Ali Zafar with wife Ayesha Fazli at the Filmfare Awards 2011

Oh Come on guys! I know you can do way way way way better that this, especially Ayesha! But Ali..what are these shoes?? Eeeewww!

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Credits: pinkvilla

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ali zafar is sooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeee singer

she looks like elisa toffoli

nice pic ha i am rubab

both Looking disgusting and humilting --- aysha fazli ??? koi aur nahe milla tha lai zafar ko is ka aappa lag rahi hai

ali bhai ye kia!!! koi r ni mila tha kia

ayesha wat happened to you, i am not liking your makeup!!

i bet shes his cousin.. kewl couple..


she can smile right ???

shes pregnant guys cut her some slack....

she is beautiful but not lookin good her n u'll know..

@ Mon, 2011-01-31 17:09 — Anonymous
i guess karishma and kareena come under that category too! coz they loved their blonde hair.

both looking bad very bad

Okay seriously, these are two good-looking people who also dress up well usually, what the f happened now?! Why do people always have to mess up at special occasions?

i know ali personally...he was my sis friend and class fellow in NCA his wife has recently given birth to a baby...and she has health problems thats why she is out of shape..she is not only pretty but she has a lovely nature as well...ali is just hard working,and down to earth!!they wee dating each other since their 10th grade!!but i dont know why they are dressed so terribly!!

She used to be so skinny! Did she had a baby? Ali is so handsome!'

who are they?

aw bless them...luv ali zafar...he's a fab actor..canney wait to see him with katrina and imran!!

why does it look like she has been sucking on lemons?

all the good looking guys have not good looking wifes... hirithik and emran khan and now ali zafar...

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