Aishwarya Rai's Engagement ring

Check out Aiswarya's huge solitaire engagement ring that Abhishek gifted. Apparently the ring was chosen by Tina Ambani , the Bacchan family friend.

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Credits: pv

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Good! How lucky are people

Benefit of marrying a Bachan.

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Soooooo pretty and so skinny!

She used to be so skinny and beautiful!! What happened Aish?

That is a huge stone!! OMG! only the best for the most beautiful woman in the world I guess.


Yeah...and not to mention he had to find out she broke up with him thru the media... Karma works in weird ways!...he broke up with his fiancee too when he first came into the industry and all of a sudden saw himself surrounded by all dese beautiful women...and then the whole salman episode! ...Oh jeez

but she didn't committed anything abt vivek and tht guy was collecting evry lil single thing since her childhood to her 18 th yr to present her on her birthday !! poor fella

wht?? common guys she said she is a woman of 21st century so i don't think she'd take tht thrashing from him but who knows ,, thts wht i don't like abt her wht she does and wht she says have a gr8 diff. mayb she's a very private person (and ppl lash out at zinta and bebo for letting evry1 know abt their bf)

Too much skin bleach! I mean come on, there's pics of her before she was famous and while she's got fair skin in them, it isn't this fair. Even when you see pics of her family, they aren't this fair.

she looks disgusting and witchy...there is no proof salman bashed any1 up, it could have been stories from ash's side cuz she wanted to move on and date the supposedly next biggest thing at the time..vivek oberoi....and if salman really did bash her up i cant blame him, she needs a good kick in the ass

arre when guys go around and cheat on girls there's nothing wrong but when a girl tries to maintain a relationship n it doesnt work out its wrong..dont u remember guys salman once bashed up ash..even her mom dint like her relationship..she is just liistening to her mom...y girls v girls only spoil our own images...look at other guys they r so damn cooperative

Ash dsnt look uglii i mean srsly i dnt love her but the ring and her fingers both are uglii lmao

too big and tasteless

too big and tasteless

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh diamond ring for her. my sister like her but not me. coz she broke mylove's heart well Salmankhan's though.

ring is okay i mean noting special i feel it shud hv been a bit simple n sophisticated coz engagement ring is sign of love n bond not a fashion

lolx the rings

more bigger than this on diamond ring i got in my eng[:d]hhehehe

the rings yuckkkkkkkkk

wats the deal with ash acting like a sati sawitri....hallo, we have known her long enough to believe this image....

i can`t see the freaking picturee

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