Bhagyashree & Nita Ambani at Women's Day conference

Bhagyashree & Nita Ambani at Women's Day conference at Trident. Also spotted are Javed and Zoya Akhtar.

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hard to believe that Bhagyashree is almost the same age as Juhi and Madhuri!

Bhagyashree has aged so well! She's still beautiful. I hope she's in a happy marriage, after everything she gave up for it!
And zoya..... umm.

Zoya Akhtar looks super cute, I love her style. And she has gorgeous hair.

nita ambani looking posh and elegant,bhagyashree looking good and cute but her owl bag looks scary,zoya akhtar looks cool in colors and girly stuff.

I never found Bhagyashree beautiful. She looks young though, must be botox.
As for NIta Ambani, love her bag, but her face is like a caricature, especially her pigeon like chin and neck.
I was shocked to see her picture as a young woman before marriage. she was a dancer and looked stunning! Apprently she refused to marry Mukesh Ambani, and his dad said just meet him once and then decided. What a fateful meeting.

lmao@Zoya's sandals.

I don't want to see Neeta Ambani's face anymore nor her eyebrows. Can we just see pictures of her neck down please.

zoya looks hilarious

Bhaggi looks so pretty.Her arms look kinda aged though

bhagayashree is very cunning lady but look at todays generation going ga ga just because of her gud luks

in the 5th picture Nita Ambani is looking like Bhagyashree's handbag ROFLMFAO!!!!!

zoya looking like a dude in drag

Does Nita Ambani imitates Sridevi in her overall get-up?

Omg look at Nita Ambani's crodocodile skin birkin bag!! I Love it!

what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bhagyashree looks all of but 21.. and more beautiful than all of today's superstars combined. yes, that includes the Kar, etc.

oh, but she's married and 40 .. oh Salman won't do a film with her.. will he?

it would be awesome to see them in a film .

Bhagyashree is one of the most beautiful women in the world.. yes... really. she needs to be in Indian films. she beats out every current fake beauties these days flat.

oh bhagyashree looking soooooo niceeeee.............when will salman and bhagyashree will come together in a movie ......oh plzzzzzz do 1 more movie together........... plzzzzzz..........

Is that Farhaan Akhtar in the last two pics?

Oh no! Not that weird owl handbag again lol. About time Bhagy invested in a new handbag

Damn, Zoya Akthar is getting uglier by the day.

I admire Bhagyashree. I admire her for being so Beautiful and not even looking her age.

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