Bollywood gone Traditional ~~ (lehngas)

Bollywood gone Traditional ~~ (lehngas) 0
Bollywood gone Traditional ~~ (lehngas) 0

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Anonymous's picture

kareena's <3

Anonymous's picture

aish is most beautiful lady in the word.

Anonymous's picture

Ash looks amazing!!!

Anonymous's picture

similar lehengas are available at FIGURA ONLINE. Collections at are loving. They have different category of Bollywood Designs.

Anonymous's picture

dont like preity's .too pale for her..

super79's picture

aish got height and bosy to go with lehenga..and i have seen her in that pink before and she looked absolutely awesome..!!

taniya05's picture

omg ash's lengha is very elegant and beautiful

Anonymous's picture

kareenas 2nd pic and aish steal the show for me

Anonymous's picture

love kareena's

Anonymous's picture

damn i love kareena's lehenga.

Anonymous's picture

yes redrose, kareena's is the most gorgeous.i also like deepikas! stunning women these two are

redrose13's picture

omg love priety's and kareena's and sort of deepikas

Anonymous's picture

omg love preity's and sort of deepikas


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