannot digest the fact that someone who looks like Aishwarya can be as real as her too.
Its a damn shame really, she's loved internationally but in her own country where she should have been applauded for breaking so many myths and setting examples, she's thrashed for 'Not dressing up well' ... A prophet as they say, is never recognized in his own land, apparently neither are some actors!

It's amazing how people just stand around and watch.

In Australia we also use the same phrase for gals who think they are IT (arrogant and deluded by their looks) and we point out to them they r not ash rai.

Ash is too experienced to know hair will not hide anything so ur argument below is not valid. I like her hairstyle.

"Bachchan trio danced in the streets with Shaad's Barat for a good 10mins and brought the traffic to a standstill with Jaya egging them on from the sidelines" - Times of India. So sad the unhappy stories unhappy people make up as per below!! They only need to see one pic when someone is not showing teeth to create drama - eh ANON?

Abhishek's career is not finished. Not rising either. His success so far is not proportional to number of years he has been in the industry. GM health was a lame execuse used to snub everyone. It was an attempt to show who is important to them and who is not. Now the tables have turned. How about communicating the message in person or conveying however they like explaining the situation? They deeply offended everyone with this one. Not that everyone was desperate to be there. It certainly cauased big heart burns. They were going on and on in interviews that if they did not understand, then they are not friends in first place. I for once, could not believe Big B speaking like this. If you argue that it is their choice, then I dont have anything to say. Filmmakers will also have a choice.

she says she is not bothered by the weight gain and what people say about it. covering her face with her hair from both sides and wearing massive clothes makes her statement so believable. be honest for once woman.

'over here in the west this phrase has become quite popular...she is pretty but is no aishwarya'
........... .. .......
really? I live in the 'west', but I have never ever heard this..! nor have I read it anywhere. unless of course you consider your family or your circle of friends as the 'west'...?! or perhaps-since it's definitely not in the west- it's a sad desperate attempt to make her sound important and her beauty so acclaimed abroad. she is know only because she is sent by loreal to attend Cannes. definitely not for her acting 'capabilities'. hilarious and pathetic attempt. major fail!

gorgeous and preggos

she's pregnant?

she is pregnant again ???shes pregnant again ? damn O_o

I remember her in Mohabattien(2000). Hard to believe that movie came out 12-13 years ago .

What did Ash wear to Ambani party and VidyaSid wedding reception??

SubhanAllah - Jodi made in heavan

Ash pls wear orange, mustard, yellow, burgundy, blues and pinks no more blacks!!

Abhi is filming Dhoom3, Happy Birthday, hosting Zee awards so how is his career finished??? Comments defy logic. The industry people invite them to their weddings because they realise his GM was close to death and they did not want big wedding only silly people don't get the point. Abhi has acted in Shaad Ali film and he has been AD on their other films also. Once Ash stops nursing she will have more time for fitness otherwise 4 feeds are day is not easy.

mano yaa naa manoo.. there is trobule in paradise.

can't you see that abhi is a bit distant to her from last 5-6 months? maybe khuput with jaya as she is using her mom to take care of baby and not sasu ma.

something is cooking for sue. but they all are actors , they will show best face to public!

Over here in the west, this phrase has become quite popular, "She is pretty but she is no Aishwarya"

Who in the west? Can you elaborate? Other than handful of people, no one knows about her. She or for that matter, all Indian celebrities are non entities in west. Nothing wrong with that. Our films are meant for Indian audience only and we need not worry about acknowledgement in West. But this kind of propaganda that she is popular in the west serves no one. If you have lived in west, you should know that they rarely look out for role models. They believe that they have enough role models inside and dont need to look elsewhere. It is we Indians, who seek approval from outside and ignore inside.

Aishwarya looks so sad wonder what happen we miss you Aishwarya in movies come back soon. Always smile don't look sad.

she looks like sneha ullal. and she is from managlore too :) by the way aishwarya looks veyr much pregnant.

@Bolly Bird

Who is AVISHEK?? I thought his name was Abhishek.

Her name has become synonomous with beauty. There is no other woman (actress/model/otherwise) in the world whose name is so well known when people talk about beauty. Over here in the west, this phrase has become quite popular, "She is pretty but she is no Aishwarya"

Is it just me or does she look exactly like Sneha Ulal in the first picture. She is just so beautiful and Spicyliya, I love your comment. Aish is definitely a timeless beauty.

Why is wearing this??She needs to do regular work-out..Doesn't she wanna stay healthy
?..I would never recommend anyone to to be chubby..Stay fit!

Ash has got such beautiful,fuller lips..Lovely!I don't think she is pregnant..Are u serious?Just because she is wearing loose clothes,you say that?She's just wearing it,she wore it lot of times post-pregnancy too.

She looks very very pretty !!!
I wont be surprised if we get to know she is pregnant in some days... She didnt hav big bump last time as well

She is so pretty, but why does she continue wearing these outfits that aren't flattering at all. I think she is really insecure about her weight, because she never used to cover up like this when she was skinny. I think women look great in all shapes and sizes; and Ash is no different. Even if she is heavier now, she can still pull off fabulous dresses. Oprah, Mariah Carey, Adele...all these women are curvy and they don't wear curtains to cover up. Ash should embrace her body the way it is. Confidence is all she needs. She needs to set up a good example for women because she said that people consider her a good role model.

Regarding Abhishek, I sympathize with him. To some extent, Abhishek's career is damaged due to Ash. He was a cool chap, getting along with everyone. He had good sense of humor. How Big B, being in the industry for so long, has distanced so many people is unfathomable. He had spectacular career. There were many people that were part of his career. But he chose to snub everyone for his own son's wedding, such an important event. Any execuse not withstanding. You MUST acknowledge people at right times. Now they are reaping the fuits of seeds that they have sown.

All I am saying is, it is best if Abhishek works as an individual and not with baggage of being a husband. In this case, her bad relationships are ruining his career.

She looks pregnant..

Ash's first movie will be declared in mid of April. She looks unhappy because she is raising her child almost single handedly with the help of her parents. Abhi is still immature and Jayaji is busy. Ash is doing yoga and functional training. Ash and Big B has lots of scripts to read and lots of offers, it's Avishek who is struggling in his career. Ash has has her own camp Maniratnam, Ashutosh and Sanjay leela bhansali and latest entrant to her friend list is Kjo. She is a very go getter kind of woman unlike Avishek, who is a satisfied kind of person. You people don't need to think about Ash, she is capable of taking care of her career herself. You need to pray for Avishek's almost finished career, that is the other thing which is bugging not only Ash, the whole bachchan family.

She looks pregnant..

WOW Abhishek actually looks better in traditional outfits.

Some common sense has prevailed over Ash. I see her lot more here with people that matter(industry folks here). Do her PR folks read this forum? To me, it seems like they read. I am glad she is making effort to be seen here.

Again, doesnt it seem awkward for them to attend weddings, given they chose to ignore each and everyone for their own? Its their marriage and they have choice, ofcourse.

Is she glowing or what?? Wow she’s dazzlingly beautiful, that effulgent glow on her face is incredible!
@Mon, 2013-01-07 02:55 — Anonymous
Agree with you she’s TIMELESS..Actress of her age are now looking like painted up botox ed statues .damn! I’m not saying that she still looks like her “miss world” days .she has elegantly aged ..even that NECK LINES ( no need for any other proof that she’s “botox” free)are beautiful on her

well if she is preg again that is great for her at her age....she is closing in on 40 people. Movies can wait....her clock is ticking.

She looks so young and pretty in these pics! Fat too but I think that's because of the outfit.

now she is looking pregnant with full covered and loose outfit...which was missing when she was pregnant with Aaradhya..never saw her baby bump then.

What is this?????? Ash whats wrong with u,honey? :(((( Miss you so much!

So no movies for Aishwarya so sad. she could have done one movie at least before her second pregnacy. to forget the Herione debacle. Now we will not see Aishwarya for years. How she going to handle two babies and career. Abhishek isn't helping either I heard. She looks unhappy with him.

Ok, honestly, she does look pregnant but maybe because of the loose fabric of the dress (especially in the third pic), I really hope she's not though and announces soon a movie project instead of a second baby! She does look younger than 39, I guess it's the subdued make-up and hair style...it looks from some angles that she has shorter hair, and it really looks good on her, it adds a youthful air to her face. Love her sandals, and also the outfit in spite of being too large for her...maybe because the color palette is amazing and shades of red suit her sun kissed complexion...

ash ka motapa badhatahi chala ja raha he. Looking fab.

she is looking good but still fat. What happen to her ? Is she pregant again?

Ash looks Gorgeous! Lovely colour. The crowd seems to have blocked thier exit!


She is blisfully pregnant. God bless her.

Sharp exit, both do not look like happy bunnies.

She is NOT PREGNANT, so all you whiny weasels give it a rest! If she were pregnant it wopuld be the most sensational headline news around India.
The choice of this dress though is rather sad. It is a beautiful looking dress... nonetheless, its too much fabric and it just seems like she's drowning in it from every side, even the sleeves are ill fitted. Could be that she's lost some more weight, or it culd be that the dress is oversized.
BUT IN NO WAY CAN ANYONE SAY SHE LOOKS BAD! Come on people get real, just look at her face!She's angelic. She looks devine and stunning. Her outfit may be a blunder, but that face can never go wrong. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is 'Timeless Beauty' there is just no way the woman can look bad. Average on a given day perhaps, but never bad!

Ash is pissed off with Abhishek

Haha look at the crowd ard them all with their mobile cameras, how can one be comfortable?

beautiful face...and yes she is looking pregnant....

Agree .... Baby number 2 on its way...

She is looking very beautiful and young.

Looks like the stork is to visit them again?!! It explains why she was not obsessed about loosing weight. I mean it's not easy to conceive after a certain age. People don't want a big age gap between their kids ....the sooner you have your kids , the easier it is for the lady to carry on with her own life.

btw I think PV should put back that 'RECENT COMMENTS' bar back...It gives an idea if newest comments have been published or not. :-/

Lo...she looks so funny here. :D :D HAHA

she looks sooo much like Sneha Ullal in these pictures

These ombre and anarkali suits are the hight of fashion in India these days. Immature people only think skin shows should be the only thing allowed.

i am her fan but hate her for not loosing extra fat.

what happene to ash? Still fat.

she looks like she is expecting again

Nchiket Bavre's red ombre suit has higher pleats and gives volume around body.

if she is really expecting..... will be the most most good news of 2013!!!! (for me).

Shape of the suit folds only pls wake up everyone.

she is again wearing oversized kind of cloths :( :(

Billowing air under her long kameez is the only truth! amazing how silly u guys can be!

for god sake ash loose some weight !! please ! we wanna see that stylish , gorgeous ash agn...please !

omg maybe she hasnt tried to lose weight because she'd gain it back with her second pregnancy and thought stuff it: ill lose the weight after the second baby

she looks very errrr....voluminous

Is she pregnant again?? I thought she is going to make a comeback to movies.

She looks sooooo tired :(( Please take rest and take care of yourself my dear!!!

They did not sleep? This looks like what they wore to the other party from last night.

Yah looks like she is expecting. And she looks gorgeous. If she is she is, y hide..pregnancy is such a beautiful journey

There is something about Aishwarya her face is so special! Why is she so sad.


She looks like sneha ullal

Wow she is drop dead gorgeous. Look at that face!!!

She is fat, but who knows she might be pregnant also!! I mean the glow is there.

She is expecting !

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