Sunny Leone at Baby Doll's Success Night

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Sunny Leone was all smiles as she attended the success party thrown in favour of the hit number, 'Baby Doll'. Riding high over the success of her recently released Ragini MMS-2, Sunny thanked her fans for all the support.

She said, "This movie has gone above and beyond our expectations. Even on a Tuesday night, we are getting good collections. I thank all my fans for their love and support."

Sunny's husband Daniel Weber was also beside his wife at this party thrown by composers 'Meet Bros Anjjan'.

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Credits: Pinkvilla

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Her skin is so clear! Always.

As someone else said. from youporn to youtube, she has all the views.

Congrats to Sunny! And Ekta finally got a hit movie after so long. I know there is a stigma attached to Sunny in Bollywood, but I think she's going to become a big brand and hugely popular

New Superstar... We need more actresses like Sunny in Bollywood... Look at how successful this movie Is it won't open to packed theaters without sunny leone... She deserves all the success and nce to see Bollywood giving chance to newcomers like sunny!!! We need more newcomers like her!! Sunny, you go girl!

downtoearth woman, i am starting to like her more n more.. her interviews are so positive and polite

Baby Doll's success night? They now have parties for a song being a success? What's next? Success party for a teaser of the movie having more than 200,000 views?

My thoughts exactly! Good to see that some one thinks like me! Success party for the success of a song - in that case movies like Aashiqui 2 should be throwing one every week!

this is a new favorite Bollywood actress? ta. which will soon be replaced with Deepika ruling position? Indians love tinsel type Sunny Leone, SRK, and do not recognize talent Nassirudin Irfan Juhi Madhuri (((do not even go look at them in the movies. Hail Sunny Leone, long live Bollywood!

If more and more talented people like sunny join Bollywood then who needs naseeruddin, Juhi, irfan and madhuri? Your comment just doesn't make sense... Look at how many people like ragini mms 2... Amazing response to a film!

who needs naseeruddin juhi irfan n madhuri???????????
sunny may be talented but in her field n in her country..
a Bollywood actress should atleast speak a fine n fluent hindi... n shud atleast no sme acting..
this girl cnt even b 0.5 % of actors like naseeruddin or juhi...

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