Avantika Khan at DVF bash

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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She's so broad :S

size queen

she don't have the body the look or the stature to pose

Her arms soo fat

And the jewellery!!!! my god!!!! what do they do with all their money!!!! Its true when ppl sy money cant buy class....it is also true that imran is blind!!!!!!

With all that money, you'd think she could hire a decent stylist.

and she expected to call her sexy.what a joke

She is really cute but that outfit doesn't suit her...
And for Gods sake: SHE IS NOT FAT AT ALL!!!
She just has big breasts

Guys and Girls, you can criticise her from head to toe (all you want), but she will remain the most luckiest girl to have married Imran Khan. period.

She is short and fat! she should have avoided showing her thunder shoulders...the look would have been better

the belt is raising her boobs and it looks extraordinarily large.

she's small,she's fat and she's got a huge bust size.i think she has to choose her dresses more carefuly than this

hehehe she looks funny

Small girl who needs to kill that belt...it makes her look like a bad hourglass.

dress not for her body type

She's a cute young lady but I really don't like this outfit. She would look much nicer in a more youthful, colorful dress.

look at top heavy she needs to do soemthing abt it..she looks short fat.....needs to lose weight ASAP or sop ridiculous dresses

AND SHE IS POSING ........OK AS YOU WANT !!!!!!!!!!!

The arms!!! Boy the arms!!!

This look is bad. Someone leggy fits this look. Someone like Sushmita, Sonam, PC, Deepika.

she's really not pretty to look at lol

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