Arjun Kapoor @ Ramesh Taurani's 25th Wedding Anniversary

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Arjun kapoor, son of Boney kapoor with mom mona kapoor and sister Anshula kapoor

Credits :pinkvilla


His wife was pretty, not heroine material but certainly pretty and well-groomed. sad he didnt see the good qualities in her.

Anshula would look really pretty if she lost weight

God, His first wife and children are so beautiful! Why should this Boney Kapoor run behind that SKELETON Sridevi?
Have you seen Sridevi recently in a telugu film awards function shivering in her voice like a good old grandma's grandma? I dont know why these witches spoil the great homes.

Yea, the daughter got that horrible boney kapoor face.....and the son is goodlooking.
But that's the case with Punjabis, the men tend to goodlooking and the woman are generally not pretty and tend to look masculine.

Daughter looks just like Boney Kapoor....same eyes.
The son is really good looking, looks nothing like parents or sis.

girl on right, fat version of sonam

I like Mona kapoors clothes

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