Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Abhishek and Jaya Bachchan @ Riteish and Genelia wedding

Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Abhishek and Jaya Bachchan @ Riteish and Genelia wedding

Credits: Pinkvilla

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Kajol looks so pretty. really good make up can do wonders

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anjli sariii

kajol looks so hot !

kajol=beautiful queen

Kajol looks gorgeous!love her

kajol looks nice ...

Fri, 2012-02-03 23:06 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture

kajol gorgeous? gimme a break!!! some 1 writing same thing over an over kajol is fat and a eye sore

Perhaps like you???

Give me a break , she is the BEST , better then the so called Beaty Queen Aish!

The guy in Yellow is Riteish's Younger brother Dheeraj Deshmukh.. he looks quite similar to him..

if aish was breast feeding or pumping i am sure pa-in -law has posted it on twitter, as he did about her viginal birth. kitni mahaan hai hamare desh ki deviya (means this devi)

What is wrong with a new mother taking care of her baby at home ?
She must be breastfeeding her baby which is a 24/7 task, ask any mother and you will know !
If the baby does not drink from mother every 2 hrs in the initial few months, mother gets painful swollen boobs which hurt badly. And babies drink every 2 hrs bcos of their tiny stomach which cannot hold much milk at a time. Nature has designed the mother-baby feeding relationship this way.
Gals and guys who are not parents yet can u stop your nonsense abt Aishwarya not coming out for social events. Her life - her baby - her way !

kajol gorgeous? gimme a break!!! some 1 writing same thing over an over kajol is fat and a eye sore


SHUT UP , She's beautiful !!! and not fat !!! get a new life -.-

love kajols hair style!

kajol is so cuteeeeee, specially in last three photos!

Kajol the most Gorgeous Queen !

Kajol's back !!! *_* ❤

Kajol is so superb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best !!!!!!!!


I like Kajol's color sari! Wow finally something different!

ALL you stop bashing ashiwarya ! don't you know that ashiwarya is at home and has to breastfeed her pa every 2 hours ; p

Cool Lokin

reply to "leave asswarya alone losers---
she is not close to Ritesh and Gelina , they are Abhisheks friends ---LOL

I guess your husbands friends are not yours. Or may be he is not really a husband material, just an arm candy that to, if the famous FIL absolutely positively, under any circumstances can't be with Dearest Bahu Rani.

so funny, it goes to show, ASswaryas fans are real dummies.

oh, so your husbands friends are not important, what your FIL friends are more important like Amar Singh one time .

And Oprah is really really important -- she land up an interview on US television - I guess its all about spending your time where it will turn to green or gold. calculating Asswarya.

And one thing, does she even have any friends of her own.

Leave Aishwarya alone losers

She's home taking care of a newborn. It's not like she's close with Ritiesh or Genelia. Abhishek has worked with both of them. Not Ash.


To all the morons below!
This is Genelia's and Riteish's day! And its a happy/wonderful day for the two of them. Do not drag Aish into this please!

Really nice to see Kajol dressed so well from hair, makup, to jewelry.

I think Abhishek looks so much more happier and relaxed now that he is attending events solo or just with his mother. He looks like the handsome and fun Abhishek from his bachelor days. I'm loving it. I hope he continues to attend events solo. I also think Jaya looks happier as well. I think they both love not being saddled with Ash or Amitabh at public events.

Ash only attends and escort celebrity from Hollywood her brand value makes her not to be counted in bollywood
functions, recent news is she will introduce her baby in Oprah Winfrey talk show where Oprah will invite them as first Celebrity couple.and their branded kid.............Pls post my news

Jaya needs a hair stylist, PRONTO!!!

kajol looks nice ...

Kajol and Ajay looks sooooooo cute together.....

May be Aish is not ready to attend events as yet. Busy looking after baby,and trying to get back in to shape. Catch up on Botox etc etc. She met with Oprah knowing that would be fine as she would only have to sit in the car. (Well those were only photos seen) She is waiting for the right time to make her GRAND comeback enterance. So Aish obsessed people here need to relax.

aishwarya only comes out when Hollywood celebrity are in town, she is VVIIP don't attend such local bollywood parties....give me a break these guys just don't stand infront of me and my hollywood Connections!!

a groom with mobile!

kajol gorgeous? gimme a break!!! some 1 writing same thing over an over kajol is fat and a eye sore

aishwarya won't come because she needs a lot of media hype around her before she can make a public appearance. She always sends her servant Abhishek to these events and will stay home until she can make a grand display of her self and get lots of news coverage on her. Here she would be like any other celebrate at the wedding , no focus on her. If she really wanted she could have, but I guess she may be busy having some fun with Senior B in Gujrat perhaps ;)

Fri, 2012-02-03 15:34 — Anonymous

aish just gave birth and for those who dont know if you are breast feeding ur baby you have to feed the baby every 2 hrs if not you have to pump out the milk..so its better to stay home

Yes, I agree but how come she doesn't need to stay home to breastfeed/pump when she's with Oprah???

ab is looking dapper. i love jaya's saree . ash must be with beti b. unlike other socialite wannabe she doesn't care about media attention.

wow Kajol is another person from the right side of her face in the last three photos. No wonder there is so much talk about 'angles' in the industry.

i do not like ash. But its funny how people start commenting on she is not coming out.For new borns, you need to breast feed them every 1.5 to 2 hrs. else you express the milk. its not easy.That's why companies have so called maternity leave for women.

OMG, if aishwarya attends any function then people have a problem- they say "she is leaving the baby behind with nanny to be in the limelight". If she does not attend any function, then still people have a problem- they say "she does not care about others"

I like kajol's back, mainly the blouse hahaa. nice.

ajay devgan reminds me of an older sunil dutt with the pagree on his head.

missing aish here. Jaya seems to be happier these days when spotted in events. and actually smiling and dressed better. wondering if it's the magic of BetiB plus just her and her son visiting together. bonding.

After the baby, Aishwarya only comes out for Oprah lol

Those that talk crap about Senior AB, he is not at the wedding cuz he's in Gujarat promoting tourism, check his Twitter page. He had been out of town for a while. He posted a lot of nice pictures of places he visited.

Aishwarya is not here because she is with her daughter and before to write disgusting things, go and read his blog and twitter because Amithab isn't in town, so if some you have this kind of relation with your mother in law or father in law it's your life. Show some respect to others.

Kajol! the stunner......

@Surprisingly Ash is missing from important functions, and so is caring Father in Law.

Amitabh is in gujrat promoting gujrat tourisim festivals these days (Feb 1-2), so he was not in mumbai to attend wedding/sangeet. Ash is taking care of baby, she didn't attend any award show/filmfare either. With Oprah, it was hardly an hour or two at Parmeshwar godrej party, so she went there. Now at wedding it would be a day long functions/events, and she might not wish to leave baby alone out for so much time, hence she didn't come

kajol is so fresh and young
hot mommy

kajol looks so sooo hot

Aishwarya is at home with Pa taking care of baby (with no name), I wish ma-in-law should take care of her for few hours and let her get out of house.

oh sorry, she came out of house for opra party.....only coming out for westerns not for desies......

aish just gave birth and for those who dont know if you are breast feeding ur baby you have to feed the baby every 2 hrs if not you have to pump out the milk..so its better to stay home

kajol looks really cute

To all the morons who cannot stay away from writing negative things about Aishwarya and Amitabh.
If you have been following the news you will know that Amitabh is busy shooting for Gujarat Tourism, so he did not attend the wedding.
And Aishwarya did not attend since she has a little baby. When Abhishek and Jaya attended, it means they are representing the family. So please stop commenting nonsense and do not show your nasty thoughts here.

We love the Bachchans and full power to them.

I am glad Aish is not here to spoil the fun when she didn't invite others for her own wedding.

The Bollywood Industry... one big happy family! Nice to see everybody (welllll almost everybody) celebrating the Genelia / Ritesh wedding! :)

Where is Aishwariya?!?!

wow kajol has a sexy back!

i love kajolllllllllll


first time seeing Kajol & Ajay holding hands.....cute :)

kajol looks so cute

omg what on earth happening to Ajay devgan, such a gunda looks !

kajol looks lovely

Everyone is looking really nice especially my fave Kajol


Kajol's back !!! *_* ❤

Karol looks stunning!

I like Jaya ji's saree and jewelry.

Ajay looks like a Don here...jaya is just not interested in posing!

Kajol the most Gorgeous Queen !!!! Totally loving her look here !!!!

ajay looks so bad here and kajol looks young for a change

@Fri, 2012-02-03 08:18 — Anonymous
I don't think aishwarya is going to come out until Cannes. I don't blame her. The last thing I want after I had my baby girl is to leave her with someone or have my picture taken. Especially after your milk comes in, you just feel like a big fat cow the first four months.

AB Looks Cute and dazzling in this indian attire!

KAJOL LOOKS SOOOOOO GORGEOUS !!!! love her Hairstyle !!!! *_*

Jaya is looking realy nice and happy. Seems like she Ashwarya is not present, she looks the best and happy.
,otherwise too much tension between the two,
And Ashwarya always make a point to step out , especially in weddings with Amitabh Ji
What do u all think?????.

Kajol looks gorgeous!

Bautiful wedding, beautiful guests.

Surprisingly Ash is missing from important functions, and so is caring Father in Law.
I guess Ritesh and Gelina are not as important as Oprah is. She probably can't even land up an interview there.

kajol looks really beautiful
love her

Kajol is brethtaking beautiful.

The reason Ash is not here, I guess Ritesh and Gelina are not powerful enough people, for her and Amitab to waste their time.

Kajol and Ajay, super hot gorgeous couple!

Reply to where is Ashwarya----
same place where Amitab is, probably st home taking care of Bahu Rani .

Kajol is stunning! What a beautiful girl...

i don't know why ash is nowhere to be found with her hubby these days! i know she has a little baby, but i think its healthy for new moms to have some time to themselves as well. plus, why is amitabh not here either? did he have a child also??

Kajol forgot to put 'fair and lovely' on her back lol

i think the guy in orange is riteish's younger brother. too much resemblance. :)

lovely pics, btw.

Kajol and Ajay look awesome..

Kajol looks super gorgeous!

is the guy in orange prateik babbar?

Totally Love Kajol in this pic...

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