With And Without Make-up: Rajinikanth

Does Any one Want to Comment.. well if yes than go ahead..

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Credits: http://www.rediff.com/movies/2008/aug/06celeb1.htm

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If you still hate him, then I think you don't have much to do with the outer world. He is the man who dance well on film sets. And when needed, then go for a hunger strike. He is the real man.

If anything these two photos only exemplify his character. Unlike other actors, he never wears makeup outside films. He is not ashamed of how he looks and instead embraces his age. He doesn't show any arrogance and greets people with a smile.

looking very shabby

at least he doesnt hide his real face like aishwarya rai

no wonders their whitening degree is more or less the same

This is one of the stupidest articles I have come across. "Go ahead and comment"...speaks of a cheap mind that loves to point faults in others and bask in the glory of running down others.
If a man who looks like that manages to look he does in the above mentioned picture, then HATS OFF TO HIM. Rajnikant's fame is such that even we North Indians know about him. He is supposed to be a genuinely good human being.
To the dude who wrote this article:get a life for petty's sake.

so? That's how actors and actresses look

he should stop working with Ashwarya Rai

looks like one of my servant

wow man...i hate him...but god has blessed him with so much fame and wealth that we cant even dream of having....but he works hard for all this and he has great on screen presence which made him win many hearts!!

YEAH A GREAT PERSON INDEED, they were interviewing his friends from the time when he was a bus conductor in bangalore in a local kannada channel, and guess what, he is still in touch with them, everytime he comes to bangalore or if those ppl happen to go to chennai, he meets them, NOW THIS IS A GREAT PERSON, who has not forgotten where he has come from and who has not forgotten those ppl who were with him in his tough times. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW HE LOOKS, IT IS THE PERSON THAT HE IS AND THAT IS WHY HE IS RESPECTED SO MUCH!!


a gem of a person....there are 100 people who look superb but their work looks like a buffaloo's loose motiion..rajnikanth rocks

its not with or without makeup....
its when he was younger and older photos.....
dont be so critical...everyone gets old - part of life


geez,dont insult people like this,he's a senior,a great actress,everyone gets old one day,even mr bachan will look old one day and hes gonna have tons of makeup..respect elders stupid people

not with and without make up, moron! the first one is from his hey days when he was much younger. now he has aged, lost hair and gone grey - duh, like most humans.

thts is rajnikanth....tht is how he looks without make up...but who cares????he donated 50% of his remuneration to charity...very down to earth and humble

i already posted this!!!!...a long long time ago!
plzz check

u mst b joking..its clear dats its nt him..!!

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