Anita Advani(Rajesh Khanna's girlfriend) and Poonam Pandey at Meena Kumari bash

As per Mid-day, Rajesh Khanna is currently dating Anita Advani(the lady in white). They have been dating for 8 years now.

Anita was spotted at Meena Kumari bash hosted by Shandar Amrohi.

Credits: pv

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OMG! IS THAT Poonam Pandey??? NO! This is proof that a hell of a lot of these models/actresses DO get photoshopped in pictures!!! She looks NOTHING like she does on the calenders etc etc. Damn, she looks awful!
That Anita woman, whatever her age, looks better that Poonam here. Period.

god that poonam looks so bad ! cant believe she is 21....

Is poonam pandey dating Rajpal Yadav?

who is this pandey?

Hmmmph.. Poonam Pandey.I don't care how much photoshop they slapped on her in the Kingfisher calender to make her look like a 'supermodel', here she looks malnourished, anorexic and completely unattractive. Her legs look like those of a 12 yr old boy and that foundation is making her look ashen-faced.Anita Advani looks like Rajesh Khannas sister.I guess its true, the longer a couple is together, the more they start looking like each other

Rajesh Khanna went out with the hottest babes of his time. He was living with Anju Mahendru before he married Dimple. He was worldly and wise and Dimple was a teen ager (16) when they got married. It had disaster written all over it.

His relationship with Anju was more complicated though. Anju was liberated, modern and absolutely drop dead gorgeous. They had a very turbulent love. Rajesh apparently came from a wealthy family and had a taste for high life and babes.

After his marriage to Dimple, Rajesh continued to have affairs. At one point, he was dating Tina Munim. She was crazy about him, then she left for US to study and Anil Ambani chased her and married her in the 90's.

Bollywood is filled with many juicy stories, past or present.

BTW, the girl in the leopard dress (?) has a foundation 5 shades lighter than her skin tone.

I've watched Rajesh Khanna in some of his old movies and quite frankly he bored the eyes out of me, he was just to lifeless for my liking! I can never see his appeal but hey to each his own.
Anyways if the guy has found love again good for him!

i'm curious, what happened bw him and dimple anchal.arya??
i personally find it a bit weird if someone who is my grandad's age would go out on a date with his girlfriend.but like anchal said their is no age barrier.its dificult to accept inspite of knowing that.
bw poonam looks horrible, why wear the skirt also?? she was anyway ready to strip.

Poonam must also get some makeup artist. She looks horrible as always.

actually anita and rajesh are school frenz and knw each other for like 32yrs.
what transpired bw rajesh and dimple was unfortunate and accc to some of the reports anita and rajesh are in love.
i hope they are together, their is no age barrier for findind true love. is there??
rajesh khanna may be old, but he was the superstar of bollywood. the utltimate romance hero.his chemistry be mumtaz and sharmila was a delight to watch. if u do hav any doubt that he is boring, plz consider watching aaradhana or any of his movies.

both the ladies look grosse

I really don't care about Rajesh Khanna is dating, I'm surprised some people do. He's old and boring :P

isnt she the girl who created this whole drama during world cup that she would striip naked for the cricket
team if they won world cup....

Rajesh Khanna was a total playboy in his days, and at the end he got this lady...well deserved.

LOL at some comments...India is top importer for makeup & skin bleaching! India needs to hire makeup artists too!

An example of how wrong shade of foundation can ruin the entire look !

Lady in animal print dress scary! Looks like she still has a face mask on!

poonam pandey where r ur leggings/stockings???
shirt k baad pehna bhul gayi???

n missy ur makeup is tacky!

Thought he was married to Dimple!

That... thing looks like an emaciated insect.

terrible foundation mismatch with the rest of the body

At least her make up is better than Aishwarya :P

white fundation on a dusky skinned! :S

scary make-up!

omg the makeup LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

that chick's face is soo caked ...itz a different colour than the rest of her tacky

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