Ash wedding photos

Ash seen with her mom before her wedding. She is donning a maroon kanjeevaram sari. Decked in the traditional Mangalorean style.

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Maintain the remarkable work !! Lovin' it!

I loved your article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.


Ash has Tikka & Flowers in her hair that the pic not showing properly.

she looks lovely

She is trying to look like princess, but in reality this the worst bride i have seen

One wonders, all these years Abhi in Bollywood, has he made him better in anyway.
The only thing he is in the news is with ASh( both con artists)
He sure was flying high calling him married to most beautiful woman.
though she looks like his aunti ji

She is trying so hard to look innocent.
But we all know her numerous affairs in Bolywwod

Nice! but she could have worn something better like a Lehenga, Lehenga Choli don't know! Something more for a wedding n not for a Sangeet ceremony.

god when i first heard that they've been planning for their wedding after so many publicity stunts i totally thought that they would make a horrible couple but now seeing ash out of shape and jr b's failed films i guess now that either they're mean to be together or they brought each other bad luck in their careers... well well i sure hope that everything turns out okay for em'

Ash smiling- thinking she conned the Bachchans into marrying her.. only later did they know about her Topless Ads and many flings and her impotency.. so now they are milking her for money and making her work hard to compensate for their flop son... both sides got duped..

i agree.
they lukk propa typical n that iz not a good thing.
they look tackky alryt.
U wud thing their clothz will lu.k propa lush n expensive n all buh it looks like sumthin a sheep made.

Gosh they look super tacky, all the nice clothes they were in the movies but in personal life, they're both extremely tacky, this looks more like a circus setup then a wedding. BLEH!

No one

congratulations to the strikingly amazing couple.

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Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2010-04-01 09:50.
hey its Kancheepuram hence south indian.There s that gold belt around her waist which we call the 'uddiyan' n she's tied it along with the pallu, thats manglorean-style where as in other south style we tie the uddiyan around the waist leaving the pallu...but any way sari is indian as u said.

Jr B should reprise role of Shivaji....heee hee

its a kanjeevaram, draped traditional indian style. stupid regionalist...

if its kanjeevaram. how is it taditional manglorean ? hmmm..

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Best Wishes!,

everyone decided to wear all the jewellery they own. might not get another chance to show off!!!

loved that she was traditionally south indian on her wedding. after all, she is just a nice south indian girl at heart.

looking lovely.

Aw, I wish we could see some full length photos.

u looked good in ur wedding n r u happy ...... '

Shez wearing d ugliest wedding outfit i've ever seen!!!

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nice picture

Do they think Abhi is a maharaja or something? What's with that big pearl necklace around his neck.

Anonymous on Tue, 2007-05-29 08:25. how can site moderaters n members tolerate such comments , shame on u guys!
wats wid d lingo here1 now ppl will start abusing also here?
not worth a comment also

They are look like donkies and shit


thay look like shit

she looks like shit and so does he

ahi is a very big..........

ash is looking so cute.she is looking so ...........beautiful in maroon kanjeevaram saree.
ash you and abhishak look soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice with each another.i wish you two always be happy all your life .

ash looking sooooooooooo pretty you two make vary cute couple i wish you two always stay happy all your life.

i think they r a wonderful couple god bless them



ghasti lag rahi hai saali , kabhi yeh salman khan ke saath aur kabhi yek vivek oberoi ke saath .. ek baat bataoo yaar salman ne iske saath kuch kiya nahi hoga ..
koi apni girl friend ke saath kuch karta hai ki nahi.. of course kiya hoga

jus t crab i agree with u is waste material the simple photo in which she iz simple she looks fab.....!

i agree wiv most ppl i fink she lukd wak as wel! shes wel big heded! yer shes pretty so woh she ent got d personality 2 match it!! abhishek can do soo much beta shes js a twat hus 2 far up er own arse 2 c hes 2 good 4 er!!!!!

ash is gay

ash looked horrable

this goes out to all ya' ppl who have been callin Ash names and has been pitying Ash. well, the fact of the matter is that if Ash is not a sati savitri than Abhi is not a bhola bhala either. they both have slept around, seen the world and now gotten together. So none of them is the fool in this relation.

bullseat.ash abiare not extra human so why this media making them that it is the first time in the earth who get merriage.just it is normal.

bullseat.ash abiare not extra human so why this media making them that it is the first time in the earth who get merriage.just it is normal.

If ppl dont have nice things to say for this couple then dont comment. its their life. if they r happy then let them be y so jealous. this is for all the ppl who have been talking rubbish abut them. they look grt n happy together.

ash is looking so cute.she is looking so ...........beautiful in maroon kanjeevaram saree.
once again thanq very much jeena.


hi jeena,
sorry i haven't seen yet.thanq so much for sent ash wedding photos.

Ash is a dirty slag and I cannot beleive that Abhishek married her. She has had most of the men in the bollywood industry, the Bachans should of had more respect for their wealth of respect. Obviously her being the hoar bag will just mean she will bring shame on the Bachans and tarnish their respect. You just could not keep your hands off him, could you, filthy slag!

Ashwarya Rai is one of the most SELFISH woman in this world. Shiti woman. Look at her face, we can make it out from her face that she is a very selfish woman. Poor Abhishek.

your just jealous

It's very very nice photos of Dear Aish & Abhi. its like made for each other.very good photographs

Such a beautiful looking couple, best wishes to both of you. One of the photos , dad shows up with the little boy showing his face, we at home just love him. Regards from Florida.

~*2 sweet 2 rezizt*~

hey thans 4 sharin

hi the photo are nice also the bride i asking if you can give me some more pictures of the wedding
eamily me on

good very nice send some more please

very good photos.thanks

Very Nice Pics !

good photos. thanks jeena...

Its very very very nice

Very good collection, yeh dil mange more !!

u hv only 3 snaps?????????????????????????

good pic
and good tips for beauty etc..


Out of all the sites I have browsed you have the best pictures. Well done and thank you for sharing with us.

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