Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan spotted at NBA All star game 2011

Aishwarya Rai And Abhishek bachchan were spotted in the video of the NBA all star game. Check the video and you can spot the 2 at 2:15 . hehe:)

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Credits: youtube

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Wed, 2011-02-23 18:45 — Anonymous

Umm, BB, FB, cricket etc are games that you don't need to know completely well to enjoy. I understand that she went there just because her husband loves the game. Truly supportive wife!! Ash you rock.

Anonymous @ 2011-02-25 17:29

shame on you to post like you know AB in real life. hy don't you post a picture of yours and write your bio before you go commenting on others? Why can't people let others live their lives as they please!

abishek likes to act as if he is a big sports fan, it seems cool you know - balances out running around tress and doing gay song and dance routines.

Even if they are high profile celebrities, they go to a match just to enjoy a game like any other young couple and they get all these silly and nasty comments from the jealous people. I can just see these jealous stupid people burning up in real fire when they read the news that the young Bachchan couple have been invited to the Oscars to grace the occassion by the Academy itself!!!! :)

Shouldn't he be filming the next flop?

To all the silly morons who need to be negative about Aish every time:-
You don't need to understand every game to the full details to enjoy it. Anybody with a little bit of common sense can, after watching and observing a game for half an hour- one hour can easily understand who is what is going on. I also went to a sports match with my husband , and I had never watched/seen that sports before anywhere, and I am not a sports fan at all. But, after half an hour into the game, we could easily pick up the rules, and had a lot of fun cheering for the winning team. Moreover, it was a great experience in going to the stadium, eating, drinking, watching thrilling moments in the match, a good time pass. What should Ash do ? Sit home and get bored all the time? Can't she watch a sports match like normal people do? Is it necessary for them to always watch movies because they are in that profession?

i wonder if it hurts their ego that no one knows or cares who they are and they have to sit 5 rows back. in india they will never attend and event if they did not get front row seats

who cares!!

Celtics ALLLL the way!!! :)

Go lakers (who cares of Ash and abhi)

wow u bet knowing a lot abt Aish. She is fame hungry n thts why she went all the way to US..r u out of ur mind..u hav serious jealousy problem. Wht she is doing is just called love n support for ur partner. I dont like baseball or football but I go because of my husband since I love him. And as far as being protective goes, isn't how partners should be for each other???? u seems like lacking the love, care n support in life hence wont understand

okay so Americansdont know Indians do u think many people give fudge abt these NBA and Pop stars??? Only the retarded younger generation in India who want to copy west know abt these stupid newcomer pop stars

Definitely smitag!!! when we r starting? :P


who cares lara dutta and dino morea went in 2008, even sat front row, did interviews.
They were actually given an invitation to attend.

I now understand why people don't regard Indians, u never want your fellow India 2 progress, that is why Indians are all over the worl, because of poverty. Your fellow was able 2 make it and u want 2 bring her down. U want her 2 follow the trend of poverty. Get life and stop this nasty.

check out John Legend's hot model girlfriend texting and not giving a ^*&*&!! typical hot model girlfriend, lol!

there was no comment about Aish and her "Indian bodyguard." the poster was just making a joke. i was watching the game: there's no need to mention them when there are real stars like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Justin Beiber sitting in the front row.

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Beiber were all there in the front row on the opposite side i believe. and, you can see John Legend, Nick Cannon (i think), and Diddy in the front row in this video.... cool :).

Wed, 2011-02-23 16:26 — Anonymous
"In another part of the video, the anchor mentions Aishwarya and her Indian bodyguard lol."

possibly the funniest thing i've read on this site.

wow, you crazy Ash fans have some sharp eyes!!!!!!!!!!

great job... i was really wondering where is Aish

"Hate when bunch of brown trying to act all american."
Are you blind? Most of the players playing are brown/black/ w/e. You think America is only inhabited by whites? Gurrl, get out of your house sometimes and travel some, your racist narrow minded attitude stinks.

"the anchor mentions Aishwarya and her Indian bodyguard lol."
LMAO. LMAO . LMAO. so sad.

they don't have the front seats as they are not famous in america or A-lister hollywood celebs . Front seats are normally reserve for those ppl or if you know someone from NBA itself.

I think aish is just there for abhi's sake.

Everyone is there chewing gum so does that mean they r all bored?

Hardly FOBS. Ash is amont the most famous living indian. The writer belos must be a FOB to think all us indians are like him.

FOBs trying to act all American.

good eye! but seriously do they understand the game, the teams or names here esp Ash??

Abhi is a big sports fan... NBA, Soccer, Cricket.. he's interested in everything!

Poor Aish is bored and is chewing gum. Cute!

How prejudiced/illitrate are u to the anon below. Us indians love and understand BB

Who Cares

lolzz. aish is hungry for fame and that is why even if she does not know about a game, she will just attend just to get some attention as if anyone cares and yaa it is true, she never treats her husband as a husband because even i feel like she acts towards him like a bodyguard.

Wow so many ignorant comments...just because they're indian they don't know about basketball and shouldn't be there?
Seriously...the diaspora happened years you know what that Just because you're indian doesn't mean you're confined to those boundaries physically and mentally

It's too bad that during Feb (black history month), people are still trying to segregate others

Why are these people at an American basketball game? That's like seeing George Clooney or some Hollywood celeb at a cricket match in India.

abhi is a great sports fan, and ash would have just joined him for the sake of being together

anon they may have a lot of issues beneath the glamorous life do u know?

indian bodygaurd ?? can u share the video anon i wanan watch

They have such a great life. My life sucksssssssssss

Justin Bieber was there. Beyonce and Jay-Z were there too. They were sitting in the 5th row in the opposite side. In another part of the video, the anchor mentions Aishwarya and her Indian bodyguard lol.

Poor Abhi!

:) zenny u too are a big jasoos na??? we both can start one agency to open the bollywodo scandals what say??

Damn! look at all the stars in the front row except for Nick Canon!! what's he doing there? hehe Just kidding :)

Since when did they start liking basketball?

I bet they dont really know what it is all about but want to show they like american too.

What an observation.... u have got hawk eyes....:O

wow, you make a good spy.

Got this news thru twitter, damn Abhi shud have let tweeple know. Love NBA, watched da game also. If I knew he and Aish were at the NBA Allstar game, I wud have taken a closer look at the audience. :P

wow good catch.

as if these two indians know what this game is all about. Hate when bunch of brown trying to act all american.

LOL! smitag u should open an investigative agency!!! hehehehe :P

why the heck were they there lolss. didn't abhi had some shooting for film? wow, they cannot even afford the front seats!!

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