Aishwarya and Malaika @ Hemant Trivedi's birthday party

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Credits: indiaforums

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why would a man marry someone like Malaika. She always do cheap acts; & try her best to wear most shortest dresses all the time. This pic may be back when she wasn't married or didn't had kids yet. but she is still like that, I'd never make my kid embarrassed of me. she's yuck!

malaika is so cheap can't believe she is related Salman as he will never allow his woman to be like that. Aishwarya is simple indian girl and thats why she is respected.

the thing that differentiate ash from the others is class and elegance.

how idle r dey!

agree with anon on mon, 2009-11-23 02:02

agree with anon on mon, 2009-11-23 02:02

So he was her designer.

Aish looks really beautiful.

Malika looks like a professional stripper

aISHwarya is the most stylish and sweetest her more than anyone

Maailika looks gorgeous.. Aish looks cute.

Aish looks so youthful and sweet.

ash look stunning- she looks great like this.

i think hemant is ash's most earliest designers when she went 4 miss nice to see her here wid an old friend..good gesture!!!

Malaika shows how cheap she can be.. Yuck.. for once she can dress properly...Ash looks so elegant..

who is this guy?

Aishwarya looks beautiful and cute. But who is Hemant!

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