ash vs sonam for l' Oreal!


Mumbai, 22 May 2009 @ 02:10 am IST.

Aishwarya Rai may play the role of a demure woman on-screen but off-screen, she certainly knows how to bare her fangs as Sonam Kapoor recently witnessed.

Upcoming actress Sonam, who was signed up by L'Oreal as its brand ambassador in India, alongside Ash, seems to have made the latter insure when L'Oreal initially said the two beauties from India would walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

Naturally, Sonam was very excited and could not hide her feelings about walking the red carpet together with Ash. However in the process, she highly offended Ash by telling the media that while she endorses the youth brand, the beautiful Aishwarya endorses product for older woman (anti-aging cream).

Actually, According to sources close to the actress, Sonam and Ash will represent Indian beauty and talent oversees at the Cannes Film Festival alongside other members of the dream team.

Bollywood sources told that Ash soon went about pulling strings and threatening that she would quit endorsing the brand if L'Oreal allowed Sonam to steal her thunder.

Ash's threat naturally made the company's Indian representatives panic as the iconic actress and former Miss World had been associated with their brand for long and they were forced to advise Sonam not to go to Paris after all.

Though Sonam did not betray her emotions upon hearing the news, her manager Monika Bhattacharya was quite upset.

"Sonam's not traveling to Cannes. The brand should know best. She's been asked not to go," Bhattacharya said. And now that Sonam is not going, her father Anil Kapoor has also decided to skip the event.

However, Ash's representative said the media is distorting the whole thing and Ash was not even aware that Sonam would be at the Cannes due to her bustle and busy time.

Hmmm…Hey what’s up ladies??? Who's do u prefer for L 'Oreal Ads,Sonam or Ash?


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wot the hell is up with the 2nd PIC of aishwarya's. her nose and lips look quite different to her natural features. FAIL!

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Only Aishwarya!!!

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Sonam is fresh face of bollywood, Aish is lookin like a BUDDHI now so she should be kicked out.

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why are some ppl comparing freida pinto with these ladies???? i dont even understand why frieda is so hyped abt...shes not even pretty at all or have any talent...she looks like some gawaar put into designer clothes.

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sonam looks more fresh and natural...aish's makeup is so weird in the pics...why is she so heavely made up??? wat the hell is she endorsing??? i wudnt even wear loreal..its just another one of those cheap kinda brands here in the states..

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yeah ash ..epitome of beauty thanks to indian media...

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Anonymous on Sat, 2009-05-23 15:37.

lol i agree

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SONAM - fresh, young, nice cut face, friendly, only 2 films old
Aish - Jaded, old, chubby, too much botox, icy, unapprochable

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omg.. sonam's beauty is no where as close as aishwarya. Aisharya is da empitome of beauty n sonam is just da gal next door type. No comparison at all so lets not even go there.

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sonam's pr gave her enough publicity.

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priyasingh, what the hel is wrong with you?

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sonam cant even come close to aish.. only in her dreams!

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sonam needs better fans. her fans's bad karma is affecting her career.

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Pinto what a joke... she cant act to save her life... FLOP in the making.

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I just wondering why Sonam's out from Canes. R really there a "tension" between them? :-o

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Hmmm... from the news above, I just deplore why Sonam's cancel out from Canes. Is it really caused by their "tension"??...It will be nice to see Ash and Sonam as L 'Oreal branda ambassador can walk together in the red carpet!

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gossipgurl....ur so right!!

omg and people is attcking u! jeez


so sonam didnt go!! BIG DEAL...

why do admin allow same post posted again with dif title!!

oh btw omg aish lookz like a tranny ghost here haha she crakz me up

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Sonam Rocks!! shes beautiful..

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Ash is beyond compare, Sonam and every other girls look pathetic near to Aishwarya!!

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Ash makes a good model for sure though she doesn't ve acting talent...But as the time progresses & so does Ash's age, Ash can easily be replaced..Sonam is good too equally...

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Aish any time.She glows

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gossipgal do you call your mother old? not a good thing dear.

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For people saying that sonam does not have any movies or just 2 flop...please tell me what was ash all these years...she was a horrible actress and a big flop queen...she had only 2 SLB hits to her...u dont need hits to endorse L'oreal..its PR and hype which ash always has in abundance..only after dhoom-2 ash as an actress has improved...

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I like both of them. But I don't like Aishwarya's ad. It doesn't do justice to her.

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lmao. 36 years is old? gossipgurl really needs a reality check.

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sonam is nothing. next year it is frieda pinto.

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frieda will fade out sooner than we expect..she is plain talent-less
I like ash here but must say Sonam looks absolutely fresh

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excuse me !! gossgirl!! when she doesnt have wrinkles, why shuld she promote anti-wrinkle cream!! stop givin stupid suggestions,n go 2 sleep!! guud night!!

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sonam is fr the younger gen... ash is old 36yrs so its only fair that she endorses anti-wrinkle creams

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Aish..though i do like Sonam!!

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i thought ash was fake but this sonams in leading her in fakeness

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media going after full throttle!! nothing new... same old thing...obviously they will believe sonam n not ash..again nothing new..

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judging by these poster here, ash's are awful, and sonams is wow! But saying that ash in the more pretty lady in real-life.

personally both should do it, there's so many products to endorse, they need to get sonam doing some of their hair product, she has stunning hair will look good in adverts.

I don't think one needs to have a huge career behind them to be an ambassador for make-up! unknown faces can become it too. Ash hardly had a successful career behind her when she started, she just had her crown and beauty.

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Sonam!!! Her billboard are like EVERYWHERE.. Loreal is massively promoting her now.

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hey, what did they do to ash's face in the bottom pic? i know they photoshop a lot but she looks like a diff person:((((

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Undoubtedly Aishwarya, I mean she has some kind of credit to her name, she has actually achieved something in her career as an actress so far and of course the fact that she is totally gorgeous.

Although I have nothing against Sonam, the truth remains that right now she's nothing more than Anil Kapoor's daughter, both of her films didn't do well at all and basically comparing to Aishwarya, Sonam's beauty falls short.


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I prefer Sonam. She looks fresh.

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shez got a beautful face

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Hey the big question - is sonam trying to ride on Ash's coat tails by misusing Ash's name to gain publicity and media attention? Sonam will also be overshadowd by Freida too.

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Aish of course.

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well, I like Sonam more, but Aish makes a better brand ambassador. Sonam is only two films old afterall.

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