Bollywood Actresses In Saree

Bollywood  Actresses In Saree 0
Bollywood  Actresses In Saree 0

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Anonymous's picture

wish i had such sarees any idea where should i shop 4 such sareez in hyderabad coz i'll be visiting hyd soon

Anonymous's picture

depika looks the best!

Anonymous's picture

Amisha has great skin that's why when Aish refused to work in Mangal Panday then the role was offered to Amisha because the requirement of the role was to look beautiful even in minimal makeup..

Anonymous's picture

rani shouldve been here. she carries a sari the best way!

Anonymous's picture

amisha has gorgeous skin

Anonymous's picture

bips is not wearing a sari. a sari looks like deepika's

Anonymous's picture

Deepika and Malaika looks the best.

Anonymous's picture

aish looks like a man...hansika: wats up w/her? usual bips looks hypermammiferous, but shilpa looks the best

dita's picture

hansika looks wierd!

Anonymous's picture

i would say malaika looks the best here

Anonymous's picture

I think you need to add Katrina to the list, I remember her looking gorgeous in the pink saree she wore to the Race premiere. From above, Deepika, Aish and Priyanka look fine.. rest are not that good.

Artichand's picture

Deepika looks the best..


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