Bollywood plastic surgery

Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra, Ayesha Takia, Koena Mitra (she’s apparently had two), Shamita Shetty, Bipasha Basu, Aditi Govitrikar, Jessie Randhawa and, most recently, Sushama Reddy have supposedly had implants.

Madhuri Dixit, Sushmita Sen and Manisha Koirala apparently have had implants many many years back.

Read more about this in The Indian express-

Check out Sushma Reddy then and now. It is quite obvious:)

And you thought all of it was natural?

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Wed, 2009-04-01 16:23 — Anonymous
Mads had it at the time of Dil To Pagal Hai..She created a lot of curiosity around that time..


Priyanka needs to see a diff surgen idk why but I think she messup up the nose or maybe it just looks that why cuz of the makeup

Priyanka's lips have ALWAYS been huge. That's natural. What she had done is obviously her nose, definitely NOT the lips!!

teasing my hrt

Id'e rather be normal and plain than have artificial beauty.

no matter all are blackies loom good with tons of makeup

i wasn't expecting deepika

may i knw wher soha ali khan and shruti hassan has done ther nose job may email me on

kareena never gt nothing done please liar so jelous!




Oh ya these breast implants are common since madhuri,juhi time but just tht we didn know such a surgery even exists..
chk juhi videos during her ms.india time and madhuri's old videos... its very very evident... they were so flat

but quite sad pppl always talk abt the nose job done by actors keeping this weird boob job aside...

priyanka chopra has really messed up her nose stupid girl

its true about priyanka

u get your lips done with fillers and not with botox. botox is for wrinkles

what the hell

this is not Shusma... its her sister Meghna Reddy

The people who says that kareena did her nose are so stupid. Look at her nose, why would she need surgery? She has a perfect nose. Be real people. And someone said she did her jaw or something. Are you serious! She just lost weight.

kareena never done surgery. She just lost weight. I am not sure about PC and bips. They look like they have gone under the knife. They look like they needed it. Kareena is a natural beauty. She doesn't need it.

pryanka never did her lip she did her nose!wich loser said sh did her lip, thee just jealoos,her lip are natural,ahwary rai bachan did though!

did u know karrena kapoor did her nose,look at her nose in her first film,and look at her know!omg!and pryanka never done her lip she did her nose and boobs


aishwarya has got her eyebrows lifted to give shape to her eyes, one eyebrow is higher than the other

madhuri had implants when she did the choli ke peechey song

ayesha, bipasha, priyanka for sure...kareena also, check her baby fat face in her early films and now the angular jawline..also go here to read more about celebs who have done cosmetic surgery

Mads had it at the time of Dil To Pagal Hai..She created a lot of curiosity around that time..

no ayesha takia's are not at all real coz i have seen her in her first video album and the song was "nahi nahi, abhi nahi" she was flat in that video. dont believe me thn check that out

no ayesha takia's are not at all real coz i have seen her in her first video album and the song was "nahi nahi, abhi nahi" she was flat in that video. dont believe me thn check that out

mads had implants

madhuri, juhi , kajol, manisha didnt have implants, in 90's ppl were natural and if their hair was curly, they kept it like that, only nowadays after sushmita is it so popular, bec ause if you see many actresses nowadays are taller than 90's heroines but are not very shapely, they are tall and skinny, guess they need implants

madhuri is natural malika has had implants

I dont believe that madhuri had surgery at all, she is a natural us one picture of her with fake looking boobs

actually maduri did had implants believe it or not.i think she reduced them to normal size after two kids...

Bipasha so has not had implants .. anyone with any comprehension of the human body can tell that ... look at her recent pics of BAH promotions ... shes not wearing a push up bra and her cleavage is very natural and her books like quite small ... not an effect that can be gotten by implants ... ... she has natural ones that can be made to look full with a push up bra ... get a life people before just randomly naming names for the hell of it ... gosh people are such haters

preity did a SURGERY ON HER BUTT

yea i hav heard hansika motwani, bipasha, shilpa, sushmita had done their breast implants.... but i fink ayesha has gt da real one..

ayesha takias r real im prety sure, cuz usually ppl get implants to show them off hellooo but i havnt seen one cleavage or exposing pix of her, even in her movies she wears shirts up to her neck basicly...she mite hav stretch marks thats y she doesnt sho them but mayb one day she will get watever it is corrected and then show her lovely assets. bips was flat as hell bak in her modeling dayss go c.. i knew sushma did hers as i saw wat she wore at some award ceremony and wow it was so obbvious she was trrying to get some directors or producers attention so she can get films cuz obviously she hasnt been getting any roles latly..haha. i highly doubt madhuri has implants they werent even tht big its just that in aja nachle they r prety big cuz shes freakin 40 and 2 kids and they hav that natural manisha mite not have gotten hers done either but who knwss 4 they hva that natural hang. but mallika wow those r so fake u can tell wen shes wearin a bikini they like stay upp no mater wat haha. i dont think priyanka got her boobs done. i heard that the little girl in ap ka suror hansika motwani got hers done tho. and amisha patels were always big frm the start.

uh why would Ayesha get implants...its not like she shows them off. Nah i dont think she got anything done, she just put on alot of weight recently and all of it has gone to her boobs. poor thing lol

WOW! I didn't know that about Mads and Bips. Don't you guys think Ayesha's could pass for real though?! I mean sure they are huge for a skinny girl like her but they are not perky like the implants usually are....Sushma's job doesn't look bad in the above picture

bipasha?? i thought she was naturally well endowed!! jeez!!

Both Priyanka and Aishwarya got botox for their lips... its sooooo obvious... yes Ash too,, i got the news from Kaya skin clinic.

LOL @ the very first comment..omggg Aayesha Takia..I was very suspicious from the beginning.

and of course Mallika sherawat...hers r so obvious! Koena & Shilpa have had nose jobs too. Koena looked so much prettier b4 she looks all fake.

All of them? Ayesha i had some doubts anyways

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